Daily Inspiration: May 20. The Illusionary Snake Within

The snake uses its venom because it knows no other way. We may be so used to the poison we carry within, that we now may feel immune to it. Regardless of how comfortable we have convinced ourselves that we are, poison does not belong within us nor being used by us. When we attack and spew venom, be it through thought, word or action, know that because we are all One, it is our own peace of mind and joy that we’re endangering. Judgment of self or others, anger, anxiety, resentment and hate, all these are symbolic of the poison we carry within, and yet none of these truly belong to or within us, who are God’s loving creations. All that belongs in love is love. All that Love has to offer is love. Anytime you are not offering love in any of its forms, such as those of compassion, joy, peace, forgiveness and understanding, know that you are, unconscious of it as you may be, buying into the illusionary snake as real, into this snake as you. But do not despair, for in truth you can never be anything other than the love that God created you to be. Yet, if you fall asleep and begin to dream the ego’s dream, you may begin to feel like you could be something that is in opposition to Love. You do not need to judge yourself as not wise, spiritual or good, for buying into the snake in you as real. All you need do, is realize that you are simply dreaming, and then awaken. Anytime that you are feeling a sense of heaviness, anxiousness, darkness or lack peace, then know that you have, somewhere in your life, bought into the ego’s dream as true. To awaken from the dream, simply offer to yourself and others, and support with your time, focus and energy, the opposite of what you seem to be focusing on and dreaming about. If you feel a sense of heaviness and anxiousness because you have judge yourself or another, then offer them and yourself, forgiveness over and over again, until you begin to feel the ego’s dream dissolving before your wisdom, light and understanding.

Every single word or action begins as a thought within our mind. Thus to strike, it must first flow through us. Be it kind or unkind, thoughtful or thoughtless, it is we who host and experience every thought we think of and express. Regardless how destructive our illusionary thoughts are, regardless of how natural they may sometimes feel, they are not natural expressions of who we in truth are. Such thoughts are the ego’s programmed responses, and the more we use them, the more we will realize how out of alignment they are with the truth in us. Today, let us recall that whatever we serve to our brothers and sisters, has to be housed within us. If we are allowing judgment, anger and resentment, to be housed within us, then let us remember that we will end up reaping what we sow. Your body and mind are your house, your temple, thus it must be you, as the owner of your temple, who kicks out those thoughts that you no longer want living within. You kick them out by no longer investing your time, focus and energy, on them. Being that they are your dream’s creation, they can only exist as long as you allow them to. Once your focus is placed away from them and towards love, they will simply dissolve back into nothingness. Notice that it is only your focus on the dream, that seems to keep you dreaming. Once you stop focusing on the dream, it slowly begins to fade away, and it is then that you begin to awaken. Today, let’s try and slow down, in order to better understand what kind of words we are using, so that we can more clearly see if we are supporting our state of wakefulness or sleep.

Today, let us remember that every time we choose judgment of self and others over forgiveness, condemnation over compassion, and anger over understanding, we are simply choosing the ego’s poison over God’s peace. Today, let us not blame the snake for being a snake, for it knows nothing else. There is no need or reason to judge that part of us that is asleep. It is only that part of us that is asleep that would ever use judgment of self or others, anger, anxiety, resentment and hate. Let us also remember, that we are all One, and thus everyone else deserves that same type of understanding and compassion. No one’s truth would ever judge or hate you, because their truth is only love, and can only love. Thus, when others do anything other than love you, it is only the snake in them, that sleeping part in them, that is doing so. Waste your time no longer judging the snake for being a snake. Simply understand what it truly is, appreciate it for what it is, step around it, and continue on your sacred path. You came into this world, not to be the snake, but to be the antidote to the snake’s poison. Slowly but surely, all those still buying into the ego’s mindset are poisoning themselves and others. They may not consciously realize that they are doing so, but darkness and confusion surrounds and travels with them wherever they go. Today, simply be who in truth you are, the love and light that you were created to be, do so and you will serve as an antidote to the ego’s snake. You, through your loving nature and response, will remind those who feel bitten by the ego’s snake, that the antidote of hope and healing are indeed within reach.

Today, let us pay very close attention, if through our thoughts, words and actions, we are either feeding the snake or starving it. It is we, who in the end, control the thoughts we think, the words we use, and the actions we take, thus it is we alone who must become responsible for where we find ourselves within our heats and minds. Let us no longer blame the outside world for our internal condition. Let us not do that, because to blame the world and those in it for how we feel and conduct ourselves, is to give our power away to them. Instead, let us start taking our power back by paying very close attention to the thoughts that we are thinking, for it is only at the level of thought that we can begin to exercise choice. Today, let us recall, that the ego’s snake does not belong with nor within us, that it is simply an imaginary character within the ego’s fairy tale, a false concept that we have been taught to believe as true.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Magnificent…… I love you…Angie

Thank you Angie for your kind words and for being a part of our community. Peace. JBC

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