Daily Inspiration: May 26. Awakening in Your Mother/Father’s Arms

Imagine, no longer being punished by the past, nor being burden by the future. Imagine, every moment being transformed into a holy instant, that thaws all time back into eternity. Imagine, truly believing that God, in each and every moment, has only your best interest in mind. Imagine, for just one day, placing your full trust in God, above every fairy tale that the ego’s world would insist that you stress out over and worry about. What do you truly have to lose by doing so? How would you like to let go of nothing, and receive everything in return? How would you like to leave all the stresses and worries that you have invested so much of your time and energy on, and in their place receive the Peace of God? How would you like to complete that sleep, that had you dream for so long about judgment, anger, resentment and hate, and gently wake up safely in God’s arms? This opportunity, is available to us in every moment, and is always just a simple choice away. Making the conscious decision to be fully in the now, awake within the present moment, is making the choice to place your full trust in God’s plan, the plan that you have co-created with your Source, over your ego’s individualized, confused and self-centered, plan for your life. Peace, joy, forgiveness, compassion and understanding, are all symbols that you have chosen to trust in God’s plan for your life over your ego’s plan. Feeling stressed out, worried, frustrated, angry, resentful and hateful, are all symbols that you have place your trust in the ego’s plan for your life over God’s plan. When you trust in God’s plan for your life, you will have a sense of safety, security and hopefulness, that surrounds you throughout the day. Trusting in God’s plan for your life, is the understanding, that God forever holds you in His arms, and that no matter what ego centered mind might have you dream, when you choose to awaken, you will still, always and forever, awaken in His Loving Arms.

Today, recall the young child in you, resting innocently in your mother or father’s arms. Did you not find peace in their arms no matter what you thought you were going through? Did your burdens not lift, and your tears seem to just run dry. Remember feeling your mother or father’s love embracing you, and then multiplying that love by infinity, do so, and you just might begin to conceptualize the Love that God has for you. We are all One, understand that God’s Will for you and your highest will are One. Recall His love for you, and each and every time you fall, know that all will be all right. Return today to that state before you fell asleep, to that place of perfect peace, where Love surrounded you in His loving embrace. Return to that level of peace you once knew, and can today, because you have consciously chosen so, begin to know again. All that is God is yours. All that God is, is you, and we are all One. Offer all to all, as God offers all to you, and you will be consciously aligning with the Mind of God. No longer buy into the ego’s lies, that says that you are not worthy of God or of His Love. Yes, we have all experienced what it’s like to have fallen. Yes, we have all at times focus our time and energy on the ego’s false concepts instead of God. Yes, we have all hurt others, mock God’s children, and stared deeply into the darkness. But remember this, God Is Love And All, and so all that in truth we can ever be, is His Love. He knows our truth, we know but the dream that we are dreaming about ourselves and others. He knows that sooner or later, when we get tired of sleeping, that we will awaken. When we awaken, He will be there, open arms, joyous and grateful, that His son or daughter has chosen to return Home, back Home to Him.

Today, let us gift the present moment wholeheartedly over to God. Breathe deep once again, relax and rest assure, knowing that only good can come to you. Today, above every fear base fairy tale that the ego would have you dream up, acknowledge to yourself that Grace always surrounds and has you in His loving, protective and eternal embrace. No matter the dreams you dream, God is always there, with you, simply waiting for you to awaken from the dream. Today, let us make the conscious choice to trust God, and awaken from the dream. Then let us become an example to all others, of what fully trusting in God looks and feels like. What stressful, worried, anxious or despair inducing dreams, could ever cross your mind or path, if above all else, you chose to fully Trust God? What need for judgment, anger, hate and revenge, would you have, when you look upon God’s children as simply sleeping in His arms? My dear friend, you are now choosing to awaken, and so begin experiencing and more brightly shining, the loving light that you came here to be. Today, let us be gentle, and allow their eyes to become accustom to our light. Today, simply be the love that you were created to be. There is in truth nothing easier than being who you truly are. It is, after all is said and done, an effortless accomplishment. As you awaken, as you choose to consciously place all of the ego’s past programming aside, a tremendous weight will be lifted off your shoulders, and a sense of relief and lightness will surround you. Today, for at least one whole day, trust that your Father/Mother completely, wholeheartedly and unquestionably, loves you, and so that nothing could ever come to you, that is not in your best interest. Trust this, and be now and forever, finally at peace.

Today, let us recall that we are Love’s creations, and because of that, the truth within us is the Love that God is. Let us begin to awaken to this realization, by trying as many times as possible today, to consciously choose love over fear. The more we choose love over fear, the more awaken we will become. The more we choose fear over love, the longer we will remain asleep within the ego’s dream. If you are reading this now, it is because you have tired of the ego’s fear based dreams, tired of trusting in the ego plan for your life more than God’s plan. Yet do not despair, for God will never turn His back on any of His children, not even while they sleep, dreaming the ego’s dreams. He simply patiently and lovingly awaits for you to awaken. Awaken, by simply being the love that you were created to be. Be who in truth you are, nothing more than this is asked of you today. Awaken, and when you do so, you will find yourself in a place that you have never left, embraced forever lovingly, in your Mother’s/Father’s arms.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

Thank you James for this Loving, Powerful, deeply felt message! Words can not express how much I needed to hear this message! Leaving the Ego and all its kill joy ways, is a challenge for me currently. I feel justified in the anger I feel and do not want to feel like people can treat me or mine any way they want and I will want to be in their presence. Family can do some of the worst damage. I am battling and want so much to know this Peace, Love and Joy that I know is in me. I used to be so much more Loving, Kind and Gentle, in spite of my childhood. So many deeply hurtful things have happened and I have felt myself battling between the person I used to be and the pain that lives within me, that wants revenge and/or bitterness. This message hit home on a very deep level. How does one choose Love when Love isn’t what the other is spewing or doing? What do you James think and say to yourself in those incredibly painful, unjustified moments?

Thank you Sharon for your comment and for being open to the message. The truth in us is the Love that God is. And nothing but the truth in us is true. When you are perceiving someone who isn’t loving, you are simply choosing to see the sleeping child in them as truer than what God created. We are forever in our Father’s arms. Why would we ever need to judge a child while he simply sleeps in his Father’s arms? Only when we sleep, would we judge another as sleeping. Once we awaken we will no longer need to judge those who think they sleep. Forgive, and you will see this differently. Forgiveness is the final illusion that helps you wake up from all illusions. Forgive because you are worthy of peace. Bless and pray for all those the ego’s dreams would have you curse and condemn. We are all One. Pray with all you heart and soul for them, for they are but the sleeping parts of you, and you will never find true peace, The Peace of God, while you keep unconsciously judging those sleeping parts of you. You are Love and only Love. You are who your true Mother/Father created you to be. Today, deny all the ego’s attempts to temp you and drag you towards its darkness. Decline any other thoughts than those that are loving towards yourself and others. Decline your false self and concepts, for they, placing themselves in opposition to Love, to All, to God, have been never true. You are a child no longer, no longer buy into the ego’s fairy tales as true. Be the Love that you were created to be, and accept no other thoughts, give no more of your precious life to supporting thoughts and emotions that have never supported you. You are the Love that God is, lift your head and arms way up high to the Universe as declare this truth as true. You are the Love that God is, any nothing else is true. Peace. JBC

Well…that was certainly beautiful. However, my mother was a borderline personality who was angry and resentful that she had a kid right before she was going to divorce my father – and this was in 1953 when being a single mother was unthinkable. My father was mostly quiet, also afraid of her moods and craziness. he died when I was 20…and I was an only child – so the next 40 years were very hard. I know that sometimes I felt “safe” with Mother – but most of the time I knew there was this current of darkness there…i don’t think I ever felt safe in my own home – even as an infant. I know that growing up, I went to bed worried and woke up fearful – every single day – and not without reason. So everything you wrote up there is very pretty – but it does not reflect my world at all.

Thank you Bonnie for your comment and for being a part of our community. You as God’s creation are worthy of the peace that the present moment eternally offers. Forgive the past, let go of the future, and experience the peace of God that has been always available to you and always just a choice away. Peace. JBC

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