Daily Inspiration: May 18. We Do Not Live In Some Imaginary Gap In God

There are no gaps in God. There are no gaps in That Which Is All and All Which Is Love. Love being Everywhere and All, can therefore have no gaps, limits, opposites, cracks or holes in it. You cannot fall through a crack in God, for God has none. You have not been forgotten by God because He is in All and All. There are numerous expression of Love, such as those of peace, joy, forgiveness and compassion, all expressions of Love are you and are in you, and you are all these energies and in them, this is your true nature. Yet, for the ego to survive and continue to exist, it must convince us that there exist gaps in God, or that we are separate from God. An illusionary gap in God or an illusionary separation from God, can manifest itself in our life through one of the many tools within the ego’s fear based mindset. The ego’s mindset is the ego’s fairy tale, it is a false story that it has tried, and is always trying to teach us as true. There are numerous expressions or versions of the ego’s fear based fairy tale, such as those of anxiousness, stress, sadness, judgment, resentment, anger and hate. Experiencing the ego’s fear base fairy tale, does not make you bad, or not spiritual enough, it is simply a symbol of forgetfulness, that you, by having made a large investment in the ego’s fairy tale, have forgotten who you truly are. You have simply forgotten that it is impossible to fall through a crack in God, or be separate from the Love That Is All. It is simply, that for a brief moment in time, the ego has convinced you, that its fairy tale is more real than God, that and nothing else. There is no more need to waste your time judging yourself or another because the child part of you still believes in fairy tales as real. All you need do is recall your true nature, your Oneness with God, and then close the book on the ego’s fairy tale. The ego may have convinced you that you feel lost because God does not care about or know that you exist, but ask yourself, does a shepherd not always look for his lost sheep, do you not think that God is at the very least as caring and loving to you, as a shepherd is to his lost sheep.

We have been programmed by the ego, have been read its fairy tale over and over and over again, so many times, that God can now actually appear to be not whole, incomplete or separate from us. We have bought into the ego’s idea that the unlimited can be limited, introduced opposition into The Whole, and the ego’s fear base mindset into the state of Perfect Love. What is All, in truth can have no opposites, no cracks or gaps in it. It is only within the ego’s fairy tales, that illusionary monsters can seem to be created out of nothing. Yet nothing, can only appear to be something, if we continue to place our time, focus and energy, on it. Once we remove our time, focus and energy, from the ego’s illusionary monsters, they will immediately begin to dissolve out of our dreams and lives. Thus, it is you who has the final say over how big the ego’s monsters of anger, loneliness, forgetfulness and separation from God, get in your life. It is you who hold the power, not the ego’s tools, for nothing within the ego’s fairy tale can hold a power over you, because nothing within the ego’s fairy tale is real. Can you imagine actually believing that you could be separate from God, or that God has somehow forgotten about you? It seems impossible that we would consciously believe this, but unconsciously we manifest these false believes all the time, when we ourselves are not being loving. God is Love and All, and so when you are not being loving, let this be a symbol to you, that you are simply buying into the ego’s fairy tale as more true than God. Anytime you are using the ego’s tools such as anxiousness, stress, sadness, judgment, resentment, anger and hate, you are in essence saying, that you are buying into the idea that you are separate from God, can act unlike God, that you can somehow live in a gap in God, and that you have somehow fallen through a crack in All That Is.

Today, let us stop supporting the illusionary idea that we somehow live and exist in a gap in God, in some dark crevice in His mind that He has somehow magically forgotten about or can not see. We are not separate or opposite from The Whole, that is impossible. We are not limited or alone in any way, shape or form, for what which is in All, is All. We have simply fallen asleep with the ego’s fairy tale in mind, and so are dreaming of it as real. Yet, do not despair, for if we are reading this now, then let this be a symbol to us, that we have slept long enough, and that it is now time for all of us to begin to awaken. Today, let us make the conscious decision that each and every one of the ego’s illusionary monsters of anxiousness, stress, sadness, judgment, resentment, anger and hate, will be starved of our time, focus and energy. In fact, let us learn to use them all as triggers, as sort of alarm clocks, that will help us awaken. Each and every time the ego tries to have you feed and experience any of its tools, anything that is not an extension or expression of Love, instead remember to use them to trigger within your heart and mind, the understanding that it is now time to awaken, close the book on the ego’s fairy tale, and consciously recall that we are all united, at One with God, with All That Is. There are no Gaps in All That Is. Today, anytime we are aligning ourselves with any of Love’s numerous expressions, we are in essence reinforcing our understanding of Oneness, and stating that there are no gaps in God. Today, remember this anytime you are feeling alone, lonely, sad, not taken care off, disappointed or experiencing any other expression within the ego’s fairy tale. Remind yourself that God is All, and so obviously you can never be apart from, not known to, or forgotten by God. Yes, you may every now and then, forget who you truly are, and feel lost because of that, but always remember that your Shepherd is looking out for you, know that you are forever safe, loved, and One with your Source.

Today, let us practice remembering that God Is All, and thus that it is impossible for us not to be a part of Him, or apart from Him. Let us close our eyes and learn to feel this truth. Let us for a moment, close our eyes, and breathe in and feel His Light and Love enter and embrace us, and breathe out all our worries away. Let us allow His Light to filled our darken spots, those areas within our own minds and lives, where we are choosing and valuing the ego’s fear based mindset more than God’s Love. When we are choosing judgment over forgiveness, worry over trust, and hate over love, we are choosing the ego over God, we are choosing the ego’s fairy tale of separation over our eternal union with our Source. Yet, let us not despair, for that sense of falling through a crack or gap in God, for feeling separate or alone, those are all just chapters within the ego’s fairy tale, and all of the chapters within the ego’s fairy tale, no matter how descriptive or destructive they may appear to be, none of them are real or true. You are One with your Source, there are no gaps or cracks in God, this is true now, was true in the past, and will forever be true, the end.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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