Daily Inspiration: May 31. Freeing Ourselves From The Burden of Judgment

You have, unconscious of it as you may be, asked for help in creating a less judgmental experience and world. You have thus brought into your life, the individuals, situations and opportunities, that through your acts of forgiveness, are here to teach you freedom from the burden of judgment. Yes, every time your ego tries to convince you to judge self or other, what is really happening is that the Universe is bringing into your life, the opportunities to choose to free yourself from a mindset that has you chained to the ego’s world. It accomplishes this by manifesting your thoughts and beliefs into the physical form. This way it becomes easier for you to see the false concepts that you are hiding within, that are separating you from the states of peace and joy. Judgment thus enters into your life, in reality only to teach you the healing properties of forgiveness. By both experiencing the energies of judgment and forgiveness, you are able to better feel and understand who you are not, and who you truly are and came here to be. It will always be the energetic expression that you desire most in any situation, that you will end up experiencing. It is the one you secretly believe you are worthy of, that you will end up aligning with and choosing. Today, if you find yourself once again aligning with judgement, do not despair. You will only travel down the same dead end roads, until you realize, that they take you nowhere that you desire to be. In this way, practice makes perfect, and practice helps free you. The delusion of judgment reveals its true nature to you, through your experience of it. The more you practice the ‘act’ of judgment, the more you will realize how useless and unlike the truth in you, it truly is. The more you become aware of its useless nature, the less you will accept its answers or solutions. There is also no need to judge the ego’s mindset, for all it is in truth doing is helping you see how unwise its so-called advise is.

Forgiveness is an expression of Love, and Love is who God is. As creations of God, we are the Love that He is. Being One with our Source, forgiveness is our brother, natural to us, and a symbol of one who is in conscious alignment with God. The more you choose forgiveness over judgement and thus peace over pain, the better you will feel, and thus the more natural and normal such a choice will become. Forgiveness, clears your path to God. Forgiveness, helps remind you of who you in truth are, and because we are all One, who we all are. Forgiveness, makes you a physical representative of God, Love on Earth. Forgiveness, is a doorway that helps lead you from the darkness to the Light. Forgiveness, is the key that unlocks the door to the state of peace, to the light in you. It does so, so that you may learn to offer this same key to all those who God sends your way. Recall, that all those that God sends your way are His children. No matter who that prodigal son or daughter may be, God is in essence entrusting you with His most valued treasure. When you choose to forgive instead of judge, this is a way of you sharing with God that you are choosing to trust in His plan for your life and for this universe. The more you place your trust in God, the more peace of mind and joy you will experience. Forgiveness, helps lead you from condemnation to compassion, from the lies you think about yourself and others as true, to the truth in you. Forgiveness, simply helps you see illusions as illusions, nothing as nothing, lies as no longer true. Today, no longer look outside yourself for the answers you seek. No longer look for hope where no hope resides. Today, lay down all judgments, lay down your sword, and reflect only the Peace and Joy of God to all those that He sends your way. 

Today, when the ego once again demands judgment, tell yourself: “Today, I place all my burdens in God Hands. I forgive others trespasses, as I have been forgiven mine. I unburden my mind, body and soul, and release all darken thoughts to The Light. It is by doing so that I recognize that my brothers’ and sisters’ journeys are as sacred to them, as mine is to me. Today, I release and no longer support all that does not represent the loving truth in me. I no longer reinforce nor choose to represent the ego’s judgment-centered programs and mindset. Through the way I think of and treat others, I no longer support the false in me as true. The ego’s nightmarish thinking is left no longer unchallenged within my mind. I now simply recognize the false as false, and by doing so forgive my misperceptions. I then through forgiveness, consciously unite once again with my Creator. Everything that I now know I no longer am, I release into God loving hands. In them my delusions dissolve before His light and understanding. In them I awaken to who in truth I am and came here to be, represent and share. Today, freed from my own judgments, I am and represent to all others, only the loving truth in me. I now know that I no longer need to carry a cross that has long ago been overcome. Today, I pray that my example lights the way to peace and joy for others. Today, through my example I humbly do my best to represent God on Earth. Today, I open my arms and heart wide to thank all those whose presence and participation in my experience have offered me the opportunities to recall and share my true eternal essence and nature. Today, freed from my past judgment-centered programs, I shine bright and become the light that God created me to be. Today, by choosing forgiveness over judgment, I accept my inheritance, the states of peace and joy. Thank you God. Amen.”

Today, when the ego once again demands that we judge ourselves or others, let us recall that we have free will, and confidently but politely refuse. Now, knowing that the ego judgment-centered roads do not lead us to the states of peace and joy, let us look for a wiser and more loving Advisor. As the ego’s judgment centered programs lead us to confusion and chaos, so will God’s loving expression of forgiveness lead us to clarity and peace. In alignment with our loving Source, we now thank the ego for being a part of a sacred process that in essence has led us to God. Aligned with Love, now we see the ego as simply helping us cross roads off our maps that were not getting us to our desired destination. With this understanding in hand we now forgive all those who we were once programmed by the ego to judge. Now, we see them as also a sacred part of our awakening process. In seeing them this way, our past judgments of them turn to gratitude, which then leads us to the states of peace and joy.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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