Daily Inspiration: November 10. Enlightenment: Reuniting With Our Eternal Essence

A person who is enlightened is simply one who is in alignment with their eternal loving essence and nature. A person who is enlightened, at One with their Source, is one who is at peace with the realization that each and every moment is a sacred co-creation with The Divine, and thus always is in service of a higher purpose. No matter how much the ego would try to have you condemn and be critical of the moment, an awakened being’s response to it is one of gratitude, not judgment. Gratitude, because an awakened being understands that an all-loving God, always has his or her best interest in mind. The foundation of the thoughts of an enlightened being are filled with gratitude, peace, joy and trust. An enlightened being does not need to wait for peace to manifest in the external world in order to experience it, instead he or she carries the state of peace within, and thus to wherever they go. Doing so, the awaken being does not need to wait for any specific outcomes to achieve or receive the state of peace, instead the state of peace, already within their minds, colors the external world, and blesses all those who are in it. Each one of us has co-created an individual and unique journey with The Divine, those who are awake recognize this, those who still sleep don’t. Those who recognize this sacred co-creation are at peace, those who don’t reside in the mental states of confusion, chaos, frustration, anxiousness, conflict and war. Those who are truly awaken have no need to judge those who sleep. Those who sleep have a need to judge others no matter if those others are asleep or awake. When those who are awake are judged by those who sleep, those who are awake realize that their brothers or sisters are simply dreaming, and thus that it is not the truth in them that is doing so. Those who are awake are at peace knowing, that it is simply a matter of time before those who sleep, awaken.

Let us today remember, how judgment is the ego’s main fuel source. Judgment is simply a symbol of a mind asleep. Judging any situation or individual, in any way, shape of form, as less than or not good enough, is a symptom of someone who has more faith in his or her ego’s plan for the universe, over God’s plan for the universe. God’s plan is sacred and perfect, when you recognize this as true, peace results and all judgments begin to dissolve before your light and understanding. It is within the state of peace that true joy and a deep sense of gratitude are experienced. When you recall that you are the creation of the Father Mother of Peace, Gratitude and Joy, you will understand these energies as you, as yours and your responsibility to share with others. These energies will radiate from you and unto the world, not because you have won some contest, not because you have been chosen and others haven’t, but because you have simply awaken to your true nature and essence. When you realize that you are the creation of Peace, what need would you again have for conflict? When you recognize that Love is your Truth and Father, what further need would you have to defend yourself against the delusional and judgmental mindset of the ego’s world? The enlightened mind naturally desires to serve, in its own specific and unique ways, as an example of Truth, Peace, Love, Oneness, to everyone whose presence they are blessed with. The awaken mind knows that no one comes to it by some false concept called chance. Every person who comes before it, the awaken mind sees as a gift from God to it. The awaken mind sees every interaction, as an opportunity to practice being its eternal essence and nature, so that this truth and understanding may be reinforced, strengthen and shared with everyone and all.

Today, let us pay close attention to how the enlightened mind is always trying to align with the Mind of God, and humbly represent God on Earth. The enlightened mind, does not judge itself when it falls asleep, it simply recognizes when it is asleep and uses this self-awareness to help it once again awaken. The enlightened mind, understands such situations as simply opportunities given to it to understand the darkness in order to be better able to teach those within it, how to get out, how to help themselves awaken. God mercy and grace forever flows through our minds, the understanding of this is a symbol of the awaken mind, the lack of this understanding is a  symbol of a mind that still sleeps. When we are aligned and in union with God’s mercy and grace, forgiveness, compassion, trust, hope, peace and joy, become our constant companions and symbols of a mind awake. When we are not in alignment with God’s mercy and grace, then judgment, anger, anxiousness, resentment, hate and regret, become our companions, yet in truth simply symbols of a mind that sleeps. Today, let us, the awakened mind, use the symbols of sleep, not to remain stuck within the ego’s dream, but to trigger in us, the desire to become a light to others, a symbol of forgiveness, hope and healing, a way out of the darkness and back into alignment with The Light. Let us stay humble when we, thanks to our self-awareness, are able to use God’s tools to help our brothers and sisters awaken. Humility, knows that no matter if one is awake or not, that he or she is no higher or lower than their brother or sister who still sleeps. Humility, helps to keep us flowing towards our natural destination, to being at One with our Source, and with all His children.

Today, let us remember, that enlightenment is not a destination but a realization. It is a realization that we are God’s children, eternal in nature, and perfect exactly as we were created to be. Each one of us a perfect ray of light, bouncing off the surfaces of this world, here to bring clarity, in our own unique ways, to the confused mindset of the ego’s world. Each one of us is, a representative of God on Earth, of the light within the darkness, the calm within the storm. You need not add to, nor try to subtract from, who God created you to be. Simply be the love that in truth you are. Love is your Father and Creator, it is your true nature and essence, it is your foundation and Home. Being aligned with Love and its expressions are symbols of a mind awake, of an enlightened being, of someone who knows who in truth they are and who he or she was created to be. Today, as an enlightened being, as one who is One with Source, let us be humble and ask Love to lead the way, to speak and act through us, to bring hope to those feeling hopeless, and healing to those who are hurting.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Probably, the most difficult thing for the people of the world today, will be to stop talking – stop trying to make others think as they are thinking. To accept that others are scared, just as they themselves are scared. To listen, instead of fighting. This is an opportunity for us to become better people, to be our highest selves – to shine out love. Let’s be our best selves today.

Thank you M Larkin for your comment and for being a member of our community. Peace. JBC

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