Daily Inspiration: November 5. Honoring Your Past, Present, and Future Self

Today, let us bow down in honor of our past-self for helping us become who we are today. We honor what our past-self went through, took on and overcame to help us become the stronger, more compassionate and wiser beings that we are today. In our minds, let our present-self travel back in time, and encourage our past-self to keep going and remain strong. With a gentle and knowledgable smile, our present-self shares with our past-self that all will be alright, and that what he or she is going through, can and will be gotten through. Equally so, today, if we find our present-self fearful and struggling, let us know that an even stronger and wiser version of our present-self, our future-self, is always available to us, to come to our aid, to help lift us up, and encourage us to keep on fighting the good fight. Just as your present-self is available to your past-self for help and healing, so to can your future-self with deep appreciation and knowledge, whisper to your present-self, that all will be alright. If struggling, let us allow our future-self to share with our present-self, that the current struggles can and will be overcome, that the stress will subside, and that the fog of confusion, can through forgiveness, be lifted. Today, let us recall, that as the son or daughter of Eternity, your past-self is alway available for you to heal him or her, and your future-self is always available to your present-self for support. Your future or higher-self, is always deeply honored and ready to be of service, when you call on him or her, for support. Your future-self is always appreciative of your present-self, for all his or her courage, grit and determination. Just as your present-self could not have become who you are today without your past-self, neither could your future-self become who he or she will be without your past and present-self. Knowing this, today let us show respect for where we are right now, for where we are right now is always in the process of creating a wiser, more compassionate and loving, version of ourselves. Today, let this understanding create in you, a greater compassion for the journey, that each one of us is currently on.

Today, let us practice consciously aligning with the highest, most loving version of our present-self. Anytime you find yourself holding onto or entertaining an unloving or unforgiving thought, know that this is just a program that your past less-aware self has brought into the present. In reality, in every moment, you are always your highest-self, but many times this truth is hidden by the past programs that your present-self has unconscious dragged into the now. If you are being your past-self in the now, then you are not being who in truth you are, your present-self. This is just a symbol that our past-self remains to be healed, and thus why it is forcing itself into the now, so that its false concepts and programs can be look at, processed, forgiven and with love, released. Thus, when you are judging, angry, resentful or hateful, this is not the truth in you that is doing this, this is the unhealed past version of you, that you have brought into the now to heal. Do not judge yourself or others for reacting in this unconscious and unloving manner, simply realize what is going on, forgive, heal, aligned once again with love, and return to the now. The now is your true Home. Judgments of self and others, and any other unloving thought or emotion, is not an aspect of your true eternal loving nature, but are echoes of an unhealed past. What is useful to offer those unhealed parts of yourself or others, is not further judgment, but compassion, forgiveness, understanding and healing. For if your past-self is calling out for help and healing, then self-judgment and condemnation will not resolve the issue, only help and healing, through compassion, forgiveness and understanding, will. Compassionately remind that unhealed part of you, that as Love’s creation, only the Love in him or her is truly real. Show that unhealed part of yourself, how through forgiveness, it can begin to release its past hurts, and by doing so, be able to join you once again, in the ever-present now.

Throughout the day today, let us practice remembering that we are not the creations of time, but of Eternity. Time is actually only but a momentary wink of Eternity’s eye. Your Creator, The Eternal, has always been and will always be. Because you come from Him, your eternal loving nature, is forever the real you. Your eternal loving nature has come here, into the illusion of time, to help remind those still stuck in the within the ego’s mindset, that they can set themselves forever free. All the mental anguish within the ego’s mindset is, thanks to free will, optional. Imagine, having the understanding that all your emotional and mental pain is optional. The moment that we consciously choose to value our true eternal loving nature more than our illusions, is the moment when fear and its tools will begin to be needed no more and dissolve before our eyes. Today, remember that you are here, in the now, to represent Timelessness, not time. You are the son or daughter of The Eternal, not the temporal. Be who in truth you are, Love, The Eternal, and watch the eternal in you, through forgiveness, let go, overlook what is nothing, and receive everything in return. Judgments of self and others, are simply symbols of one who believe that nothing is something, that the ego’s mindset is real. Today, let us value our Creator’s eternal loving creations more than the nothingness of the ego’s judgment filled fairy tales, and watch your judgments of self and others, begin to dissolve before your light and understanding. Today, recall that all others ‘out there’ are simply aspects of your whole-self, and so, use the eternal power of Love within you, to forgive, heal and unite your whole-self, for where you are going, you cannot go alone.

Today, let us look to place our judgments of our journeys aside, and be appreciative of all that we have gone through, accomplished and overcome to become who we are today. Today, let us allow our present-self to honor and be grateful to our past-self for all that we went through and overcame to help us become the wiser and more compassionate human beings that we are today. Let us also, aligned with our future-self,  honor and be grateful to our present-self, for all that we are now going through and overcoming to help us become an even more conscious and self-aware human being. Let us notice, understand and trust that because our past-self overcame and grew thanks to the challenges that he or she was presented with, that so too will our present and future self be able to overcome whatever challenges may come their way. With this understanding, let us come to a place of inner peace in regards to our journey, and now, from this sacred place and solid foundation, continue gladly, confidently and gracefully, on our way.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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