Daily Inspiration: May 19. Experiencing The Act Of Unlearning As A Gift

When you are sharing your true loving essence and its expressions, such as compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, you will feel a flowing sensation and a sense of fulfillment. That’s because you are doing what you have come here to do. When you are not expressing your true loving essence, you will feel empty, stuck, heavy, passionless, confused or without direction. These feelings arise to help show you when you are diverting from your true path. Yet, do not despair, for when you are off course the Universe will help guide you back. On USA highways, they have ‘rough treads’, ‘asphalt bumps’ or ‘sleeper lines,’ so you can feel when you have drifted off course. You will feel this sort of wake up call anytime you are not doing what you came here to do, and are out of alignment with your life’s path. Those challenges and times that you feel out of alignment or lack balance, are not there to punish or condemn you or others, but are there as a sort of wake up call that is reminding to you to refocus on your true path. It is in such instances where you get to consciously unlearn, and thus deprogram yourself from the ego’s mindset. Today, let us see such rough patches in our lives as gifts that are being presented to us to help get us back on track. Let us see them as opportunities to let go of false concepts that we now know are not serving us. Today, let us practice recognizing and unlearning what we no longer want to experience nor represent. Now, when such challenges come our way, let us align with our Loving Source, and with grace, gentleness, and respect, share with others the understanding that all such opportunities are simply here to help us unlearn who we are not, and grow, heal and awaken us to who we in truth are.

Imagine learning how to place aside or release all of the burdens that the ego’s judgment-centered world would have you carry. Imagine, being able to let go all of the blame, frustration, anxiousness, anger, resentment, hate and pain, that you have been taught to hold unto for feeling like you are not on ‘the right’ path. Imagine being able to shift your perceptions so that you can see challenging times as simply being in your life to help awaken you to your true power and nature. If you were able to see all your ‘rough patches’ in this manner, how much more peace and joy would you be able to experience and share with others on your journey? Imagine, no longer punishing yourself or others for simply going through the human experience. Imagine, being able to peacefully and joyfully surf the ups and downs of every day life. Today, if you feel out of alignment with your true path, know that there is no need for judgment of self or others. Simply realize that you have some unlearning to do. No longer curse such moments. Instead, offer them gratitude for helping you see who you no longer desire to be. Be grateful that you have been given the opportunity to unlearn the false concepts that have chained you to the ego’s mindset and world. Today, if we find ourselves in the unlearning state, let our first response to that state of mind be gratitude. Gratitude to the situation, the moment, yourself, and everyone else who is involved with it. Be grateful, that you have come to a place on your journey where greater self-awareness can now guide you on your sacred path to peace. Be kind to yourself, knowing that your greater self awareness is a result of what you have experience in your past. You have earned and recalled, by overcoming your challenges, the state of peace. You have earned and recalled a more gentle, joyful and peaceful path back to your true Home.

Understanding that these unlearning situations are actually assisting our growth and awakening, now let us change that way we look at them. Where we once judged ourselves, let us now feel invigorated by our progress, and appreciative of how far we have come. This new mindset will shift the way we now unlearn, from one where we once judged, blamed and suffer, to one where we now are at peace, grateful and understanding. Now, when we unlearn, we simply remove a mental and emotional brick out of our ego’s backpack, take a good look at it, acknowledge that we no longer need to carry it, set it down, and with a sigh of relief and gratitude, continue on our sacred path. Each unlearning situation now becomes just another opportunity find relief and a greater sense of peace and understanding. The more bricks you release, the lighter you will feel. The lighter you feel, the greater and brighter your own light will shine. The brighter your light shines, the clearer example you will set for those who are still going through their own unlearning process. Now, you no longer need to punish yourself and others for carrying these bricks. Now, you simply acknowledge them as the illusions that they are, forgive your misperceptions of them, release them and let them go. Now, we no longer need to punish ourselves for the way we have chosen to grow. Today, without judgment, we acknowledge that we only carry our bricks until we realize that we no longer need to carry them. Then, when the unlearning process is complete, we will, with a heart filled with appreciation for all they have shown and taught us, forgive them and release ourselves form their mental weight and emotional burden. Now weightless, we will place them on our tool belts, to be used as future teaching tools. Then, with these tools in toe, let us with a greater sense of hope, mission and purpose, continue moving on our sacred path.

Today, let us practice going from judging, to being grateful for, the way we grow. Growth, is not a time to put yourself down, but a time to be appreciative for your greater self-awareness. Once you were blind, but now you see. Everything we have gone through has given us the life experience, knowledge and wisdom, that we now have. Now, everything that we once judged ourselves and others for, is understood and used as a teaching tool. Now, you are able to better communicate a way out of the darkness and back into alignment with the light. Thanks to our whole life experience and to everyone who was a part of it, now we can become clearer examples of who we were all created to be. Now, we can support and focus on the love that we are, and unlearn everything else. By doing so, we spend more time as an example and representative of The Light in all of us, and less time delving in the ego’s darkness, delusions and despair. 

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (8)

Thank you again and again for your book and daily reminders!!
My life is forever brightened by your light!!
So fortunate to share this journey with you.
I am grateful!
Love Always,

Thank you Carolyn for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

We are all One, all lights on our journey Home, all here to help each other find our way back to the Truth within.

Let us today, in as many moments as possible, remind ourselves of our mission, which is to be the light of the world. In doing so we choose love over fear and become a symbol to others that peace, joy and compassion, can once again reside over this world.

We are all in truth the Love that God is. Today, let us very simply allow ourselves to be who The Creator created us to be.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

That made a lot sense and I know its true. Thanks

Thank you Barbara for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

Please, what is the shortest way to get in touch or to feel the Divine Unconditional Love?
Most of my life was devoid of love. Perhaps my mother was the only one that showed me some love but it was twisted and conditional.
I find myself now, at 37 yrs old, with a huge hole in myself.
I realized last week how much dirt is in me… I just want to feel loved… I don’t think I know how to love…

Thank you Alexander for being open to the message.

Practice, practice, practice what you desire to experience. Practice offering within your mind and heart love to all those you meet today. Practice offering love and gratitude to the trees that shade you, the birds that you hear singing, the grass that softens your path.

Practice bringing into and filling your heart, like a sponge, Divine Unconditional Love. The more you practice doing so, the more you will begin to feel it. Then offer God gratitude and love for being able to feel His love for you. IT IS OF MOST IMPORTANCE TO FEEL what you are doing, don’t just say it, FEEL IT, FEEL yourself absorbing God’s love, FEEL offering love to all those you meet today.

Practice taking 5-10 minutes off there times each day, sitting down, closing your eyes, and allowing yourself to absorb God’s love. ASK, it is so IMPORTANT TO ASK, ASK AND FEEL. Practice ASKING for Diving Unconditional Love to align with you, to enter you, to allow you to feel it, AND FEEL it, then TRUST that little by little, the more you practice your alignment with Divine Unconditional Love, the more you will be able to feel it.

When in doubt, stop supporting the thought of doubt with your time, focus and energy. Then consciously choose to fully trust in God and in His Love for you, His child and creation. You as God/Love’s creation are forever worthy of Love.

Feel his Love flowing within you and continue to do so until you start overflowing with His Love. Then offer His Love, the Love that is overflowing from you to everyone you think about and meet. We are all One, practice offering to all others what you yourself would like to experience, and you will experience it.

Peace. JBC

This resonates within me today. I do feel burdened and need to release the bricks of my ego that as been taught to me. It’s very hard and your daily inspiration quotes help more than you know. I have been reading these every day and also saving them. Thank you, Namaste! ?

Thank you Patricia for your kind words and for being open to the message.

The ego has taught us to judge ourselves and others when one of our bricks comes up, but this type of thinking has never worked for us. Instead, now see such times as opportunities to practice rejecting the false, and supporting only the love in you as true.

Today, instead of continuing to react with judgment towards self and others, let us give our gratitude to God and anyone else involved in that situation. They are actually offering us the opportunities to see our bricks for what they are, delusions, not real. Having seen them for what they are, let us forgive them and ourselves, and by doing so finally find the peace that we all so deserve.

Namaste. All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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