Daily Inspiration: May 3. Ending the Ego’s Game of Self-Judgment

How much time and energy have we already sacrificed at the altar of self-judgment? What has self-judgment ever done for us in return? What prayers has self-judgment ever answered? What wounds has it ever healed? Today, let us recall the irrationality of self-judgment by noting three things: First, the ego thinks that it has the knowledge to judge us and our journey, and yet the ego does not even know what we are having for lunch next week. If it does not know what we are having for lunch how could it know what is in our best interest, let alone in the best interest of the universe? Place instead your trust in God’s ability to lead you to your destination and you will begin to feel your self-judgments dissolve before His Light and understanding. If every step on the path that you have co-designed with God will lead you to your destination, then is not every step of the journey of use? Knowing this and being all One, would this truth not also include all others? Understanding this, would your judgments of others not also begin to fade away? Continue on a daily basis to support this truth as true and feel your self judgments and judgments of others dissolve before your light and understanding. The more you dissolve judgment from your life, the more peace you will experience. Always remember that being all One, that when you judge another, you are in essence judging yourself. When you do so you are unconsciously saying to yourself that it is ok for “others” to judge you. Peace can not be found as long as you are constantly unconsciously judging yourself through others. Yet, never despair by always recalling that what the ego uses to judge and condemn, God can and will use to help you heal and awaken. Understanding this, today align with the Mind of God, let go of your judgments, and by doing so return to the path to peace. 

Second, give yourself a break. Acknowledge to yourself that you are always making the best decision possible with the tools and knowledge that you in that moment have available to you. If in every moment you are making the best decision possible with the tools, wisdom and self-awareness that you have available to you, then what need would there be for self-judgment? Let us recall that in every moment of our life experience we are at our highest level of development and self-awareness. No matter what it might look like to the ego, we are always making the best decision possible with the tools that we have at hand. The more you can trust this truth as true, the less power you will give to the ego’s false concept of self-judgment. The more that you can practice aligning with this thought process, the less power judgment of self will have over you and your life. The more you are able to look at your past, see and understand the knowledge and wisdom that you have accumulated thanks to it, the more grateful you will be to your past-self. You will be grateful because now you are aware of all your past self has gone through and overcome to help your present self become who he or she is. Now, look at your future self and imagine the appreciation he or she will feel towards your present-self, for all he or she is going through to assist your future-self in becoming a more peaceful, joyful and awaken being. When the sacred and perfect nature of your co-creation with God is recalled, every step of your journey, from your birth till your return Home, will be understood as useful and helpful. It will be when the proper credit is given to every step of your path that your judgments of self and others will dissolve before your light and understanding. 

Third, the ego would insist that you made mistakes because you were not wise, spiritual, or good enough. Instead of buying such delusions as real ask yourself, how many times have these so call ‘mistakes’ become some of my greatest lessons? If these so-called mistakes, by us learning from them, turned into knowledge and wisdom, then were they ever truly mistakes or bad in the first place? Anything that helped you grow, develop, mature and become more self-aware, is useful, and thus a gift that you are offered yourself. It’s also, thanks to the life experience and wisdom that you have accumulated from it, a gift that you will one day offer to others. There is in reality, nothing in your sacred co-creation with God, when seen through Love’s eyes, that you need to feel embarrassed about, ashamed of, sad, regretful or depressed about. Anytime that you are not at peace with your past, this is simply a symbol of one who is not yet aware of the gifts and wisdom that they have brought you, or that they are in the process of bringing to you. Anytime that you are feeling in any way bad, sad, negative or regretful, it is not immature or wrong for you to feel this way. Feel whatever it is that you think you need to feel. Process your emotions in any way that you think you need to process them. But do recall, that you are feeling this way, not because you are not spiritual, wise, intelligent or worthy, but because you have simply misinterpreted your experience. You are not yet seeing or understanding the gifts that are being presented to you in each and every moment. God loves you unconditionally, and He knows that every step you take on your journey is a step you are taking towards Him. Trust this truth as true, let go of self-judgment, and return to your natural state, the state of non-judgment and peace.

Today, let us practice letting go of our self-judgments by placing a greater trust in God and the plan that He has co-created with us. When you begin to trust in God’s plan for your life, you get that not only is your journey perfect and sacred, but also that each and every step along your path serves a higher good. The more you practice reinforcing this truth as true, the less you will judge yourself, and the more at peace you will be. Let us recall that being all One, if you judge what appears to be another being, you are in essence judging yourself. Your self-judgments will then grow or diminish, depending on how you treat and interact with your brothers and sisters. Lastly, let us recall that we have always done the best we could with the coping mechanisms, tools and knowledge, we had at that moment in time. When you recall this, compassion not condemnation will be the appropriate response to yourself and others.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (8)

I have struggled all my life with being too self critical of myself, especially my body. Growing up I encountered criticism and belittling in my home. I know that’s where my judgment of myself not being good enough comes from. The problem is I still can’t come to terms with releasing my insecurities. It just keeps popping right back up into my head. How do I end this for good? I’m 65 and feel like I’m 12 mentally. It’s a daily struggle.

Thank you Pam for being open to the message.

Maybe some of the following may be of use to you:

1 – Let us remember that we are all doing the best we can with the coping mechanisms and knowledge that we have available to us at that time. Therefore, those that raised you did the best they could with the emotional and spiritual tools they had available to them at that time. When we recall this, forgiveness and compassion not judgment and resentment become our response to them and their efforts.

2 – When self judgments thoughts once again try coming into and polluting your mind’s kingdom, do not despair, for that will only sink you deeper into the darkness. Instead, offer the Universe your gratitude that it is once again offering you the opportunities to practice forgiving yourself and others and thus to free yourself from judgment’s heavy weight and burden. Thank your insecurities for helping you practice feeling how unlike they are to your eternal loving essence and nature. Then forgive your insecurities and those who helped you believe in them in the first place, and let them go.

3 – Keep reminding yourself that you have co-designed your journey with the Divine, with Perfection Himself, and thus your journey must be perfect for you. When you realize and truly believe that every step along your sacred path is here for your good, to help you grow, heal and awaken, then the emotion and energy of gratitude will begin to replace those of self-judgment.

4 – Imagine the Universe being Perfect Love and only trying, in each moment, to help you. Thus, no matter how you have been programmed to see your experience, practice now seeing it as here for your good, to help you heal so that you can help others heal, to awaken you so that you can help awaken others. When you realize that things are not happening to you, but for you, what else but gratitude could you experience and desire to express?

5 – Keep reminding yourself: “I control my thoughts, my thoughts do not and should not control me.” Take such opportunities when your thoughts and past programming seem to be trying to control you, to stop and practice taking control back. You will know when you are in control of your thoughts because Love’s expressions such as those of peace, joy, hope, healing and gratitude result. If you are not at peace, not experiencing Love’s expressions, not at One with the Mind of God, then know that you are not in control of your thoughts and thinking and thus not in control of your day and life. The more you practice consciously taking control back, the stronger you will feel and the less lack of control you will then experience.

6 – Practice supporting only the thoughts that support you. You support the thoughts you think by placing your time, focus and energy on them. You have free will, no longer sacrifice your time, focus and energy to thoughts that don’t bring peace to your mind and joy to your heart. Now, practice placing more and more of your time each day to supporting only those thoughts that will support you and the life and mindset you want. If you want a more peaceful and joyful life, then practice each day making it your goal to only support those thoughts that bring peace to your mind and joy to your heart.

7 – Now, when those self criticizing thoughts try to pollute your mind, stop them on their tracks, stop feeding and fueling them, forgive them, forgive yourself and all those that come to mind, and then let them go by dedicating no more of your time, focus and energy too them. In fact, offer all thoughts you do not want over to God, and visualize and feel them as you hand them off to Him, to dissolve in His love, light, wisdom, mercy and grace. Continue to, through forgiveness, offer such dark thoughts over to God until you can let go of all you do not want. Feel yourself becoming lighter as God, Love Itself takes away all your burdens. Then simply offer your sincere and heart felt gratitude to God for His Love and support.

8 – Practice making gratitude your constant companion. Each and every time self-judgment tries to enter, consciously stop and shift that energy over to thanking God for helping you recall that you can choose peace instead of this. Practice reminding yourself: “I can choose peace instead of this. I am God child and creation and thus forever worthy of the state of peace. Thank you God for helping me recall that I indeed have free will and that I can choose peace instead of this. I now, in Your honor, choose peace and in doing so become a beacon of peace and certainty to all those children of yours who are struggling with their own insecurities.”

9 – For one whole day practice seeing yourself only as God sees you. Imagine the love you have for your child, then multiply that love by infinity and eternity and know that this is the love God has for you, His child and creation. Remember that Perfection only creates perfectly and that you are His creation. Then practice seeing yourself only through Love’s eyes, through non-judgment, kindness, charity, mercy and grace. Do this same thing with all those you think of and meet. Only see the love in them as real and true and forgive or overlook all else. For God is Love and All and thus the love in you and all others is the only thing that could ever forever be real or true.

10 – It is we, not the outer world, who thanks to free will creates our own Heaven or Hell on Earth each day, and in fact in each and every moment. Yes, in each and every moment, it is you and you along who walk yourself towards the Heavenly state of mind or the Hellish state of mind. Today, stop and look deep into the mirror, then tell yourself: “I will, from now on, take personal responsibility for the thoughts that I alone am thinking. I now forgive and let go of all thoughts that do not brighten the light within me. My function on this planet, given to me by God, is to be in my own uniques ways, the light of the world. The way I brighten my light, how I can feed and fuel it, is by in every moment and interaction choosing thoughts that align me with my all-loving Creator. Knowing this, I will now practice each day supporting thoughts that strengthen and reinforce the light in me. Now, if I find myself in the darkness I will not despair nor sink deeper into it. I will no longer sacrifice my time, focus and energy on what I do not want. Instead, I will very simply, with a gentle smile, forgive such delusional thoughts, release them over to God, and let them go. Then, I will refocus my thoughts on only my loving nature, on who God created perfect like Himself, and in doing so begin to fulfill my function as the light of the world. Thank you God for walking hand in hand with me along the way. I sincerely love and appreciate your companionship. Amen.”

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Hi James,

Once again thank you for the inspiring message today, I work hard daily at this and it is getting better and better…blessings to you.

Thank you Margaret for being open to the message and for being a light to others.

Every day practice allowing your true nature, the Love that you are, to shine brighter and brighter.

Peace. JBC

I enjoy your daily inspirations often and share them with family & friends. I have one question. Where do these teachings come from ? Do you find them yourself or have some source of information ?

Thank you, God bless you, and your ministry, Joe Neilly

Thank you Joe for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

The message comes from the Holy Spirit, they are not from me, I’m just more like a faucet, that through free will, is allowing the message to flow through.

A book I find, that also in its own way, aligns with this message, is called “A Course In Miracles”.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

This was a wonderful gift to me this morning and I thank you so very much.
I admit Judgement is an issue I have wrestled with all my life. (Perhaps I should stop the wrestling and resistance so this will no longer be an issue, haha)
This is the reminder I needed very much. I especially liked your words on allowing yourself to feel any way you need to and then to return to the truth of our oneness with God…otherwise we are “judging the judge” and the cycle continues.
I’ve been trying to remind myself to “simply choose again Daun. So you had those thoughts, felt those feelings, so what? simply choose again”.
I thank you and will be purchasing your book.
God bless,
P.S. I am already on your mailing list so I guess I don’t need to check this box every time I submit a comment.

Thank you Daun for your kind words and for being open to the message.

When judgment enters your mind, no longer judge yourself for this, instead take it as an opportunity that is being offered to you to learn how to stop feeding with your time, energy, and focus, ideas and emotions that don’t support you.

The less you support the thoughts and emotions that don’t support you, the less need you will have to be judgmental and the more at peace you will be. The more at peace you are, the more worthy of peace you will feel, the less need you will have for judgment.

You are on a sacred journey that you have co-created with God, and because we are all One, so too is everyone else. Remember this next time the ego’s illusionary judgmental programming tries to steal a little more of your life from you. Perfection co-created your journey with you, thus your journey is perfect for you. Trust this, drop judgment’s heavy burdens, and be at peace.

Peace. JBC

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