Daily Inspiration: May 17. Where We Are Now Is Where We Have Volunteered To Be

There has been a massive call for help and healing from this planet, and we have, unconscious of it as we may be, volunteered to answer this call. Where your past unconscious-self saw or bought into judgment, anger and resentment, today allow your present conscious-self to remind you that such are the areas, in your life and in this world, that you have been called upon to offer help and healing. Today, see yourself as a volunteer, a first responder of sorts, you are here to offer aid to those that, in the best way they currently know how, are asking for help and healing. Yes, when others judge you, that is their way of calling to you, to help them understand forgiveness better. When they become angry with you, that is their way of asking you, to show them what true compassion looks and feels like. When they seem to be holding unto resentment towards you or those you know, that is currently the best way they know how to ask you, to show them that the thoughts that they are carrying within, they no longer need, and thus that they too can experience relief and peace. No one can in truth be anything other than their truth. Everyone’s truth is Love, for Love is their Creator and All. Thus, when you find yourself with a brother or sister who does not recall who in truth they are, and are thus “acting” in judgmental, angry or resentful ways, this is them telling you that they feel lost and confused, this is them asking you, in the best way they currently know how, to help them heal and awaken. Imagine, if you took, and began understanding, that everything the ego has taught you as negative, wrong and worthy of judgment, anger and resentment, as simply a call for help and healing, how would your own world and your time on this planet begin to shift and change?

Everyone you will ever meet, no matter how much the ego demands that you judge and condemn them, is God’s child. How could you in all honestly, as God’s creation, look upon another brother or sister, no matter how lost or confused they may be, and judge and condemn them? Love is who you are because Love is your Creator and All, thus if you look upon another child of God as someone unworthy of your love, then let that signal to you that it is actually you who have fallen asleep, and are lost and confused within the ego’s dream. You need not punish yourself for being asleep, simply realize that you are asleep, that you have slept enough, and that it is now time to awaken. Awaken and remember that it is not by chance, coincidence or bad luck, that you find yourself with specific individuals, or in this specific place and point in time. You have come here, and so too have they, volunteering to bring light, back to an area of our life and of this world, that has been dimmed and darken by the ego’s programs. Instead of judging them for their perceived darkness, thank them for helping you practice, reinforce and strengthen, the light within you. The more you get to practice choosing light over darkness, the more right this choice will feel, and thus the more natural this choice will become. The more natural it is for you to choose light over darkness, the more joyful and peaceful your life will be, and thus the brighter your light will shine. And so as much as you have chosen to volunteer to bring light into a darken and confused world, you could not truly understand the importance of your mission without those who, through their participation in your life, have in essence come here to serve and help you. They, through your judgments of them, are helping you project unto them, the false beliefs that you are holding about yourself, and because we are all One, of others. Once you see and understand that these false beliefs do not align with the truth in you, it is then that you will begin to truly let them go.

Today, when the ego once again demands judgment, anger and resentment, and it will, because its survival depends on you doing so, use these ego tools, not to drive you and others further into the darkness, but to trigger in you a call to action, a call to awaken and offer help and healing. When you hear the cries of frustration and hatred, wipe their tears away with compassion and understanding. To those sinking in the ego’s swamps of sorrow, reach down, and offer them the healing hand of hope. To those walling about and fighting the monsters in their nightmares, gently and lovingly place your hand on their shoulder and whisper to them that it is now time to awaken. Help, healing, compassion, understanding and hope, are all expressions of Love, are all who in truth you are, and who you volunteered to come down here to be. Do not attach yourself to what you believe a certain action’s outcome should look like, you are not here necessarily to sit under the shade of a fully grown tree, but instead to toil the soil, and plant the seeds of love, healing and understanding. Know this to be true, there is not one single act or seed of love, that is, or will ever be, forgotten, swept away, or lost to the sands of time. Do not despair or feel that your help will not be reciprocated, for what you, through your example help teach, others will learn, and then they will in turn teach others what you taught them. You may not, in your time here, see all your roses bloom, but they will. Know this, be who in truth you are and came here to be, leave the rest to God, and trust that your light will not dim once you are gone, for we are all One, and so when one person is helped and healed, we are all lifted up to a higher level of consciousness.

Today, know that wherever you find yourself, that is where you have volunteered to help bring light into the darkness, to help those who have been hurt, and to bring hope to those who feel lost and confused. You are the physical expression of God’s Love on Earth, offer your love in whichever ways feel most natural to you, and this will help you begin to recall, why you find yourself where you are now. God in entrusting you with His children, do not take this responsibility lightly. You will find yourself in front of those that God knows that you can help and heal, and so if God does not doubt your abilities, then neither should you. His children will offer you many opportunities to help them remember who in truth they are, and it will this practice of helping others remember, that will assist you in recalling who you in truth are, and what you have come here to do.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

Thank you James for this beautiful wisdom. At times we forget and fall asleep to illusions. Praise God that only Love is real.

Thank you Renee for being a member of our community. Having co-created our journey with God, Perfection, our journey is perfect of us and for this world, when we recall this, peace results. Peace. JBC

This Daily Inspiration opens up the floodgates to the challenges before me in dealing with unfaithfulness in my partner. I fear for every structure I have built in my life, emotional and otherwise, here at the time in life when my body & mind is weakening into my last years.
I know that Jesus said He will not/cannot remove our fears, for that would interfere with the free will gifted to us by God. So it is up to me to “not attach yourself to what you believe a certain action’s outcome should look like.”
I appreciate your kind reminder. I pray for strength.

Thank you Virginia for your comment and for being a member of our community. When we sacrifice our time, focus and energy, to fear, we will fuel it, and it will expand and become a bigger part of our life and experience. Yet, thanks to God’s grace, we do have free will, we can, in any and every moment, choose to place our time, focus and energy, on developing a greater trust in God. When we do this, it is we who allow God to be expressed through us, Love becoming a greater part of our life and experience. You are forever loved and cared for by Love Himself. When in doubt, close your eyes, breathe in, ask to feel and experience His presence, allow His Love and Light in, let Him embrace every cell in your body, and then breathe out all your worries. Do this until you begin to recall, that only the Love that is God is true. Peace. JBC

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