Daily Inspiration: May 9. Offer ‘Others’ the Love that You Desire to Experience

To the ego ‘giving away’ means losing, and thus the mindset of scarcity that rules it’s illusionary world. In reality, you can only give away or share, the love that you are, in any or all of its numerous forms. You are the Love that created you, and Love Is All, thus all you can in truth offer others are aspects of this Love. Love’s expressions may be many, such as those of kindness, compassion, forgiveness, joy, gratitude, and peace. We are all One, so what you ‘give away’ you get to experience, not lose, and thus forever get to keep. Just imagine, sharing a story with your friends, that story touches them and remains with them, and yet at the same time its memory, because of you sharing it, is strengthen within you. All that is truly real, all that Love is, behaves in this manner, when you share it, not only do others get to experience and keep it, but also its bond with you are reinforced and strengthen. This is what God has done with us, shared us, His loving creations and expressions, with this world, so that others too may hear, remember, keep, experience and share, their loving nature. In doing so, our own conscious connection to The Divine is reinforced and strengthened. What was once only within The One, has been shared with you and through you. You, now having and being it, can share this same loving truth with others, so that they too may experience it and share it with others. This Love that was once only within The One, has now, through Its creations and expressions, expanded and keeps expanding throughout The Whole. As you share who in truth you are with others, this love is reinforced within you through your sharing of it, and through your sharing of it, it expands. When you do not share it, in any of its numerous forms, although it is in truth changeless, it will seem to shrink and diminish within you. But as soon as you once again make the conscious choice to share it, it once again will begin to fill, fulfilled you, and expand through you, and thus reminding you of who you truly are, and of what you have come here to do.

Imagine God, the Source of pure and perfect Love having a thought, and that thought being you. Perfect and pure Love can only create perfectly and so all The Divine is, you are. This perfect and pure Love is your true eternal essence, and will always be your true eternal essence. Yes, once having chosen to be born into the world of duality, where there appears to be an opposition to All That Is, here we may sometimes forget who in truth we are. But, our forgetting, does in no way, shape or form, change our true nature, our eternal sacred essence. In fact, we are here together, with our brothers and sisters, so that when we forget, they may help us remember, and when they forget, we may help them remember. We are all One, and so only one needs to remember their true essence, to help change and realign this world with love, its true purpose. If we remember this, that our brothers and sisters are here for us, and that we are here for them, what need for judging them or ourselves would we ever have? Simply offer them the love that you are, for the more you do so, the more you will recall and reinforce, this memory as true. As you do so, the world’s sense of scarcity and duality will begin to slowly dissolve away and then vanish before your greater self-awareness. Everything that you offer another must first flow through you, and only what is within you can you in truth ever share with and offer others. Share with others your truth, and you will feel filled and fulfilled, share with them your illusions, and a feeling of emptiness and confusion will rule over you. When you offer them, anything that in truth you are not, anything that seems to be in opposition to love, because in essence you are offering them nothing, you will feel nothing truly inside, nothing filling or fulfilling you. Offer who in truth you are, in order to remember, reinforce and strengthen, your conscious awareness of who in truth you are. Be and share who in truth you are, and you’ll have everything that you in truth desire.

Today, when the ego insist that you buy into duality and the idea of scarcity, that if you share your love with your brothers or sisters, and it is not returned, then somehow you are on a losing end of a transaction, say to yourself: “This moment that we have been gifted, I now choose to offer, my complete love, all that in truth I am, to you. All the Love that God has for me, I now let it now flow through me to you, for you and I are One, and thus as you are blessed so too am I.” Practice mentally saying this to yourself each and every time a brother or sister, who has bought into the ego’s mindset as real, stokes the embers of your ego. Then, instead of judging them, thank them for helping you take another opportunity to practice aligning with, and thus reinforcing and strengthening, that love that in truth you are. Today, the more we get to practice aligning with our true nature, the more blessed we will feel, and the more thankful we will be to all our brothers and sisters for being part of a process, that is helping us feel and experience, the ever-present love that we are. Being who in truth you are, is in reality, an effortless accomplishment. The ego would tell you otherwise, that it is hard to offer love and be loving towards others, but remember that the ego does not want you to recall who in truth you are, because if you did, you would no longer need the ego. And so the ego has you keep your love within you, to yourself, knowing that the less you use it, the less you will be able recall who in truth you are, and thus the more use you will have for your ego. And so you keep your love to yourself, and the ego having ‘successfully separated’ you from your brothers and sisters, will then try to convince you, that it is you and it against the world. This then creates a false need to defend yourself against the world. You then defend yourself against the world through the act of judgment, which fuels the ego’s mindset. This is a victory for the ego, as it fuels itself, while it starves you, from the love that is your inheritance and eternal essence.

Today, let us practice creating as our Father creates, and as we were created to create. Today, let us notice that when we offer love and its expressions to others, this love increases within us as it is shared. Let us also take note, that when we keep this love to ourselves, that it seems to diminish and play a smaller part in our life. In essence, today we will get to see and experience, how our loving nature expands or contracts, depending on the choices that we make. Let us notice that the more our love expands, the more we share it with others, the more fulfilled we feel. Equally so, that the more we keep our love to ourselves, the less we seem to feel and experience it. Let us also be grateful to our brothers and sisters for offering us, through their presence in our lives, the opportunity to share our love with them, and thus to reinforce and strengthen it in ourselves.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Great message, thank you❤️

Thank you Vet for being open to the message. Peace. JBC

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