Daily Inspiration: October 13. Celebrating Our Eternal Nature

God is not with you because you call or don’t call on Him. God is with and within you because He has never left you. Your eternal essence and nature is the Love that God Is. You are what is eternally within, not the temporal ever-changing images in the mirror, that the ego has you constantly judge and criticize. The ever-changing aspects of the ego’s mindset is in direct opposition to your true eternal essence and nature. You being One with the Divine, are real, the ego, placing itself in opposition to All, is not. You are not the mask you wear. You are not the body that you use to communicate on this planet. You are not the beliefs that you have been programmed with, nor the sorrows that seem to cruelly separate you from your joyful Source. You are the unchanged, unchanging and unchangeable, loving creation of The Divine. You are kindness and compassion, gentleness and strength. You are the eternal and eternity, the perfect loving creation of The Most High. Doubt yourself no longer, in order to begin to see yourself, as you truly are. The illusionary idea of doubt is just one of the numerous false concepts that the ego tries to have you buy into in order to try to convince you that you could never be One with, or worthy of, a perfect God. When in doubt, simply recall, that your Creator, being Perfection, only creates perfectly, and you are His creation. What in truth you are, you are now, have always been, and will always be. You may sometimes forget, but you cannot change your eternal nature. No matter what the ego has convinced you to think of yourself, God knows you only as His prefect creation, and there is nothing you can ever do to change God’s mind about His child. The sooner you recall and reinforce the knowledge that you are God’s creation, the sooner all doubts that seem to chain you to the false concepts of the ego’s mindset, will begin to dissolve away.

Today, before you meet to another, make it your goal to overlook all the temporal ego-centered false concepts and images of the ever-changing body, and choose instead to only see and focus on their eternal loving essence. Then, make a conscious choice to speak to them, only through the eternal in you. See Love as only Love. Speak to Love only through Love. When we practice overlooking the temporal images of their body, and focus only on their loving eternal essence, because we are all One, we are reminded of and reinforce, our own eternal nature. What do you have to lose by allowing the eternal in you to lead you? The ego has programmed us to let judgment, anger, resentment and revenge lead us, but what has that distorted mindset ever really offered us? Are we not worthy of a better, more productive way of co-existing with each other? Today, let us simply make the conscious choice to allow Love to lead the way. Do so, and see if this path does not offer you and those around you a better, more peaceful, joyful and compassionate way? Today, let us demand that nothing but our truth lead us. When you allow your eternal essence to lead you, you will find confusion and chaos being replaced by clarity and understanding. When Love is leading you, your response to the ego’s calls for judgment, will be forgiveness. When Love is leading you, and the ego insists that you worry and become anxious, your response will be to instead raise your levels of trust in God. When the ego demands anger, Love will instead ask you to overlook the temporal nature of the body’s actions, and instead focus on being an agent of peace, a sign and expression of The Eternal in you. Today, allow Love to lead you, and watch all thoughts of darkness and chaos, bow down before your light and understanding.

Today, only our truth leads us. When the ego tries to lead us into using its tools of judgment, anger, resentment and revenge, let us stop for a moment, and feel how unlike these expressions are to the truth in us. Then, let us use this self-awareness, not to delve deeper into darkness, but instead to trigger in us the desire to align with our eternal loving nature, the light within. Let us make sure to focus on the eternal instead the temporal. When we do, let us thank our brothers and sisters for offering us the opportunities to practice recalling, and thus reinforcing, who in truth we are. The ego, feeling threatened, will over and over demand us to use its tools, and yes, we may over and over forget who in truth we are and use them. But, let us not despair at our forgetfulness. Instead, let us recognize our forgetfulness as another opportunity to practice recalling, becoming, uniting with, reinforcing and sharing our true eternal essence and nature. What is true in One of us is true in all of us. When you start recalling that Love is what is the sameness in each other, what need would you now have to defend yourself against what is in essence yourself? What need would you ever have to defend yourself against the Love that God is. When you know that the Love that God is, is All, what need would judgment ever again serve in your life? What need for anxiousness, worry, anger or despair, would we again need to experience, when we recall, that all we are in truth being ask to do, is to be the Love that we already are. Today, rejoice and celebrate who in truth you are. Be at peace knowing that the love that you are, because we are all One, is the love that we all are.

Today, let us focus on the eternal, not the temporal, on the spirit, not the body. The spirit’s true essence is love, and Love being our Creator, is the eternal in us. What the body thinks of, says, or does in time, is the temporal, and the temporal placing itself in opposition to the eternal, is therefore not real. All of Love’s expressions are signs of our eternal essence, and thus when we are consciously aligning with and expressing any of them, we are in essence, accomplishing today’s goal. Still, know that the ego will not go quietly into the night, so be aware of the ego’s efforts to have you focus on what the body thinks of, says or does, instead of that soul’s changeless eternal loving essence. Remind yourself, that you are worthy of peace, and that because peace is an expression of Love, of the eternal, when you are at peace, you are where you are supposed to be. Equally so, be sure to remind yourself, that when you are not at peace, you are in a state of mind, where you do not belong.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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