Daily Inspiration: May 30. A Place Within Us Of Perfect Understanding

There is a place within you of perfect understanding. There is a place within you where the peace of God forever resides. In this place, every heartbeat is recognized as a gift from God, and every breath you take witnesses to the world, that you are needed on this planet right now. There is a boundless well of kindness and love within, where the sameness in all of us awakens, and the spirit forever shines. Today, it is from this place where we quench our brothers’ and sisters’ thirst, and because we are all One, this satisfies our own. There is no greater gift that you can give to yourself, that will keep your well forever full and flowing, than that of offering love, kindness, compassion, peace, joy and understanding, to another. To those who cannot yet truly see, hold their hand, and with every interaction you have with them, bring them closer to the light, do so and you too shall be experiencing this light. Remember today, that anything that you think of or see about a brother and sister, must first begin as a thought within your own mind, and thus if you see them as anything other than the light that God created them to be, then it is within you where the healing needs to begin. God only creates perfectly, anything that you see in yourself or another that is not a reflection of your perfect loving nature, is but a false concept that you have been programmed by the ego to see as true. Remember, that the ego itself is not real because there can be no opposition to Love, to All That Is. When experiencing anything other than your, and because we are all One, anyone’s perfect loving nature, know that this is not our truth, but a lie that we have been taught as true. Nothing other than our loving nature is true, and so anytime that you see or think of another, thank them, for helping you practice seeing in them, only their true loving nature, which then reinforces and strengthens, this truth within you.

Today, love, kindness, compassion, peace, joy and understanding, are not reserve for the few, or rationed to only those who the ego says are worthy. We are all One, thus when we serve any brother or sister, even when the ego calls them illegals aliens, strangers or enemies, we are serving God Himself. Today, know that every single act of kindness, no matter how small or insignificant the ego says it is, touches the heart of God. Today, allow me to remind you, of how much the angels in Heaven rejoice with every loving thought you have of ‘another,’ with every kind word you whisper to another, with every compassion filled act that you bless another’s day with. Today, let us return to that place of perfect understanding, and know that no act of kindness, is or will ever be, lost to the sands of time. When you fill another’s well with kindness and compassion, it will be these thoughts, words and the memory of these acts, that they will carry within them and offer to others. Today, offer your kindness, forgiveness and compassion, to others and watch these act multiply as they are offered. Let us also remember, that what we give to others we forever get to keep ourselves, through the memory of its experience. Today, simply offer your true loving nature to others, and you will experience the energies and expressions of God, flowing through you and throughout your day. Remember, that the truth within you is eternal, and so no matter how much of it you offer to others, you also forever get to keep it. Today, offer who in truth you are, so that you may better understand and experience, all the gifts that forever reside with you.

Today, let us not belittle the power that consciously aligning with the present moment, with the eternal presence of God, has to change this world. Every moment you can today, remember to go into your well of perfect understanding, that place within you where God forever resides, and offer your love, through your thoughts, words and actions, to all who you meet along the way. If those who cannot yet see, judge you, offer them forgiveness from your well. If those who have not recall their true loving nature, seem to hate you, offer them love and compassion, from your well. If those who are lost, try in any way to darken your path, stop whatever reaction that the ego demands you have, and then go within your well, and offer them light and understanding. Do so because you have remembered that we are indeed all One, and thus what you offer others, you gift to yourself. Do so, because today you have made the choice, to align with your truth, with that part of you that is God, in order to raise your level of consciousness. Today, become a brighter light, so that more of those that can not yet truly see, can slowly begin to open their eyes and begin to recognize their own light, and by doing so, can find their way back home, to that place within us all, of perfect understanding. Let us today return home, back to our loving nature, and then from this place of greater self-awareness, begin to only offer others, who in truth we are. As we become examples of all we can be, others through our efforts, will also begin to recall their true nature. Today, just by being who we were created to be, we will serve humanity in a beautiful, kind and gentle way.

Today, during every interaction, let us ask ourselves: “Am I, in this very moment, aligning with and representing, my true eternal loving nature, in the best way I can.” All of Love’s expressions are aspects of your whole-self, and so for every fear based false concept that the ego would have you focus on, there is always a more loving answer, there is always a way to practice aligning with, who in truth you are. If during the interaction, the ego demands that you judge or put down another, know that this is not an aspect of your true essence and nature, and instead forgive. When someone is feeling hopeless, know that you have been placed on their path to offer them hope. When they are sad and confused, that interaction has been offer to you to bring them joy and understanding. When others are unconsciously allowing anger to rule their day, offer them another more gentle way, and show them a possible path to peace.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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