Daily Inspiration: November 1. There is No Shame in Struggle

Today, do not feel forced or shamed into denying or hiding your “negative” thoughts and emotions. Instead, let us with courage and determination, face the thoughts we are thinking, and the emotions we are feeling. As we bring our so-called darkness up to the surface, we will be able to better see and understand what seems to be standing between us and our true loving nature. Once our seeming darkness is brought before our light, it will be there where we will more easily be able to see the difference between our programmed-self and the love that is our true eternal essence. Let us be courageous and recall, that the only thoughts and emotions that we allow ourselves to heal, are those we allow ourselves to feel. Feeling negative thoughts and emotions, is not “bad” or “wrong,” it is simply a step on a sacred journey that gets us from confusion to clarity, from pain to peace, from feeling hurt to being healed. It is in this place of clarity and healing where we will encounter true peace. When we get to this place of peace, we will look back at our life and journey, and see how useful all of it truly was. We will no longer curse those people and times where we experienced negative thoughts and emotions, but instead we will thank them, for in truth they were, after all is said and done, just helping us reach a place of greater self-awareness. Now, with the gift of time, we can start to see and appreciate, how each step along our sacred path, all of the “good”, “bad”, “ugly”, “beautiful”, “negative” and “positive” steps, were simply here to serve us, to help us become who we came here to be. Imagine, being self-aware enough to see and understand, each step along your path as a blessing, as a sacred co-creation with God. Imagine, becoming grateful to everyone and all along your path, for the part they have played in your awakening process. Where other than the states of peace and gratitude would you reside, if you were able to see all people and experiences, as the gifts from God to you?

Negative thoughts and emotions exist in our life, to help us better see and understand, what is separating us from our true eternal loving essence and nature. Those are the gifts they are offering us, the opportunity to let go of who we are not, so that we can become who we came here to be. Knowing this, let us today offer them our gratitude instead of our judgment. They are, in their own unique ways, helping us heal and find peace. When you look at everything and everyone through this mindset, are they not all, in their own ways, assisting us along our journey? Would then the appropriate response to everyone and all not be that of gratitude? Today, view everything and everyone in this manner, just to see what it looks and feels like, to live in such an environment and mindset. Would Earth itself not begin shifting to more closely align with the Heavenly state, if we but all chose to see the world through this more self-aware state of mind? Today, let us simply practice dropping our programming and conditioning, and instead make the simple choice, to see everything and everyone, as helpful. Imagine, Heaven on Earth being really just a simple choice away. The Heavenly state of mind is indeed possible on Earth, for free will is our birth right. Free will allows us the opportunity to see all our struggles in a light where they are useful in our awakening process, where they all have a greater purpose. This ability to turn darkness into light, confusion into clarity, and pain into peace, is within us right now. Let us today remember, that as children of The Light, it is the light within us that we have come here to be, represent and share.

Today, let us not run away from, try to hide, nor deny feeling our so-called negative thoughts and emotions, because now we know, that if we do, then we also avoid their lessons. It is in their lessons, where their gifts reside. Today, let us not judge where we are, for where we are, is always a sacred and a necessary step that helps lead us to our destination. Let us remember, that all steps along our journey, are of use to help us reach our destination. Our destination is the state of peace, a conscious union with our Creator, our true Home. As God’s creations and children, we are forever worthy of His inheritance, His Home is forever ours. Today, let us recall, that because our journeys are a sacred co-creation with God, that our so-called “negative” feelings and emotions are not signs of failure or inadequacy, but of growth and greater self-awareness. Growing pains, birthing pains, are all signs of wondrous and beautiful gifts that are coming our way. Today, let us open our minds, to the possibility and reality, that we are indeed all worthy of the gifts that are coming our way. Today, let us realize, that each step, because we are aligned with the Divine, is never here to shame us, but simply to help us heal, so that we may share our healing experience and process with others. Today, let us not surrender to sorrow, let us not negate negativity, let us instead look it straight in its face and say: “I am at peace where I am. I trust that where I am is sacred, good and exactly where, in this moment, I need to be. I trust that every step along my path is simply here to help me become who I came here to be. Today, I release resistance, and offer gratitude for where I am, for when I do, peace of mind and joy becomes my constant companions.”

Today, let us recall, that as God’s creations, every part of us is sacred. Even our so-called struggles being parts of us, are sacred. Today, when in doubt, remember that God being perfect, only creates perfectly, and that you are His creation. All our thoughts and emotions make us who we are, and because God is Love and All, all of our experiences, will be used for good. God did not make us so that we would, in shame, hide ourselves, but so that we would, in light, share ourselves and shine bright. We do not need to cower away in some dark corner of the ego’s mindset. We are here to better understand ourselves so that our light may shine brighter and brighter each day. It is by bringing our thoughts and emotions to the surface, that the light of truth can shine on them, and by doing so help us recall who we are and who we are not.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (6)

James, Today’s message has arrived with an uncanny accuracy of my life at this moment, thank you!
As I move forward in facing my challenges I’ll take with me your words:
“I am at peace where I am. I trust that where I am is sacred, good and exactly where, in this moment, I need to be. I trust that every step along my path is simply here to help me become who I came here to be. Today, I release resistance, and offer gratitude for where I am, for when I do, peace of mind and joy becomes my constant companions.”/
My sincere thanks again;
All glory to God!

Thank you Kimba for being open to the message.

Indeed, you have co-designed your journey with the Divine. When you trust in Perfect Love, peace results. You, as God’s child and creation, are forever worthy of the state of peace. Today, recall this and aligned with God and the state of peace, become a light for those who still find themselves lost in the darkness and despair of their own dreams.

Today, when challenges or difficulties seem to appear before you, do not judge them, yourself or others, instead thank them because they are simply helping you practice and thus develop a greater trust in God. The greater your trust in God, the less challenging your difficulties will appear to be. The more you trust God, the less you will struggle and worry. The more you trust God, the more that peace, joy, hope, mercy, grace and certainty, will become your constant companions.

For all these opportunities to practice letting go of our delusions and trusting God, today, let us us offer our challenges our gratitude.

Today, understanding that every moment is here as a gift from God to us, and from us to this world, let us pleasantly walk hand in hand with our challenges to a perfect place of peace.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Thank you James. This was the exact thing I needed to remember today. Many blessings of health and love.

Thank you Doreen for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. Peace. JBC

This was wonderful . .thanks james.

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