Daily Inspiration: November 21. Feel Free to Feel What You Are Feeling

The end of self-judgment begins with the understanding that where you are is a perfect and sacred place for you to be. Knowing this, today allow yourself to bring up and out whatever you think you need to feel to reach a more peaceful place within your heart and mind. If you are feeling doubt, sorrow, shame or guilt, do not worry. The state of peace is still and will always be your true Home and destination. You will always reach your destination at your sacred pace and time. Do not doubt this, for to do so is to doubt your sacred co-creation with God. God forever loves you because you are His creation. Love desires you to be joyful and at peace. In order to do so, choose to no longer hide what you are honestly thinking and feeling. Go ahead have the courage to look at the false in you. They are simply false concepts you have been taught as real. Know that what is not in some way, shape or form an expression of Love, is not the truth in you. Do not deny your feelings for when you do you are denying parts of yourself. You will never feel whole, complete and at peace if you keep unconsciously denying parts of yourself. Society may try to tag your emotions as right, wrong or immature yet in reality all your feelings are what at that moment you needed to feel. Because of this they are worthy of your time and compassion. Feel free to feel your feelings. Still also be sure to discern if they are moving you in the direction of peace or away from peace. If they are moving you towards peace then offer them your gratitude. If they are moving you away from peace then use them to recall they do not represent the truth in you. Forgive yourself for the misperceptions you hold about yourself. Forgive all those you may have blame for such feelings. Forgiveness will get you back on the road to peace.

If you are going through a challenging situation with a brother or sister do not feel force into forgiveness.  Feeling forced into doing anything is not in alignment with the perfection of your natural flow. Your journey is a sacred co-creation with God, with Love, and forgiveness is an expression of Love. You will always reach forgiveness and thus a union with God at your own sacred pace and time. If others say forgiveness is the proper response to your situation, yet it does not “feel” right for you to forgive just yet, then don’t. It is not true or right for you right now. Later on forgiveness may feel right for you. When it feels right be courageous and forgive. You have free will. Do not allow the world to dictate your actions. Trust that where you are emotionally is where you need to be. The Divine design will always serve your personal growth, healing and awakening process. Still, do not hide your head in the sand. Every day take steps no matter how small they may be in the direction of forgiveness and peace. Trust the present moment is teaching you what you need to learn. The present moment is always, when you allow it to, leading you towards peace. Make peace your goal in the now and forgiveness will flow through you as naturally as the rivers flow to the sea. When not at peace do not despair. The light at the end of the tunnel is simply awaiting you to focus on it. Forgiveness and peace are both symbols of this light. You will forgive, find peace, and once again you will unite with the Light within. Then you will use this life experience to share your lessons learned and love with all others. This is the journey’s true path and destination.

Today, recall and reinforce that your journey no matter what it may look like to others is a sacred partnership with God. The Source of Love is your co-Creator and because of that you can not fail or lose. Your journey when properly perceived will always be perfect for you. All your feelings within that journey are to be acknowledged, worked through and healed. You are always in every moment at your highest vibrational and most knowledgeable state of mind.

You are always doing the best you can with the knowledge and tools you have available to you. You are doing the best you can and because we are all One so too is everyone else. When this is understood the ego’s tools of judgment, anger, resentment and revenge will no longer be needed or applicable. Be at peace knowing that what you are doing and feeling right now is exactly what you need to be doing and feeling. Knowing this today deny the ego’s demands to judge self or others, anger, resentment and revenge. Whatever you are feeling, bring up, feel to get through it, forgive it, let it go, trust in God’s plan, be at peace and become a beacon of peace for others. Feeling our feelings no matter how ugly they may appear at the moment to be are just sacred steps along our path to peace. Many times with the dualistic nature of this world we need to feel the bad to know the good. Many times this is how we learn they offer us nothing we want. When we with the gift of time realize this the processing and release of these self-judgments become the key to our freedom. Here we finally release the ego’s programs and once again unite with the mind of God, our true nature and eternal Home.

Today, if you are doubtful about feeling your feelings, recall that you have co-designed your journey with God. What you desire to think, feel or say is a sacred part of your growth, healing and awakening process. There is no more need to hide parts of yourself. No more need to think of yourself as less than, bad or not spiritual enough for feeling what you are feeling. Go ahead, bring your feelings to the surface and allow the light of truth to shine on them. This will allow you to process your emotions, forgive yourself and others, and with gratitude, develop a greater trust in your Divine plan. This will bring about the state of peace, what you are here to be and share. Today, offer all your doubt, pain, anguish, guilt and shame over to the Source of Love and feel them dissolving in His love and understanding.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (12)

James, once again your message has reached the deepest part of me. I am in tears but they are tears of joy. I am going through such an emotional time right now and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this message today.

Thank you Margaret for your kind words and for being open to the message.

Joy, as an expression of Love, is who you are, have always been, and were created to be.

When emotionally challenging times come up, do not despair, do not put yourself or others down for being human. Instead, learn to see such instances as a call from God to you, asking you to trust Him more. Rejoice, do not despair, when call is calling you to action. God would never call upon those He did not trust.

Today, remind yourself that Perfect Love would never offer you anything that you could not handle. Today, trust this and with your head held high begin to heal.

When you heal you will then be able to use your life experience to help others heal. Your life experience will help them overcome what you overcame.

Know that your healing will bring hope to those feeling hopeless, and peace of mind and joy to those who are feeling lost and in despair.

Your truth is Light, Love, and you have co-created your journey with a Perfect All Loving Source. Practice trusting this more and more each day, and behold the peace that are the fruits of such efforts.

Each step along your sacred path is here to serve humanity. Know that it will be used for good. Know this truth to be true, return to the state of peace, and then become a beacon of hope, healing and peace for others.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Thank you so much for today’s post. To me it was God answering my admission of what I felt was wrong behavior the other day. I know what my faults are and sometimes I am very successful at correcting them, and somedays it’s a struggle.. shame, guilt, not feeling worthy of God’s love, because I fall short of being perfect…I pray to Him and tell Him I am sorry, I feel is not enough…I keep trying..I guess the truth about God’s love for us is hard for some people to accept, to know that God truly loves us no matter what we do. I find that hard to do, because I cannot forgive myself…so that is why your post meant so much to me…..

Thank you Jean for being open to the message.

You were created to create as your Creator created, through the energy of love. Love is who you are and, in your own unique ways, what you are here to be and share. God wants you to be a light in this world, and you can begin to do so by forgiving yourself and thus no longer dimming your own light.

Remember, God only creates perfectly and you are His creation. Your journey is a sacred co-design with the Divine, thus your journey, no matter how the ego’s past programs would want to define it, is perfect for you and for those around you. When you recall this the state of peace results. When the state of peace becomes your foundation, it is then that your light will shine bright.

Tonight before bed, sit down, stop, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Then bring all you concerns, shame, guilt and regret to mind. Then visualize a bright all-loving light in front of you. Hand over all your concerns, shame, guilt and regret to this Light, to God. He wants you to take these delusions from you so that you can fulfill the function He has given you, to be the light of the world.

Whatever you think makes you unworthy of God IS what He wants you to bring to Him.

When you let go of such energies, you replace them with a full trust in God, in the plan that He has co-designed with you.

Today, no matter your seeming faults, practice catching yourself quicker and quicker when aligned with them. Then stop that line of thinking. Stop investing your time, focus and energy on them. Then use that same time, focus and energy to recall who God created you to be. Forgive your misperception of yourself and others. Then at peace, at One with the Mind of God, become a healing guide and light for others. Practice doing this over and over and over again, until only the Love of God becomes your eternal and constant companion.

You are forever worthy of the love of God because you are His creation, His son, His light. You are forever worthy of your Father’s inheritance. Today, acknowledge this to yourself by offering your inheritance to all those God sends your way.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

James, I first want you to know how very much I am enjoying your book, (which I purchased recently). I save all your daily inspirational messages. I will then go back and look through them to find the exact message I need the most for this day. As I love and receive blessings from them all, this one (Nov. 21st), was exactly what I needed on this day, (Dec 15th).
To be reminded that we can honor our feelings, whatever they are, is such a beautiful gift. You are so right when you said the ego will feel more threatened the more we work on our spirituality. My ego has been “turning up the volume” lately. Also, so much of my past “stuff” has been rising to the top…to be healed. This can be very exhausting but I will not give in or give up my journey to “remember”. Thank you for YOU and for all you are doing for humanity.
Much love and appreciation, Daun Murphy

Thank you Daun for your very kind words and for being a member of our community.

Let us learn to rejoice, not despair, when the volume is being turned up in our lives. We rejoice because we know that Perfect Love would never offer us something that we could not handle.

Let us learn to rejoice when the darkness comes, for if God did not believe that we could bring light into the darkness then He would have chosen someone else. When we choose to perceive the darkness in this manner it becomes a symbol of God’s trust in us.

When feeling lost in the dark, let us simply practice recalling that we have co-created our journeys with God, thus every single step along the way is sacred, and will be used for the good of all mankind. When we begin to recall this truth as true, a light within us shines brighter, and we are better able to see the way out of a delusional mindset.

Now, knowing this, let us train our minds for our first response to everything, everyone and all, be that of gratitude. Gratitude because you know that moment, no matter how we have been programmed by the ego to see it, is a sacred co-creation with God, and thus will, in one way or another, help us and all mankind grow, heal, and awaken.

Do this, trust God fully, and the state of peace will become your eternal companion.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

This is a great message for those of us who often have self guilt and beat ourselves up over our decisions.

Thanks for sharing this message of hope!

Thank you Veronica for being open to the message.

When properly perceived, each moment is a gift from God to us, and when we awaken it this realization, it becomes a gift from us to this world.

Imagine each step you ever take, you take with God. God is Perfection, and thus each step must, in some way, shape or form, be perfect for you.

Today, when doubt, self-judgment and guilt come calling, stop them right there and then, and deny their entry into your mind’s kingdom. Then rejoice, smile and remember, that all your thoughts and experiences are offer to you by One, whose only interest is your good.

Peace. JBC

Thank you. This was a perfect message for me today. I’m encountering some judgment from my spouse and this message allows me to cut through those blockages to see the bigger picture.

Thank you Elliott for being open to the message.

When judgment, self-judgment, guilt or resentment come knocking, let us recall that we have free will, forgive, find peace, and by doing so become a beacon of peace for others.

Peace. JBC

Thank you for this message today! I was feeling so terrible because I cannot get to a point of forgiveness right now – I am full of hurt and confusion and forgiveness seems far away. So just for today I will feel those emotions and pray that forgiveness comes sooner rather than later. And I will meditate and pray for peace in my heart, my soul, my mind. For I know that what I think about expands – I just need to get there.

Thank you Sue for your comment.

Check out November 22 post “Success and Honoring Your Own Journey.”

You will get to where you want to be at your own sacred pace, which is also God’s pace, trust this and be at peace.

Every time you feel bad about not forgiving, take this as an opportunity, not to judge yourself, but instead to sit down and practice forgiving thoughts.

Take it as an opportunity to fill your heart and soul with forgiveness, and if you can’t do that then have invite and feel God filling your heart and soul with forgiveness.

When you can’t find it in yourself to forgive, do not judge yourself for this nor despair. Instead, humbly ask God to forgive them for you. Do this each and every single time they come to your mind. Invite God in, and ask Him to forgive them, to send them peace and clarity, to give them health and healing.

We are all One, and thus each time you request this from God and God offers it to them, you too will feel it reverberating through your heart, mind and soul. The more that the state of peace, through your request to God, flows through you, the more easily you will recognize the wisdom of God’s actions. The more you recognize His wisdom, the more you will want to follow His path and ways.

Peace. JBC

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