Daily Inspiration: May 31. Freeing Ourselves From The Burden of Judgment

You have, unconscious of it as you may be, asked for help in creating a less judgmental world. You have thus brought into your life, the individuals, situations and opportunities, that through your acts of forgiveness, teach you freedom from the burden of judgment. Yes, every single time your ego is trying to convince you that you must judge yourself or another, what is really occurring, is that you, through your highest self, have asked the Universe to bring into your life, people or situations, that would bring to the surface of your mind and into the physical realm, opportunities to release judgment and pain, and choose forgiveness and peace. The energy of judgment must be in place, in order for you to truly experience the healing properties of the energy of forgiveness. And so in essence, it is your choice to judge, that better clarifies the feelings between judgment and forgiveness, and thus letting you get a better understanding, for which one you truly desire most. It is the one you desire most in any situation, that you will end up experiencing. It is the one you secretly believe you are worthy of, that you will end up aligning with. Today, if you once again align with judgement, do not despair, for you can only travel the ego’s dead end roads only so many times, before you realize that its mindset and thinking, are not bringing you the peace you want. In essence, practice make perfect. Thus the more you practice the ‘act’ of judgment, the more you will realize, how useless it truly is. The more you become aware of its useless nature, the less you will accept it as an answer or solution, when the ego demands you judge yourself or another. Let us also not judge the ego for trying to have us judge self or others, for in reality all the ego is doing, by having us follow its advice, is seeing how unwise its advise truly is.

Forgiveness is an expression of Love, and Love is what God is. As creations of God, we are what He is, and thus are always worthy of the forgiveness that aligns us to our natural loving state. The more you practice aligning with the energy of forgiveness, the more you will see, feel and recognize, how naturally aligned its energy is with you, how right it feels. Forgiveness is about healing yourself. Forgiveness is about remembering who you are, and because we are all One, who all of us are. Forgiveness is about physically representing your true nature, the Love that created you. Forgiveness is a doorway that leads from the darkness into the Light. Love is your Creator, and your Creator is All That is Real. Forgiveness then, is about releasing yourself, from the ego’s illusionary oppositions to That Which Is All. Forgiveness trusts, that God’s plan for all of us, is perfect for our growth, healing, and awakening. Forgiveness faithfully chooses compassion, which is another form or expression of Love, over condemnation, over and over again, until you begin to feel, recognize and understand, the wisdom of such a choice. Forgiveness hands the ego’s pain and suffering, all the judgment, anger, hate and thoughts of revenge, over to the only One who truly understand their illusionary nature. The One is not somewhere out there, the One resides within us as we reside within Our Source, and so look not outside yourself for the answers you seek. No longer look for hope where no hope lies. Today, lay down your judgments, and allow Forgiveness to lead you back to the state of peace, back to your true Home. Feel the peace the radiates from your true Home, then offer this peace, through your actions, reactions and interactions, to all who God today sends your way.

Today, when the ego once again is demanding judgment of self or others, remind yourself: “Today, above all else, I place my burdens wholeheartedly in God hands. I forgive others trespasses as I have been forgiven mine. I unburden my mind, body and soul, release all darken judgments into the light, and understand that my brothers’ and sisters’ journeys, are as sacred to them as mine is to me.” My dear brother and sister, imagine just for a moment, releasing all your burdens, all your illusionary thoughts, words and actions, that the ego has programmed you to carry, that lead you to a darken place with your heart and mind, into God’s All-Loving light filled hands. Imagine, unburdening yourself of from the heavy thoughts that the ego has programmed you to so frequently focus on. Imagine, releasing all the weight of your past and present judgments unto God, who has already carried and overcome the cross, and thus knows that nothing but the loving truth in you is true. Imagine, consciously aligning with your Source, and then becoming through your example, an expression and representative of Him on Earth. How many would you help, who are now drowning within the ego’s mindset? My dear friends, would you not open your arms wide to a son or daughter who has chosen to return home? Would you not gladly take all their pain and anguish away if you could? Would you not offer them all the love that you had within your heart and soul? This is what God is offering us right now. He is offering us the opportunity to forever put down the heavy dark bags which are filled with the ego’s burdens, and once again, through forgiveness, consciously unite with Him. My brother and sister, you, as His creations, are always worthy of being in union with your Creator. Today, choose forgiveness over judgment, and experience your true inheritance.

Today, when the ego once again demands that we judge ourselves or others, let us confidently but politely, refuse. Instead, let us use this call by the ego to align with it, to align, through forgiveness, with our true Loving Source. Anytime that we choose forgiveness over judgment, we are choosing to align with God instead of the ego. Let us today not judge the ego for having us judge self or others, instead let us recognize what really happening, that we are once again traveling the ego’s dead end roads that do not get us to where we desire to be. Let us recognize that we can do this only so many times before we get, that the ego’s advice, is useless and no longer worth the effort. Once we recognize this, we will begin to look for a better way, for a more wise and loving Advisor. And so in essence, all the ego does, after all is said and done, is lead us into alignment with God. For this, let us thank the ego, for its unconscious service to us.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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