Daily Inspiration: October 11. Today Enjoy the Bounty of Your Harvest

We have taught ourselves who we think we are, but how often have we allowed who we truly are to teach us? Today, let us allow the Love that in truth we are, and its expressions, such as those of compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, to become our teachers. Allow them to gently remind you, by consciously aligning with them, of your true nature. Make them your constant companions, and then present them to all those you meet today. Those who have yet to remember their true nature, need guidance and support, not attack and condemnation. When we attack those who need reminding, this simply reveals to us, that we ourselves have failed to truly recall who in truth we are. But, do not despair if you have yet to remember who in truth you are, instead, focus on that seed of Love that forever resides within. Water this seed with your time, focus and energy, through your thoughts, words and actions, and watch it grow and blossom, before your eyes and understanding. Today, there is nothing more that you are being asked to do, then to be who in truth you are. By cultivating your true nature, you will grow, strengthen and flourish, into the being that you came here to be. This person, the one who is growing by more closely aligning with his or her eternal Loving essence, will become the bounty of all your efforts, and it will be from this bounty, that others will be nurtured. If you offer others who in truth you are, this will give them, the nourishment they need. We are all One, and so as you, through your Love nourish them, their memory of their true nature will awaken. Their awakening will then bless the environment that you and your family live in. In an environment nourished by Love, those around you will start to flourish, and greater compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, will begin to be experienced by all.

Every single thought, word, emotion and action, that you think of and express, is a seed. When your seed is planted on fertile truthful ground it will grow, flourish and multiply. Its bounty will nourish you, your children, and all those, who through your presence in their lives, you get to feed. A paradise of innocence, beauty, compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, will grow around and surround you, and around all those, who through your truth, you have nurtured and served. They, inspired by you, will desire to do the same for others. They will use these same seeds, to create a beautiful and bountiful paradise around them. Paradise is not fictional, it is for most of us, a simple choice away. Paradise is your true nature and Home, and the more you offer the loving bounty of your harvest, the more you will realize, that this is truly so. We are all, no matter what the ego has programmed to believe, worthy of being seen as innocent, and being fed and nourished with compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy. When others act in a manner that seems to be void of compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, what are they truly asking for, is what they themselves think they lack. Offer others what they think they lack, in order to help remind them, that they could never in truth lack, the love that they are and were created to be. What else would God want, but for all His children to enjoy the bounty of His harvest? Our Father God has planted the seed, our Mother Earth has nourished it and lovingly helped it grow. We are the end result, the flower, the fruit, the harvest of our Father’s and Mother’s Love. Let us today show our Father and Mother gratitude, by helping feed and nourish all their children, with this same Love that they themselves have given to us.

Today, as we practice teaching our true nature, we will reap what we sow, and enjoy the bounty of our harvest. If you look upon a flower, do you not see its innocence and beauty? Is a flower not God’s creation? Is not your brother and sister, equally God’s creation? Are the true qualities of a flower, being that we are all One, not also true qualities of your brother and sister? Today, let us practice seeing all of God’s creations as innocent and beautiful, and by doing so, because we are all One, get to acknowledge and reinforce our own innocence and beauty. This circle of innocence and beauty has no end, for the more people we bring into it, the larger it becomes, and the safer, more comfortable and at peace, we will feel in it and in such a world. Imagine, seeing only the truth in all others as true. Imagine, seeing and interacting with all of God’s creations as who they truly are. How would you feel in such a world? How would you feel if everywhere you looked, you only saw innocence and beauty? Would you not live in a constant state of gratitude, peace and joy? Such a world is always but a simple choice away. Today, through free will, let us practice dropping every false idea that does not support the innocence and beauty of this world. By doing so, we will forever get to see, experience and enjoy, the bounty of The Divine. This is all that we have in truth ever been ask to do, to see things as they truly are.  Love only creates Lovingly, because Love is All Love is. Love, and its expressions, such as those of innocence, beauty, compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, are everywhere, if you but simply allow God to see through you. All you need do, to see as God sees, is to allow the truth to be true, and let go of everything else that you ever thought you knew, that seemed to be in opposition to truth, to All That God Is.

Today, let us, through the seeds of compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, start planting the world, that we desire to experience and be nourished by. What kind of world do you desire to experience? How could such a world come to fruition, other than through the thoughts you think, words you use, emotions that you support, and the actions that you take. Yes, it is you who is responsible for how your world grows and flourishes. It is the world that you grow, that will either feed and nourish you, or hurt and poison you. Every thought, word, emotion you have, and action you take, are all seeds you plant. What kind of world are you planting around you? What kind of world have you already planted around you? If you do not like the world you see, then take personal responsibility for your role in it, and begin to weed out, the thoughts within your mind, that do not support and nourish the world you want. Begin to change your thoughts about the world that you desire to see and flourish around you, and you will begin to change the bounty of your harvest.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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