Daily Inspiration: October 16. What is The Ego?

The ego is not evil, nor is it your enemy. To define the ego as evil or the enemy is to give the ego a power it does not have. The ego is simply a limited illusionary belief system within the mind. The ego expands or contracts depending on the time, focus and energy that we place on it. The ego supports thoughts that are in opposition to Love, God, All, yet in truth there could never be an opposition to Love, All, God, thus in essence the ego is not true nor real. Whatever the ego supports as natural, normal and proper expressions of who we are, are really just false concepts that it has programmed us to buy into as real, in order to support its mindset. Whatever the ego supports as true, is false. Whatever it supports as reality, is illusionary in nature. Anytime we are working through the ego’s thought system, we are unconsciously ‘acting’ and being, who in truth we are not. Our acting may take numerous forms, all seeming real aspects of us and our personalities, yet all in reality not real and thus why we, when aware enough, feel uncomfortable and unfulfilled expressing them. Parts we “act” are those of being judgmental, anxious, angry, resentful, hateful and revengeful. None of these expressions, no matter how seemingly invested we are in them, are aspects of our true nature. These are all simply parts the we have been programmed by the ego to play. We have been programmed to play these parts for one main reason, and that is to continue to feed the ego’s thought system. The longer we continue to feed the ego, the longer it can continue to survive through us. The truth in us would never judge an actor in a play, as being a bad human being, simply because he is acting as one. Therefore, why judge yourself or others, for being something other than loving, when that something, being in opposition to our true nature, is in truth nothing? Know that when you feed the ego, you starve yourself. Acting as who in truth we are not does not make us bad people, just unaware of our true nature, asleep to who in truth we are. Today, let us make the conscious decision to no longer judge ourselves or others for simply being unaware or asleep to our true nature. Let us stop doing this, for now we know that type of thinking only continues to feed the ego’s mindset, making it seem like a larger, more real and important part of us and our life. Instead, let us realize that the ego is only as real and as big as we make it, and then let us make the conscious decision to stop feeding and fueling its growth.

The ego, would not only like for us to judge ourselves and others, but also it would like for us to judge ourselves for judging others. The ego understands that anytime it can have us use its mindset and tools, this increases its power over us, and thus its chances to survive in this world. The more the ego has control over our minds, the more unconscious we become. In this unconscious state of mind, it is the ego that is living our lives for us. We then become like zombies, simply doing all that it wants us to do. No one who is a zombie is in conscious alignment with their Source, with Love, God. In fact, a sign that shows us that we are acting like zombies, is having that sense of separation from Source, that sense of being unworthy of Love, God. Today, let us start to awaken from this zombie like state of mind, by making the decision, to no longer feed the ego’s false concepts. Today, let us become consciously aware, that when we look at a brother or sister, and think thoughts of judgment, anxiousness, anger, resentment, hate and revenge, that this is not the truth in us thinking these thoughts. This form of thinking is symbolic that our ego or programmed-self is in control of our thoughts, and thus of our minds. Yet, do not despair, for the truth in us, would never, in any way, shape or form, have use or the need, for such expressions. Let us learn to see, that any expression that seems to be in opposition to Love, is illusionary in nature, and is therefore not representative of us. Once we recognize that these negative false concepts we are seeing and using, are simply false programs that we have been taught to see as real, it is then that we can begin to deprogram ourselves from them. By doing so, we begin to take back control of our own minds. Thinking, being and sharing Love’s expressions, are all symbols that we are starting to take back control of our minds. Today, let us slowly but surely, start taking back control from the ego, so that we can start living the lives that we came here to live.

Thoughts, words and actions that do not serve humanity are not who in truth we are, and are thus not who we desire to represent, experience and share. If you find yourself once again using the ego’s mindset, do not despair, for most times it is only through their repeated use that we realize how unlike these energies and emotions are to the truth in us. Simply remind yourself that God is Love, and that Love uses all for good. Yes, even when we seem stuck in a mindset that we do not want, this in and of itself, thanks to God’s wisdom, mercy and grace, will serve a higher purpose. All these experiences are helping us, in some way, shape or form, release us from the ego’s grip. Many times, the only way to truly get that the ego’s programs are illusionary in nature is to experience them long enough or enough times to see that they offers us nothing that we truly need or want. Today, let us judge ourselves no longer. Let us no longer give the ego a power that it has truly never had. Simply and without vitriol, let us allow the ego’s illusions to be whatever they seem to be. We have traveled these roads many times before, let us simply and gently recognize that we are headed somewhere that we desire not to go. Then, let us forgive self and others, turn around, and start heading in a direction, that returns us to our true journey, one that is in alignment with the love, peace and joy of God. Love, peace and joy, all are signs that show us that we are headed where we truly desire to go. When we consciously travel our sacred path with God, as representative of Love, all worries, anxiousness, stresses, confusion and chaos, all judgments, anger, resentments, hate and revenge filled thoughts, will begin to diminish and dissolve, before our light and understanding. When you realize that because the ego and its programs are not real, you no longer need to defend the ego, nor defend yourself against others egos, and so what other than love, peace and joy could result?

Today, if you are not at peace, do not despair nor judge yourself or others. Instead, simply recognize that you feel this way, because you are allowing the ego to think for you. All you need do is to correct your thinking, and consciously align once again with your loving nature. Love is who we are, and thus our natural state of mind. Peace is one of the numerous expressions of Love, and thus is our natural state of mind. Do not despair if you once again find the ego ruling over your mind. Simply and gently, recall that God being Love, He will use all for good, and thus to help us heal and awaken us, to who we truly are. In truth, because God is Love and All, all people and situations are here to in some way, shape or form, help lift us to a higher level of consciousness, to a more conscious union with our Loving Source. You are here to be and represent our Loving Source, in whichever ways are most natural to you. Today, be Love, in whatever ways are unique to you, and watch the ego and its mindset, begin to dissolve, before your light and understanding.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (2)

Hi James,

Thank you for this message today…I have been having less than divine thoughts about myself today for sure. This message helped be to get back on track. I am so grateful to you for putting out these messages on a daily bases…blessings.

Thank you Margaret for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

The more times we get to consciously practice aligning with our divine nature, the more natural this state of mind will become.

The more we realize that our forgetfulness is simply helping us remember, to practice consciously align our thoughts with the Divine, the less judgmental and more appreciative, of self and others, we will be.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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