Daily Inspiration: May 2. Self-Awareness Turns Judgment into Peace and Gratitude

Each one of our journeys is, an individualized and sacred co-creation with God. If others have different viewpoints on life, and you constantly judge them for that, then because we are all One, what you are unconsciously teaching yourself is, that you too can be constantly judged and thus under attack by others. If you unconsciously believe that you are constantly being judged and under attacked by others, then you will live in a constant state of defensiveness. Peace of mind cannot be found living in a constant state of defensiveness. Today, let us remember that we do not need to defend ourselves against other people’s judgments of us, not because we are not worth defending, but because there is truly nothing to defend against. The more you recall that you have co-created your journey with God, the more you support this belief with your time, energy and focus, the more rock solid your foundation, the more you will notice how steady and strong you can stand before the ego’s or other people’s illusionary judgments. God is Love and All, and in truth there can be no opposition to What Is All, therefore judgments, in and off themselves, are not really true or real. The more you understand this, the less other people’s judgments of you will affect you. Today, when you feel that another person’s judgment is affecting you, simply recall, that because you have co-created your journey with God, your journey is exactly the way it is supposed to be, to help you to reach your highest level of consciousness. No matter how the ego’s mindset looks upon and judges your journey, remember that Perfection created it with you, and thus it is perfect for you. The more you support this fact about your journey as true, the more peace you will experience. The more peaceful your experience is, the more grateful to God you will be.

What we do not yet recognize is, that it is our own judgments of self and others, that are creating the levels of uncertainty, anxiety and stress, in our own lives. No one else is really creating our levels of uncertainty, anxiety and stress, it is simply our own misperceptions or judgments of self and others, and of the way that our journeys appear, that is truly fueling such chaotic energies. It is our own misperceptions of self and others, that is in truth harming us. It is because we have forgotten that everyone’s journeys are a sacred co-creation with God, that we are failing to achieve the state of peace. But again, always remember, that God uses all for good, and so it will be our brothers and sisters participation in our life, that will help us start to see, that every time we judge them, it is we who lose our peace of mind. Equally so, we will start to notice, that the less we judge self and others, the more peace we have. It will be when we achieve this self-awareness, that we will begin to let go of the ego’s programmed need for judgment, and receive the peace. It is then, that we will offer our sisters and brothers gratitude for their participation in our lesson plan, growth and journey. They have helped, and are helping us, bring into the physical form, the energetic expressions of the ego’s judgment filled programming. It is by seeing our beliefs right there, right in front of our face, in the physical form punishing us, that will help us better understand what is separating us from the state of peace. For getting the opportunity to view our beliefs in the physical form, let us offer gratitude to all who make this possible for us. The more we see and understand that it is only our misperception of self and others, that is blocking our energetic alignment with the state of peace, the more empowered we will feel to correct our misperceptions and choose peace. The more peace we experience, the more grateful we will become.

Today, it is gratitude, not judgment, that we will practice offering to all others. As we make the conscious choice to value gratitude more than judgment, we get to also unconsciously say to ourselves that we are indeed worthy of peace. God is Love, and peace is one of the expressions of Love, as God’s creation you are always worthy of His peace, and when you recognize this, gratitude becomes your response to every moment and to all. When you practice aligning with the understanding that you are always worthy of peace, you are in the most literal sense, aligning with the Mind of God. It is in this state of mind, aligned with The Divine, with All That Is, that you will truly feel secure, safe and at peace. Yet still, you have free will, thus not even God would force peace onto you, and thus for that reason, it is you who must decide to choose gratitude over judgment, and thus the state of peace. Let us today, be very aware that it is our physical experience with our brothers and sisters that is offering us the many opportunities to practice valuing gratitude and peace more than judgment and pain, and for that alone, let us from deep within our hearts and minds, look at each one of them, with a little more love and appreciation today. As we do, because we are all One, it will be this love and appreciation that will flow through our veins, heal our hearts, and soothe our souls today. Today, let us remember, that all our brothers and sisters are doing, is giving us the opportunities, through their presence in our lives, to physical see the beliefs that we are holding within, correct our misperceptions, trust God more, experience peace, and by doing so become grateful for our sacred journey.

Today, let us recall, that it is not what is happening in this world that affects us, it is our interpretation of what is happening in this world, that affects us. Other people’s judgments of you, or even your own self-judgments, can feel like a rock being thrown at you, or can feel like a passing breeze. They can feel so different, because in truth they are illusionary in nature, and thus it is not judgments that affect you, it is your interpretation of what those judgments mean, that affect you. In essence, it is always you, who are in the end, responsible for your peace or lack of it. Your journey is a sacred co-creation with God, and because we are all One, so too is everyone else journey sacred. When you realize that when you are judging yourself or them, that you are also judging God as wrong, a lack of peace will result. And so to correct this misperceptions we have been offer the gift of forgiveness. When you forgive another, you are in essence saying to God that you trust in the journey that He has co-created with them, this will bring you a sense of peace to your mind, and this experience of peace will bring joy to your heart, and experiencing this joy will make you grateful to God.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

Thanks a lot for your writings…I am learning so much about what love is and how to be human. Thank you for your work.

Thank you Nancy for your kind words. Peace. JBC

Nechama Tzipporah Kessler

Wow this message blew me away!! This is the pure truth and said so beautifully. Truly brilliant. Ty for reminding me not to waste another minute in misery!!! Love Nechama

Thank you Nechama for being open to the message. What is within one, is within all. When you recognize something as true, it is because you already had it within you. Peace. JBC

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