Daily Inspiration: November 11. Compassion for Those in Emotional Pain

You will know those who are in emotional pain, those you are here to serve, by what they offer you. They will come to you carrying judgment, anger, resentment and hate. They will come to you confused, lost and in fear. They will come to you and offer you all that the ego’s world of deception and delusion has sold to them as being their truth. Those brothers and sisters who come to you in this manner, though they may, through the ego’s eyes, deserve your condemnation, are in truth simply asking for your compassion, for your light and understanding, for your peace of mind and confidence in God’s Love. Let us remember, that when they seem to, through the ego’s tools, be attacking us, that they in truth can not, for neither the ego nor its tools are real. None of what they think they do can affect the awaken mind. Today, let us remember that other’s false concepts of us cannot hurt us, without our permission. We give our permission to be hurt, when we buy into and believe, that their false concepts are real. Let us remember, that what those asleep to their true nature carry within, is never about us, it is about them and their misperceptions. We know who we are, only the Love that God is, and only the Love that God is, is real. Our foundation is built on solid ground, we can not, when truly awake, be tore down by the false concepts of this world. On solid ground, allow those who dream release their inner pain, so that they can see, that it is not what they truly want or nor need carry. Forgive them, their illusions of you. We do not need to defend ourselves against these false projections, not because we are doormats or unworthy of being protected, but because we know that they in truth could only be and offer the love that they were created to be. We are God’s children and creations, forever under His protection, what lies could ever hurt the ever-lasting Truth in us?

Today, let us consciously do our best to represent God, Love on Earth. Let us align only with Love’s tools and offer them to all who come our way, who are brought to us, not by chance, but by God. Let us today work with humility, in awe that God is entrusting us with His children. Today, in honor of God and His trust in us, let us use His tools to help gently awaken His children. Today, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, joy, peace and understanding, we know as our true brothers and sisters, and we introduce them to those within the darkness, as the representatives and energetic expressions, of The Light. Those who consciously are aware of the light within, understand that anyone in emotional pain, anyone carrying within them the ego’s tools of judgment, anger resentment, fear and hate, all have the lack of self-worth at the center of their delusion, the thought that “I am not worthy of God nor of Love’s expressions.” When someone consciously or unconsciously thinks of themselves as worthless and unworthy of Love, it is simply because they have forgotten, that they are God’s perfect creation. They have forgotten, that they are now on an individual sacred journey, that they have personally co-designed with God, and thus each step of it, when properly perceived, is a blessing to them and to those around them. Those in emotional pain have forgotten, that God being Perfect, only creates perfectly, and that they are His perfect creations. They have forgotten that they are here on Earth, because God needs them here, and because we also need them here. Every step on one’s journey, is here to serve the Higher Good, to help us all grow, heal and awaken. Today, all we need do, is serve as a reminder to those in emotional pain, of the truth within them.

Today, let us remember, that when our sisters and brothers are judgmental, angry, resentful, fearful or hateful, they are in truth simply saying to us, that they are feeling worthless, unworthy of Love, alone and forgotten by God. Why would we ever want to waste our precious time judging and condemning those that are in pain? We, as Love’s representative, have been place before them to help them heal, not to continue their suffering. Out of over seven billion people it is you that God has chosen to help His child, your brother or sister, heal. Do not take this great responsibility lightly. Today, you are literally an angel, a messenger of God, here to remind those within the darkness, of the gifts within The Light. You are here to remind them, by the way you think of them, speak to them, and act with them, that they are forever worthy and One with, the Love that God is. Today, to those who are confused, let us bring them clarity, and to those who are in pain, let us bring them peace. If we help them heal, and bring peace and clarity to their minds, then what further use would they have to project their confused judgment-centered thinking onto the inhabitants of this planet? Today, let us ask ourselves: “What would I say to one of God’s children who is sharing with me, through their judgment, anger, resentment, fear and hate, that they are feeling lost, confused, worthless, unworthy of love, and forgotten by God?” Today, before answering them, let go of your ego’s prepared remarks, consciously align with God, and ask God to speak through you. Offer them only what Love would, and you will be fulfilling your mission here on Earth.

Today, when those who through their judgments, anger, fear, resentment and hate, seem to attack us, let us remember that their actions, are simply symbols, of a mind that is asleep to its true loving nature. Let us be humbled and honored, that God trust us enough, to have placed His lost children on our path, so that we may help them find their way back to their true nature. Out of over seven billion people on this planet, God has chosen you, to help His child heal. Do not take this responsibility lightly. During the storm, stand solid in your loving foundation, become a beacon of light so that those who feel lost can find that glimmer of hope that they have been searching for. Remember, that no illusionary false concepts can hurt the truth in us. Remember, that we are safe and secure, under His care and protection, in union with The Divine. Remember that you need not defend yourself against false concepts, not because you are weak or a doormat, but because you know, that only our loving essence is true, and that no one’s truth could ever do anything to you, other than to love you.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

Thank you kindly, for having the courage and the bravery to speak the truth and be a channel for the voice of our loving Creator. Your words create a message that can be simply followed by those who choose the peace and the love of God within. Sometimes the motivation to do things is a selfish reason and that is quite all right. Knowing that if I want peace I must be the example of peace, and also understanding What I do to others I do to myself because we are that perfectly connected and the same. At times it is so tempting to join in on the conversations of condemning others, but it is then that I remember your daily messages and teachings from Jesus which I am extremely grateful for. Thank you for making the time and putting in the work to post these messages. You are a beautiful reflection of God‘s love as we all are in the dream. All glory goes to God

Thank you Wolf for your kind words and for being a member of our community.

The light, peace and love resides within all of us, because that is Who our Creator is, and thus who we in Truth are. Let us, in every moment possible, listen to what expression of Love the moment is calling out for, and then become that expression to all those who are in their own ways asking us to help them recall the Truth in them.

Anytime that darkness or that sense of judgment or forgetfulness comes calling, do not judge yourself or others for this, instead thank the darkness for helping you practice making the conscious choice to represent The Light. The more times we get to consciously practice and choose The light over the darkness, The Truth over the ego’s judgment centered programs, the more easily we will be able to recall and shine The Light in and through us. This in turn will then help guide those who are in the darkness return back into alignment with The Light in them.

Thank you for reading the message and for every day being a physical reminder, reflection and representative, of the message, of The Light that God is, of The Truth within us all.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Just what I needed to hear today, perfect, thank-you. Namaste.

Thank you Julie for being open to the message. Peace. JBC

Reminders amidst all the jarring images before us right now are so important. Thank you so much for holding to the truth behind these illusions and calls for love and helping me to do the same.

Thank you Diane for your comment and for being open to the message. Peace. JBC

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