Daily Inspiration: November 18. The End of War Begins Within Us

We have been programmed by the ego to believe that we are separate from our neighbors. The belief in this false concept is one of the reasons that war and other human conflicts are possible. According to the ego, if we are separate from other people, then what we do to them will not affect us. Yet, how many times have we become angry, judged and condemned another without encountering the lingering stench of guilt and regret? How many times have we convicted people as guilty and yet found ourself imprisoned within our own mind? How many times have we attacked another, be it through thought, word or action, and not felt the heavy burden of the consequences of our deeds? Everything we offer another must first flow through us. We heal or poison ourself with every thought we think, word we share and action we take.

When we forgive, it is God’s mercy, peace and grace that flows through us. The more we decide to choose Love, the more worthy of His company we will feel. Service is Love put into action. Service in this sense becomes its own reward. Through service, offer your brother or sister the love that God is and feel its blessing flowing through you and throughout your day. When you feel this, what further need would you have for judgment and war? Today, serve others in which ever way the moment seems to be requesting. Do so and a sense of fulfillment will be felt. You will feel fulfilled because you will be doing what you were created by Love to do. You have come here to end war in all its concepts and forms. You do so by simply aligning with and sharing your true loving and thus peaceful nature. Today, remember being all One everyone ‘out there’ is in essence an aspect of you. Offer them the peace you would like to experience. Do so and behold the false concept of war begin to dissolve  away before your light and understanding.

We have for too long fought the ego’s wars. We have for too long bled on its endless pain-filled battlefields. For too long, we have used the ego’s weapons to hurt our fellow brothers and sisters, and by doing so, unconsciously punished ourselves. Today, let us decide to drop the ego’s weapons of war. Judgments, anger, anxiousness, hatred, resentment, fear, guilt, shame and revenge – these are all weapons of war. Let us now set them down and choose peace instead. Why continue to carry what only weighs you down?Drop them down onto the ground and without hesitation walk away from the battlefield and towards the Peace of God. The choice between the ego’s battlefields and the Peace of God is simply a decision that in every moment in some form or another we make. The ego’s battlefield is a symbol that we have dragged the ego’s past judgment-centered programs onto the now. The Peace of God is a symbol of our trust in God. Here we accept the present moment exactly as it was created for us to experience, share and enjoy. You have free will. You no longer need to accept nor keep supporting a mindset that keeps you imprisoned in the past. What would this planet look and feel like if we decided to no longer use, support, nor accept the ego’s weaponized mindset. Would we not begin to live a Heaven on Earth? Is such a Garden of Eden impossible to imagine, choose and create? Is this Garden of Eden not always just a simple choice away? The choice is between judgment and forgiveness, the past or the now, supporting the pain of a foreign mindset or your true nature, the peace of God. Today, awaken within the now by recalling that in every moment you have that choice.

Today, let us set the ego’s false concept of separation aside. Then let us focus on acknowledging and supporting our sameness, our Oneness, the spiritual DNA that connects us all. Today, let us not look upon our brothers and sisters as strangers, enemies, or ‘illegal’ immigrants, and then speculate as to why we live in conflict, chaos and fear. Today, let us instead make it a specific point to see every man as our brother and every women as our sister. Let us know every older gentleman as our father, and every matured lady as our mother. Let us behold every younger man as our son, and every younger woman as our daughter. Today, let us practice only seeing the truth in others and by doing so reinforcing our sense of Oneness. Let us today bless those before us and as we do feel God’s hands upon our shoulder thanking us for taking care of His children. Today, let us recall and reinforce in our hearts and minds that the end of all wars begins not somewhere out there but within us. Today, when the ego demands war let us recall we have free will and thus can override it, forgive and choose peace. Throughout the day, let us remind ourselves: “My brothers, sisters and I are One. We are all equally God’s creations. We are all forever worthy of His Love, Mercy and Peace. My brothers and sisters are in truth aspects of me, my One-Self. If they hurt, I hurt. If they heal, I heal. If I forgive them, I am set free. If I condemn them, then it is I who will experience guilt. If I withhold love from them then I am only denying my Whole-Self. Today, I offer only Love to all aspects of me. By doing so I recall and reinforce that I am, as all other aspects of me are, forever worthy of the Peace of God.”

Peace as an expression of the Love that created us. It is our true essence and nature. Any thought or emotion that tries to place itself in opposition to peace is a symbol of war. Some of war’s symbols are judgment, frustration, anger, anxiousness, fear, resentment, hate, guilt, shame and revenge. When we attack another be it through thought, word or action, being all One we are attacking ourselves. We can not attack ourselves and also be at peace. We have free will and thus can deny the ego’s demands for war. When we decline to align with and support non-loving thoughts then we can end all wars. Today let us align our minds with peace and as we do so watch war dissolve before our eyes. Today, when you choose peace over war you will see that the possibility of a peaceful world is indeed within reach.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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When God created the world. He spoke it into existence. Today, I invite you to speak new life into your situation, to “declare” every promise if God every spiritual blessing over you and your family!
Happy Holidays Coming Jesus is coming for our Souls! Amen GG

This is inspirational it looks through me at this specific moment, I would certainly practice and encourage others to follow suit.

Thank you Steve for being open to the message.

May we together, gently and compassionately, help through our example, bring light, clarity and healing to this world.

Peace. JBC

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