Daily Inspiration: May 28. Behind the Veils of Hurt and Struggle

Many who are hurting and struggling have been programmed by the ego to believe that they are doing so because they are unlucky, not good, wise, spiritual or worthy enough. These are all lies of the ego. The ego wants you to believe this because if you do, you will not believe that you are One with, or originate from, a perfect God. If the ego can make you believe that you are separate from God, then it can have you all to itself. If it can have you all to itself, then the ego gets to survive and flourish through you. The more time, focus and energy you give to it, the more you will think that it is a natural part of you. The more you feel at one with the ego, the less a part of God you will believe that you are. The more you feel at one with the ego, the more you will use its tools and mindset to defend yourself against a world that the ego has designed for its own benefit. Your belief in it’s mindset, makes you the ego’s fuel source. Your belief in its delusional mindset makes you the fuel source that the ego uses to energize the world that it has designed for itself. When you are hurting and struggling, those are both symbols that you are fueling the ego’s view of this world. When you recall that you are God’s creation and that God is Love and All, you will trust God more and the ego’s delusions less. This state of mind will produce less pain and more peace. Here you will begin to realize that your life is a gift that God has given you, and that you can use to help heal this world. Your gift to this world, is that you will overcome the ego’s dream, your hurt and struggle. Then you will use your life experience to help others overcome their own hurts and struggles. Those who hurt and struggle, will listen to what you have to say, because they will hear in your story, their own. By doing so you will bring hope to the hopeless, and calm to those who only know of the storm. It is in fulfilling this sacred circle that you will realize the gift that you are to this planet.  

You now hurt and struggle because you once, from a place of perfect Love, heard your brothers and sisters in this world hurting and struggling. Being Love yourself, you then volunteered to come here and help them heal. You lovingly and courageously came down to answer this call for help. You then took on the hurt and struggle in order to better understand the nature of the delusions and dreams that you came here to heal and awaken others from. God would never offer you something you could not handle. Thus, you will overcame the illusionary nature of your hurt and struggle. Then, you will use this knowledge and wisdom to help lead others out of their darkness and back into alignment with the light in them. Having done so, they will no longer need to represent the ego’s darkened dream – the hurt and struggle that chains those who are lost to this world. Now awake, they too will become a representative of the light, the truth in all of us. Their example will then light the way for others, that you may yourself never meet. In understanding this, you will begin to be able to acknowledge and witness to, the sacred nature of each and every one of our  individual journeys. Now you will begin to see, how every moment is indeed a gift from God to you, and a gift that you will, when awaken, offer to this world. When you use the pain that you have overcome to help heal others, you will begin to understand the true nature, reason and meaning, of what your pain was all about. You will understand why you went through what you went through. By understanding this, you will begin to find peace with your past, and with everyone who was a part of it. You will then no longer need to carry the past or those in it with judgment, anger, resentment and pain, but instead with forgiveness, gratitude, peace and understanding.

Today, let us recall that because God is Love and All, you are never being punished for your experience. In fact,  in some way, shape or form, you are always a pupil of peace – a student of hope, love and joy. In essence, you are always being prepared to become the answer to people’s prayers. You are being prepared to be a physical example of the true power of forgiveness, compassion, healing and understanding. You are here to share, in your own unique ways, the love that you were created to be. You are here to, through your loving examples, light the ways for others. You are here to shift pain, hurt and struggle, into hope, healing and understanding. You are here to remind all those who are lost and confused, that no matter what they think of themselves, they are forever, as God’s children worthy of His Love, and all of Love’s expressions. Your life experience, will help you recall how behind every veil of hurt and struggle, there resides the gift of the peace and understanding. The clarity and peace you provide to others, they will provide to even more, and so you will touch this world in ways that in your time here you will never truly see nor be able to imagine. Little by little the false concepts of punishment, hurt and struggle will cease to exist in our consciousness. If not yet awaken to this fact, do not despair. If your present-self understands that it can use your past-self’s life experience with pain and struggle to now help others heal, then know that your future-self is equally appreciative of you, your present-self, right now. Do not despair, all your current pain and struggles will be overcome. Your future-self will benefit greatly from your courage and efforts. This understanding will solidify the gift that you, even in your seeming darkest times, are to this world.

Today, let us learn to see the gifts behind the veil. Let us note how our present-self is using the lessons learned from the pain and struggle that our past-self went through. Let us note how much more peaceful, joyful, compassionate and wise our present-self is, thanks to our past-self. Understanding this, we can now look into the future and see how much our future-self will appreciate our present-self for all that he or she went through and is going through to us become a more peaceful, joyful and compassionate person. By acknowledging this, we can begin to see the gifts that reside just beyond the ego’s veil. If our future wiser self will be grateful to our present-self for her courage and determination, let us treat our present-self in this same manner, with respect, gratitude, compassion and understanding. In doing so, we don’t have to wait for some far off future, to find peace and joy, hope, purpose and healing, right now.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

Hi, thank you for this post. I have not checked into your emails and site lately and am really happy that I pulled it up today.
First, yes, this resonates with me and is a very strong, true reminder about the ego and our true selves. From the moment we are born and throughout our entire lives we all hear and are exposed to endless stories, messages, both true and false. It is our life’s work to uncover who we are, sorting out truth from what is not real or relative to who we are, which is a consistent and constant way of life.

And also, yes, I have learned much through sharing common specific events that happened to me, being relative to friends and vice verse.
When we then sense or encounter someone that is troubled, first it is important to recognize part of our own mission is to remember that it is not always about them seeking our advice nor about us being able to help guide them. We must be observant in the case that someone indeed needs more than our help but perhaps are in need of professional help. Also we are not necessarily to only share our experiences as a direct way of helping, but to live our values, through love, light, and ideal behaviors that are surely observed or at least felt by those around us. I cannot imagine not having faith in God, as it is such a blessing that helps along every step of the way in my life’s path toward peace and happiness through all that is good true. There is much guidance through what God gave us to seek that is always there within. Yes, our experiences can be helpful to others when we are also truly listening to them and when timing and delivery are everything! Peace.

Thank you Debbie for being open to the message, and for being a member of our community.

We can in truth only ever be what our Creator, Love is. Everything other than this Love is but a dream of ourselves that we have bought into as real and true.

Being all One, everyone “out there” is simply reflecting our internal condition. Let us see and reinforce only the truth in them as true, in order to become the guiding light that we came here to be.

Today, let us very simply, in each moment and interaction, be the light that we were created to be. That is all that in truth we ever need to be and share.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

I want to thank you for your messages that go straight to the Heart!! My question is, Do you or have you ever thought of bringing your Insight, Love and Messages to giving seminars to people who can attend and hear your messages in person, Ted Talk, etc.? I definitely know at least one place to get started and it is with Unity Centers. I truly believe that more People would benefit from your Wisdom, Love and Light that you offer each day!! Please if you do not already do so…..consider this a gentle nudge!! Peace all ways, Sharon!

Thank you Sharon for your kind words and for being open to the message.

I am currently in the process of finishing the editing of these 365 Daily Inspirational messages (both condense and long versions). My editing process will be completed by December 31, 2020. Then I will use 2021 and 2022 to redo and finish the video versions for all of these 365 messages. Starting in 2023 I will be open to doing more of the seminar type work. At least that’s the current plan. We’ll see what God has in store.

I will keep the idea of the Unity Centers in mind. Thank you.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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