Daily Inspiration: November 17. Emotions are the Compass of the Soul

Today, let us stop judging and putting ourself and others down for having emotions. If we would like to let go of the ego’s delusional mindset and of the world that mindset has created, then we must allow ourselves to feel our feelings. We need to experience the false concepts that we have been programmed to defend as real so that we can grow and evolve. Being Love’s creations, only the love in us is real. Every thought and emotion that tries to place itself in opposition to the love that we are is illusionary in nature. Because of our past programming, this may be difficult to believe. This is why processing thoughts and emotions is an important way to figure out what we do and do not desire to support any longer. Today let us feel, process, forgive and with love, release all the emotions we desire to heal. This understanding helps us share with those still stuck in the ego’s mindset how to detach themselves from it. Emotions are simply the energetic expressions and reflections of the thoughts we think. Emotions help show us a clearer picture of what thoughts we are supporting as true. In essence, what thoughts we are investing our time, energy and focus on. If we are having emotions that are not in alignment with or representative of our loving nature let’s not feel shamed into hiding them or ourselves. Instead let us bring them to the surface. That way the light of truth and understanding may shine on them. Let us note that our emotions do not result from what is happening in the world. They results from how we have been conditioned to view and define what is happening. The great news here is that the power to change or lift our thinking and emotions to a higher level of consciousness resides within us and not “out there”.

Today, let us make it our goal to not judge but feel our emotions. Let us without guilt process, forgive and release them. Let us then do our best to align them with a more peaceful, loving and joyful mindset. The more we do so the less the ego’s programs and mindset will be able to rule over our thinking and thus over our emotions and lives. Today, let us allow emotions to become the compass we use to help guide us to a more peaceful, loving, joyful and productive place in our life. For this, let us be grateful to them, not judgmental of them. Today, let us hold, listen and pay attention to our emotions just as we would to our own children, for in may ways that is what they are, our creations. Let us no longer numb them out or glaze over them with the distractions of every day life. Instead of judging our emotions as immature, bad or wrong let us stop for a moment, breathe deeply, and learn to see what they are trying to offer us. What are they trying to teach us about what we are still holding and supporting within us? As they help us declutter our minds let us offer them our support, love and gratitude for clarifying our path to peace. They are here to assist us to better see and understand where we are in our development, in our growth, healing and awakening process. They are here to give us an external picture of our internal condition. They are here to help us see, feel and better understand when we are on our true path and when we are deviating from it. Our true path is the path of Love. Still, do not despair if you find yourself deviating from your path. For such moments offer us the opportunity to better understand that indeed the path of Love is the one we want.

Today, when on our true path our journey is filled with peaceful, loving, joyful, passionate and compassionate emotions for self and others. When our path is supporting the ego’s mindset our emotions are energized by selfishness, stress, anger, judgment, fear, hate, resentment and revenge. Let us not attack our emotions for this, let us not “kill the messenger.” Instead, let us be grateful that we have messengers. Let us be grateful that these emotions are endlessly and tirelessly working on our behave to help heal and awaken us. Today, let us recall that each one of our journeys and thus each one of our emotions within it are sacred steps on our path. The awaken mind understands that on a sacred journey there is no such thing as a wrong step or emotion. Let us stop praising ourselves by taking pride in the so-called good emotions, and putting ourselves down for the so-called bad emotions. They are both in their own sacred ways equally of use. Why should we continue to judge self and others for emotions that are always in the end helpful? Why should we continue to hide or run away from something that is after all is said and done giving us greater clarity and self-awareness? Why should we continue to blame or dismiss something that is in its own unique way helping us reach a higher level of consciousness? Why continue to judge a journey that is in reality a divine co-design with the Creator of the Universe? Today, let us above all else trust in the Divine design. By doing so each step on our path becomes a blessing not a curse, a gift from God to us and from us to this world.

God is Love and All and uses all for good. Even what the ego calls negative emotions are used by God to help us grow, heal and awaken to our loving nature. Today, let us remember this and offer gratitude to our emotions. When a “bad” or “negative” emotion pops into our mind, let us not judge it or ourself. Instead, with peace and grace, like a surfer, let us ride each emotion, each wave, of our sacred journey. In doing so, we are at peace in both the ebbs and flows of everyday life. Both the ebbs and flows, the so-called “good” and “bad” emotions, are here to help us understand ourselves better. They are here to show us an external picture of our internal condition. They are here to help remind us to trust the Divine more. They are here to help us learn about forgiveness, compassion and grace.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (2)

A good reminder – thank u. I constantly share with myself, especially when something “bad” seems to be happening: “I can hardly wait to see the good that comes from this -don’t remember who said that- it might have been u. LOVE AND PEACE AND KINDNESSAND FORGIVENESS TO ALL – INCLUDING THIS PIECE OF THE ALL.

Thank you Louisa for being open to the message.

Because God is Love and All, there is nothing that will ever come to us, that is not in some way, shape or form, beneficial to us, helpful in awakening us from our sleep, and here to lift us up to a higher level of consciousness.

When we recall this, gratitude, not judgment, becomes our response to every moment, interaction and experience.

When gratitude become our response to every moment, interaction and experience, peace results.

When peace become a more natural and normal response, our light shines brighter and we then become a beacon of peace for others.

Peace. JBC

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