Daily Inspiration: October 15. The Choice Between Trust and Worry

God’s will for you is perfect peace. Would you ever need worry if you but fully trusted that there is always One who is fully in your corner? One whose purpose is your good. One who always has your best interest in mind. Today, let us recall there is a direct correlation between our level of trust in God and our level of peace. The more you trust God the more peace you will experience. The less you trust God the less peace you will experience. If you trust God completely then worry, stress and anxiousness will not be a part of your experience. If you trust God partially then worry, stress and anxiousness will be a partial part of your experience. If you do not trust God at all then worry, stress and anxiousness will become your constant companions. The ego will fight you tooth and nail to increase the complexity of today’s message. It would insist that there must be a hundred other reasons why you worry, feel anxious and stressed out. Remember, ego complicates and over-thinks because it wants judgment, confusion and chaos. But do not despair for the ego’s mindset trying to place itself in opposition to God Who Is All, is nothing. Because it is nothing it is not true. Once you take your belief away from the ego’s mindset it begins to dissolve into the nothingness from which it came. The final choice on what you focus on and thus experience is thanks to free will always yours. Today, choose the simplicity, clarity and understanding of truth. Truth simple message is this: You always have two choices: to trust God or to worry. It is always the choice you make that you will experience. Today, realize that the choice to trust God fully and thus to experience eternal peace is always yours to make. This choice is always available no matter how dark the times may appear to be.

My friend, today’s exercise in some ways may seem simplistic for truth always is. If you were to become aware of the true depth of today’s lesson plan you would understand it as the difference between imprisonment and freedom. When we feel worried, anxious or stressed out these are all just symbols. They show us we are imprisoned within the ego’s mindset, and thus are in essence “acting” as we have been programmed to act. We drag our past learned behaviors such as those of reacting with worry, anxiety and stress into the present moment. Then we wonder why we can’t feel the presence or peace of God. We are in essence covering over the present moment, God’s eternal gift to us, with the ego’s malarkey. The ego’s nonsense or the Peace of God, those are the two choices that in every moment we are presented. Ask yourself: Am I as God’s creation, His child, not worthy of His Peace? Of course you are! God would have it no other way. Still recall you have free will and can thus choose in any moment to reject God and His peace. Have we not all already played those silly little self-sabotaging ego-centric games of worry, stress and anxiousness long enough? Is it not time to awaken from our sleep? Do you not want God to become your constant companion? When in doubt, when thinking of yourself as unworthy of God recall that the Divine created you in His image. You are now, have always been, and will always be the perfection that He is. Today, trust this truth to be true and accept your Father’s invitation. Let go of all false concepts that offer you nothing you truly want and in peace return to your Father’s loving arms.

My friend, you may have been programmed by the ego to feel worried, anxious or stressed. Still, allow me to invite in the possibility of your mind that if you are here now reading this message then you are ready to let go of what is not true. We are but steps, choices away from becoming physical examples and energetic reflections of true peace, freedom and joy. Today, let us recall to trust that as God’s creations we are truly free in every moment. In each moment we can choose between illusions and the truth, between worry or trust. Today, recall we are eternally embrace and protected by His Love. Recall that every step of our sacred path we have co-created with the Creator of the Universe. Recall all that truly exist within the present moment is the love, peace, mercy, joy and grace of God. When you recall this as true what need would you ever again have to feel worried, anxious or stressed? Today, trust this truth to be true. Visualize and feel the illusionary false concepts of worry, stress and anxiousness begin to dissolve before your light and understanding. Today, when the ego insists that the correct, normal and proper responses to your experience should be to worry, become anxious and stress out, stop. Then choose to feed the ego’s lies no longer. Now, place your full and complete trust in God. Release and let go of all the darkness. Let go of the uncertainty that surround you behold only His Light. Trust that He Loves you completely and that His will for you is your highest will for yourself. Practice doing so over and over again. Do so until you once again can visualize and feel the Peace of God holding in His warm and comforting embrace.

Today, let us recall that in every moment we have the choice between the ego’s fear based mindset or the peace of God. Buying into the ego’s mindset will have you making an unholy alliance with the energetic expressions of worry, anxiousness and stress. Placing your full trust in God will have you experience peace of mind, joy and freedom. Recall as God’s child and creation you are forever worthy of His peace, joy and freedom. They are in every moment available to you. Simply choose in the moment to trust and value God more than the ego’s deceptions. That is all you need ever do. Do so and your inheritance will be yours to experience, enjoy and share. Do so, trust God over the ego’s delusional mindset and become the loving peace-filled light and guide that God created you to be.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Hi, thanks for today’s message. My only issue is what should I repeat to myself when stress doubt and worries enter my mind and heart.

What should I do or say to push my ego aside and really open up and Trust God?


Thank you Josephine for being open to the message.

When doubt tries to enter your mind, do not put yourself down for this, instead use it as an opportunity that the Universe is offering you to practice trusting God more. The more you trust God, the more peace you will experience.

Remind yourself that no matter what decision you make, that because God is perfect Love, that He will use all your decision for good, to help you grow, heal and awaken. If you know that any decision you make is used for your good, then why would you ever worry about your decision making process?

When in doubt, invite God in, and thus allow the Love in you to lead the way. The Love in you leads the way by aligning with the state of peace. Ask yourself: What decision would bring me the most peace right now? Then do that, knowing full well that God will use any decision you make for good.

When stress, doubt, worry or fear come, choose to no longer feed such thoughts with your time, focus or energy. Instead, practice using that same time, focus and energy on trusting God more, on consciously aligning with the state of peace, on allowing the energy of peace to lead the way. The more you consciously do so, the more natural and normal this way of thinking will become.

Something you could say to yourself in such instances when stress, doubt, worry and fear come knocking is: “I now consciously choose to stop the thoughts of stress, doubt, worry and fear by denying them any more of my time, focus and energy. I now use that time, focus and energy to increase my trust in God. God, I now step back and allow Love, You, to lead the way. God, I now fully trust You and invite You, being Perfect Love, to decide for me. Thank you God for your graceful and love filled guidance. Thank you God for leading be back on the path to peace. Amen.”

Peace. JBC

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