Daily Inspiration: May 24. It Is Our Own Thoughts That Trap or Free Us

If our thoughts have trapped us in a world of judgment, anger, resentment and chaos, we need not despair. Instead, let us realize that it is also our own thoughts that can set us free from such a world. When we realize that it is only our own thoughts that can hurt us, we will stop directing our attacks outward. We will start looking within and working on challenging our internal dialogue. When our internal dialogue becomes more reflective of the truth within, of the energy of God or Love, then the desire for judgment, anger, resentment and chaos will diminish. Today, let us work on polishing our internal dialogue. The more we polish our internal dialogue, the more we will be able to see a loving world and what could seemingly be separating us from it. The more we see only a loving world, the less need we will have for reacting to it with judgment, anger, resentment and revenge. The more we do this, the more peaceful our experience will be. The more at peace we are, the more clearly we will see that it is we who control the thoughts we think, and thus our levels of peace or pain.  It is then, in this conscious self-aware state, that our thoughts will begin to work for us, instead of against us. We will know when our thoughts are working for us, when a sense of peace surrounds us. We will know when our thoughts are working against us, when we feel stress out, worried, frustrated, angry, resentful and even hateful. The thoughts that are working for us will lift our spirits, and the thoughts that aren’t will weigh us down. As you see, it is not difficult to figure out when our internal dialogue is aligned with the darkness or The Light. It is our own internal dialogue that paints the picture of the world we see and experience. Thus, if you are not currently at peace with your perception of your world, then it is within you that change needs to take place.

We are all One, and thus what we consciously or unconsciously think about ourselves, our internal dialogue, is what will in one way or another, be projected onto others and this world. If our minds are focused on and holding onto loving thoughts, we will see and experience a more loving world. If our minds are focused on and holding onto thoughts of confusion and pain, it will be a confusing and painful world that we will end up projecting, seeing and thus experiencing. When we focus our minds on thoughts of Oneness/Love, then this helps remind us that there is no one really ‘out there’ to attack. This means that there is no one ‘outside’ of us whose truth can, through their thoughts or words, attack the truth in us. If you do not need to defend yourself against the loving truth in others, then the ‘outside’ world once again becomes a safer, more loving and peaceful place. Once the ego’s delusional thoughts and false concepts cease to have effect on us, it is then when true freedom from them can be experienced. Today, let us focus our thoughts so that they only support the truth in us, so that they only reflect, witness to and support joy, peace and understanding. The more we do this, the larger our circle of compassion will be. The larger we make our circle of compassion, the more people will fit in it. This will increase your levels of peace and comfort, which will then make it even easier for you to have even more peaceful and loving thoughts. Living in this more peaceful and loving place and state of mind will bring you a greater appreciation for God. This appreciation and conscious union with God, will bring you joy and a sense of fulfillment, of Oneness. All this thanks to your decision to each day, focus a little more of your time and energy, on aligning your thoughts with love. 

Today, let us pay close attention to how the thoughts we think, our internal dialogue, paints the picture of the world we see. It is the picture of the world we see that we end up reacting to. In the end, what we end up reacting to is not the outside world, but our thoughts about the outside world. It is only a mind that is asleep to its true nature that continues to blame the outer world for how we feel and how it ‘makes us’ react. A mind that is asleep to its true nature can not see that is was our own thoughts that defined and shaped the world that we are now reacting to and experiencing. Today, let us take note and practice catching ourselves when our minds are asleep. Anytime we are reacting to a world that we, Love’s creations, have designed with judgment, anger, resentment and chaos, let that signal to us that our minds are asleep and dreaming. Now, as we begin to awaken, let such signals trigger in us the desire to take back control of our own thinking. Let us not judge ourselves for falling asleep, instead let us give ourselves ‘a pat on the back’, for having the wisdom to be able to move from the unconscious to the conscious state. Then, let us offer all those who participated in these situations our gratitude, for being part of our awakening process. As we awaken, we begin to take back control of our minds, and thus of the world we see and how we participate in it. It is always we who should be controlling our thoughts, our thoughts should not be controlling us. When our thoughts are aligned with the Love that God is, it is we, the truth in us, who are controlling our thoughts. When our thoughts are not aligned with Love, then it is the ego’s past programs that are control our thoughts, and thus of us.

Today, let us recall that we are the Love that God is. When our thoughts are aligned with Love, it is the truth in us that is in control of our thinking. When our thoughts are aligned with judgment and fear, it is the ego who is in control of our thoughts and thus thinking for us. Today, when our minds seems to be entertaining thoughts about ourselves or others that are not loving in nature, let us do 5 things: First, let us recognize that we are out of alignment with who in truth we are. Second, let us stop placing our time, focus and energy, supporting thoughts that do not support the truth in us. Third, let us forgive ourselves and everyone else involve for thinking thoughts that do not represent the truth in us.  Fourth, let us bless and pray for those that the ego or unconscious mind was having us curse. Fifth, let us offer them gratitude for helping us practice taking back control of our own thoughts, and thus of our minds and lives.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

Deborah Leaverton

Thank you so much, I have been in prayer this morning about a particular situation. Today’s inspiration was as if God, Source, or Universe (whatever is your preference as they are all and the same), spoke to me directly. I like to call this “being in the flow”. Thank you so much for assisting me in connecting!

Thank you Deborah for your comment and for being open to the message.

We are all One.

Peace. JBC

Great message. Thank you so much for the daily inspiration.

Thank you Jen for being open to the message and a member of our community.

Peace. JBC

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