Daily Inspiration: November 16. Free Will: The Beginning of the End of Feeling like a Victim

The role of victim no longer serves us. If we feel like victims, it is only because the ego’s  past programs seemed to have imprisoned us within its mindset. We can in truth never be imprisoned. The only way that we can feel imprisoned is, if we have bought into the ego’s lies as true. God is Love and All, thus there can in truth be no opposition to Love. Yet, when we buy into the ego’s false concepts, such as those of judging self or other, anger, fear, resentment and hate, then we get sucked into its mindset, and begin to see a fairy tale as a non-fiction story. The ego false concepts could never be a proper, rational and healthy, response to God’s creations. Yet still, we respond this way over and over again, thus keeping ourselves imprisoned within a mindset, that is not in alignment with our eternal loving essence and nature. Let us begin to take notice, that it is our belief in the ego’s tools and mindset, not our brothers and sisters, that keep us chained to the ego’s past programs. Today, let us use our free will, to begin to take greater personal responsibility, for the thoughts we are thinking, and thus for the life we are experiencing. When we start to take greater personal responsibility for our thoughts, we align them to our true loving nature, and let them flow from that foundation. When our thoughts foundation is Love, then their expressions will be compassionate, forgiving, peaceful, joyful, helpful and hopeful. How could we ever again feel like a victim in a world where Love’s expressions constantly support and hold us in their warm embrace? Today, let us practice aligning with the Mind of God, with the only mindset that is natural to our loving nature. The more we do so, the more that false concepts such as those of being victim, anger, resentment, hate and revenge, will begin to fall away and dissolve, before our light and understanding.

Today, let us use Love’s tool of forgiveness, to help us begin to release false concepts, that we now know, we no longer need carry. This will help us begin to create, from this point forth, a world where we no longer hold anyone a prisoner, within our minds. Today, let us stand strong in the knowledge, that thanks to free will, whenever we find ourselves falling back into the ego’s victim centered mindset, that we can forgive and choose once again. When we choose forgiveness over condemnation, we will begin to release the prisoners within our minds, and their freedom, because we are all One, will also be ours to feel and enjoy. Imagine, no longer having to carry and log around, the burdens of the past. Imagine, no longer continuing to take dictation from the past, and thus living each and every moment, free from our past programming, now free to share and feel, the love that we were created to be. How much more freedom, peace of mind and joy, would you begin to experience, in this new mindset? Now, free from our past judgments, we can choose to place our time, focus and energy, into what we truly, within this present moment, desire to experience. If we truly desire to experience freedom, peace of mind and joy, then we must feel worthy of them. We feel worthy of them, when we know that because Love is our Father, they are our birthright. Because they are our birthright, because we now know that we are fully worthy of them, now when the ego demands anger, judgment, resentment, hate and revenge, we acknowledge the insanity of its request, instead forgive, and experience true freedom, peace of mind, and joy. We are forever set free, when we recall the true gift and power, of free will.

Today, let us use the ego’s demands to simply practice acknowledging and thus reinforcing the fact, that we no longer need to be chained to how the ego has programmed to think and react. We no longer need to support the ego’s illusionary mindset as our reality. The more we get to practice choosing our true nature over the ego’s delusions, the more safe, secure and stable, we will feel and become. We will become a beacon of freedom for those that still feel imprisoned within the ego’s mindset. We will, through our daily example, light the way for those who feel stuck carrying the burdens of a past that no longer exist. What a relief it is to know, that we are no longer victims of a world, that we have been programmed by the ego to see. Today, we stop judging, becoming angry, resentful and hateful, just because we have been taught that those are the correct and proper responses to God’s creations. No longer do we need to support thoughts and emotions, that bring us nothing but sadness, confusion, regret and pain. Now, thanks to the power of free will, and the knowledge that it is aligned with the Mind of God that we belong, we use our time, focus, and energy, to only choose and support, thoughts and emotions, that support us, and help us create the life we want, and as God’s children, deserve. As we remember and practice the gift of free will, those prison iron bars that once held us and others captive to the past, will begin to dissolve. Now we know, that no child of Love, deserves to be imprisoned. Now we know, that it was only our belief in the ego’s past programming, that had made us victims, and victims that thanks to free will, we are no longer. What a relief it is to recall, that it is us, not this world nor anyone else in it, who has the power to forgive, and thus to release and free us, from our past.

Today, if you start to feel like a victim, remember that you feel this way, not because you are, but because you have been programmed to believe that you are. It is only your belief that holds you captive. Rejoice, for if it’s only you who is holding yourself captive, then it is also you who has the power to set yourself free. The power resides in the knowledge, that it is you, not the outside world nor anyone in it, who can forgive and thus free yourself from the burdens of the past. It is you who, after all is said and done, hold the key to your freedom, peace of mind and joy. Rejoice that this is so, rejoice that you have been blessed with the gift of free will, and thus can in any moment, choose to stop dragging the past into the now, and thus experience the present moment, as it was gifted to you by Love, to be experience.  You have free will, today use it to choose to no longer support, with your time, focus and energy, past programs that have brought you nothing but anger, confusion, regret and pain. Use the gift of forgiveness to bring yourself the freedom, peace of mind and joy, that as God’s child, you are and have forever been, worthy of.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (10)

Thank you James , Namaste’

Thank you Scott for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

Thank you, I have been stuck in this mindset for quite awhile. I knew it was not what I wanted but not how to change. Acceptance that I am one with Gods love is a starting place for me. Again thank you

Thank you Frankie for being open to the message.

Anytime you are feeling like a victim, do not judge yourself or others for this, instead, choose to see it as the Universe offering you another opportunity to choose forgiveness over judgment, and thus peace over pain.

Today, when a judgmental thought of anything or anyone comes into your mind, be grateful that you are being offered another opportunity to heal and find the peace of mind, that as God’s child, you are and have forever been worthy of.

Offer wholeheartedly and without hesitation your forgiveness to everyone and all who have, through your own judgment-centered thoughts and programming, held you captive to the past. Do so, feel yourself freeing them and wishing them well on their journeys.

Being all One, it will be these same blessing of freedom, peace of mind, clarity and joy, that you offer to others that will now become, your conscious and constant companions.

Peace. JBC

this is an amazing article!! Hit the nail right on the head for me. I have been acting this way most of my life because of programming; thank you for validating that it is indeed a program and we have the choice to be free. This article made my heart melt with happiness.
Thank you!!

Thank you Tracie for being open to the message.

Every time your programming pops up, do not judge yourself for this, simply understand it as a gift that the Universe is offering you to help you see what you no longer want.

God is helping you practice seeing what does not belong within.

Today, practice letting go, releasing, forgiving, anything that does not bring peace to your mind and joy to your heart.

Forgiveness, peace and joy, as aspects and expressions of Love, is who you in truth are, forever have been, and will forever be.

Today, be and share only the love that in truth you are. Do so and you will begin to fulfill your function as the light of the world.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Dear James,
I never stop experiencing tremendous AWE with your daily lessons. I will never stop being grateful and amazed that each day your “reminders” resonate with my being and offer EXACTLY what I needed for that day. Thank you, thank you for helping us all in our journey to “remember who we are” You are so loved.

Thank you Daun for your very kind words.

Be and share each and every day the love that you came here to be.

Every day and in each interaction practice align with and sharing the real you, the eternal love that God created you to be. Being all One, what you, through your example help others recall, you reinforce with yourself. For this, let us be sure to thank all those in our mental and physical presence, for help us reinforce and brighten the light within.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

This is a beautiful and very helpful reminder. Sharing. Thank you.

Thank you Diane for being open to the message and for sharing.

Peace. JBC

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