Daily Inspiration: November 13. Respecting Our Journey by Releasing Guilt

Today, no matter how much the ego has programmed us to judge our journey, let us make a conscious decision, to trust in the journey that we have co-created with God. In order to begin to deprogram ourselves from our own judgments, let us see how the ego’s mindset works. The ego has set up very limiting and constricting parameters of what your life should and should not look like. If it does not look a specific way, then it judges you as bad or guilty, not good or wise enough, not whatever enough. Any and all judgments fuel the ego and starve you. Any and all judgments, in the forms of frustration, anger, anxiousness, fear, hate, resentment and guilt, all feed the ego and starve you. All judgments increase your guilt and decreases your peace of mind. The ego wants you weak, because if you feel weak, then you will in no way believe that you could ever be One with, a part or worthy of, God. If you feel separate from and unworthy of God, then that is when you will look to the ego for support. You then, feeling alone, unworthy and fearful of God, will align with the ego. The ego then convinces you that if judge, you will be protected from this world’s chaos and confusion. What the ego does not tell you, is that it created the world you now fear. This is its protection racket. You then judge, but because we are all One, you are in truth just judging and thus weakening yourself through your attacks. The weaker you become, the more you will unconsciously buy into the ego’s mindset and allow the ego to think and act for you. You then go on this downward spiral, until you begin to awaken to the realization, of how insane, destructive and self-destructive, the ego’s mindset truly is. When you begin to deny the ego, by choosing in opposition to it, and instead align with Love who is your Source, it is then that the ego’s tools and mindset will begin to diminish and dissolve before your increasing self-awareness.

You are here, as an individual expression of The Divine. You are here, to align with the ways that most closely connect you with your passions, hopes, values and dreams. No other journey, other than the one that you have co-created with The Divine, will ever be as useful to you in your growth, healing and awakening process. Your journey, exactly as it has been, is perfect for you. To judge it as imperfect, is to judge God as wrong. When you judge God, guilt results. But, what use for guilt would you ever have, when you realize, that the Creator of the Universe, is your creative partner? What need would Perfection have to create imperfectly? Guilt, has nothing to do with our journey’s expression. Guilt, has to do with how attached and brainwash we are to what the ego says that our life’s expression should look and feel like. Guilt, is simply a symbol that you are buying into the belief, that your ego’s plan for your life, is more rational than God’s plan. Today, let us recall, that our ego’s doesn’t even know what we are going to have for lunch next Wednesday, let alone what is in the best interest of the Universe. If the ego can’t even tell you what you are having for lunch next week, why drown yourself in sorrow, disillusionment, despair and guilt for not being able to fulfill the ego’s fantasies? The ego itself is a lie, and lies do not know the truth. Being not true, when the ego is speaking to you, it is lying to you. Guilt, results when you buy its lies as true, and then support these false concepts as true. Today, when the ego once again demands that you listen to it, remember that it can only lie to you. Stop listening to the ego, by taking your time, focus and energy, away from it. Today, let us make a concerted effort, to no longer invest, in what is not invested in us.

Today, whenever the idea of guilt comes into your awareness, remember that this thought, is just a lie that you have been programmed to believe as true. All that makes guilt real, is your belief in it. Take your belief away from the ego’s false concept of guilt, and it begins to dissolve into the nothingness from which it came. Today, every time the thought of guilt tries to overtake your mind, instead of feeling down for feeling guilty, remind yourself that all it truly is, is a false concept, that we have been taught to see as real. Remember, that thanks to free will, you can unlearn what you have learned. Today, undo what you have done, let go of a mindset that you now know is not working on your behave. Remind yourself, that no matter what the ego says or believes, that the journey that you have co-created with God, is sacred, unique to you, and thus perfect for this world. Now, when you look at you life, realize that in every moment, consciously or not, you made the best decisions possible with the knowledge and tools that you had available to you at that time. If you are always co-creating with the best knowledge and tools that at that time you had available to you, then compassion and understanding, not guilt or shame, should be the result of this equation. Do not feel guilty for in essence giving yourself the gift of growth. Your life, journey and unique experience, is a sacred gift that your Creator has given you, and that you have given, and will continue to give, to this world. When you make the conscious decision to let go of guilt, what you are saying is: “I am now acknowledging, and respecting, the sacred and perfect nature of the journey, that I have chosen to co-create with God.” The symbols of your trust in this sacred partnership, are the states of peace, fulfillment and joy.

Today, when guilt enters your mind, make the conscious decision, to stop supporting a thought that is not supportive of you. You stop supporting it by ending the time, focus and energy, that you place on it. Love is your Creator and All. Guilt is not real, God is. Guilt is not you, Love is. Guilt being unreal only has the power that you give to it. Take the power of your belief away from guilt, and guilt dissolves. Why continue to serve a false concept that is not serving you? Why continue to buy into the false as true? Why continue to poison yourself with your own thoughts? Now recall, that in every moment of your experience, you where at your highest level of self-awareness, and thus did the best you could, with the knowledge and tools that you had available to you at that time. If you did the best you could, then compassion and understanding are the appropriate response to your journey, not guilt or shame. Today, forgive the misperceptions that you have held about yourself and others, trust in the sacred nature of the journey that you have co-created with God, and be at peace. When you do so, you become a glimmer of hope to those who are feeling hopeless, and a beacon of peace to those who are lost in emotional pain.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Thank you James, for yet another helpful, timely and healing message. Words can not express the battle within me that has everything to do with this topic. I am grateful to wake up each day and I read your messages as part of my morning routine! I have noticed the messages have become deeper, maybe it is just me. Thank you for these beautiful insights to begin each day! Love and Light to you, James!!!!

Thank you Sharon for your kind words and for being open to the message. Your journey is a sacred co-creation with God, and thus always, no matter what the ego tries to convince you of, serves a higher purpose. You are here because God needs you here. All of you, exactly the way you are, is exactly the way God needs you to be, or else you would not be this way. Trust in the Creator of the universe, trust that Love always has your best interest in mind, and be at peace. There is nothing else you need do other than this, to be at peace, to radiate your peaceful nature, so that those who feel lost in the ego’s storm, may find their way back to being, who in truth they are, God’s perfect creation. Peace. JBC

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