Daily Inspiration: October 17. Reevaluating the Idea of “Having a Bad Day”

A so-called bad day results, not from what seems to happen to us, but from how we define what seems to happen to us. Therefore the “bad day” is not really out there in the physical form, but within our minds. If we heal the misperception that we are having about the value of our experience, then those so-called bad days begin to dissolve from our experience. Bad days only seem to happen because we forget that God is Love and All, and that He only has our best interest in mind. God only offers you what is valuable to you, to your growth, healing and awakening. Therefore, every moment, and thus every day, when properly perceived, is a gift from God to you. All the separates us from this understanding, is our lack of trust in the plan that we have co-created with Love. Love is Perfect and so the path, and every step along that path, that we have co-created with The Divine, must also be perfect. If it is perfect, then it must be good, and if it’s good, then bad days could not in truth exist. Yes, within a mind that has been programmed to buy into the dualistic nature of the ego’s world, there could be days that seem to be in alignment with what we have been taught to see and define as bad. But those types of days, are in reality, just symbols that we have bought into the egos lies as true. Nothing can in truth be in opposition to God Who Is Love and All. Therefore, anything that tries to place itself in opposition to All could not be real or true. In reality, “bad days” are a precious gift that you are offering to yourself and to this world. Many times, the primary way to truly see and understand, what is keeping you separated from a conscious alignment with your Source, is to figure out what beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, reactions and interactions, you are supporting as real, that are actually false. If these so-called bad days are assisting you in obtaining clarity in regards to what is separating you from the life that you desire and deserve, can they truly be bad? What if what the ego defines and programs us to believe as ‘bad,’ is actually a part of a perfectly designed process that is assisting us in becoming who we came here to be? Would that be bad, or would it be a gift that we are offering ourselves and this world? Should we be judging or blaming others and ourselves for creating or being part of such days? Or should we be offering gratitude to others and ourselves for having the courage to walk through the darkness in order to better understand our light?

How many times in our lives, have we had so-called bad days, and yet when looking back, with the gift of time, we are able to see how precious, important and useful, these experiences were to our growth, healing and awakening. Thanks to the gift of time, we can better see and understand, how much wisdom, knowledge and life lessons, we accumulated by going through these so-called bad days or dark times. Now, if we start to see these bad days as actually helping us become more complete, loving, compassionate and peaceful human beings, would the ego’s programmed false concepts of bad days, not begin to dissolve before our light and understanding? Imagine, beginning to see our so-called bad days, as actual blessings. Imagine, beginning to see all those we once blamed and curse for those bad days, with gratitude for the lessons they helped us learn, and for the knowledge that we accumulated because of those interactions. If we obtain this shift in perception, would we not begin living in a constant state of gratitude to God for each and every day? Imagine, becoming grateful to everything, everyone and all. This is possible, once we begin to recall, what a blessing and gift, each and every day and person, is to our experience. How would this shift in perception, begin to change the way we interacted with all those who are and will be presented to us? Would our gratitude for each and every one of them not increase? Would our judgments of them not diminish? Would our sense of peace and joy not increase due to our lack of judgment? Would we now not be grateful to all those we meet, since we now know that they are here simply to help us grow, heal and awaken us to who in truth we are? This is where Heaven on Earth begins, within your mind. Today, allow a Heaven on Earth to surround and embrace you, simply by changing your mind about the purpose, value and benefits, of your experience.

Today, if the ego is telling us that we are having a “bad day,” first, let us stop buying into, and thus fueling, this false concept. Second, let us recall the gift, from God to us, that each and every day, truly is. Third, let us be grateful to all who are participating in a process, that is helping us awaken to the understanding, that because we have co-created this day with God, that it will be used for our good. Fourth, become an example to those lost in the ego’s false concepts, that there indeed is, through the thoughts they think, a way of leaving the darkness and madness of the ego’s mindset. Imagine, the blessing you could offer to those who are feeling cursed, the hope you could bring to those who are feeling hopeless, and the light at the end of the tunnel you could serve as, to those who feel lost and in despair. This gift you can offer others, when you make the conscious decision to drop the ego’s false concept of bad days, and recall the blessing that each and every day, truly is. You who have or are in the process of awakening, are here to be that hope, that ray of light for those who know only of the dark. Today, when the ego tries to drag us down, let us instead lift our heads up high and shine bright. Let us set an example for others, that there indeed is a way out of the ego’s darken mindset. It is we, those who have been in and gotten through the ego’s storm, who will best be able to guide those who are still feeling lost, out of the darkness and back into alignment with the light, with who in truth they are and were created to be. Today, lift your head up high, and be proud of who in truth you are, the Love that you were created to be. Do so knowing, that only the Love in you and in every day is true. Do so with the understanding, that your clarity and leadership will help serve, and maybe even save, many.

Today, if you find yourself buying into the ego’s false concept of having a “bad day”, remember, it is not actually the day itself that is bad, it is your perceptions of your experience, that is clouding your understanding, of its true value. The idea then, is not so much to change your external environment, but to change your perception of the value of what you are experiencing. The change resides within the mind, and not in the outside world. Rejoice that it is you, not the outside world, who has control over the thoughts you are thinking, and thus of the day you are having. Today, when in doubt about your day, remember, that you have co-created your day with Perfection, with the Creator of the Universe, and that the Divine, being Love Himself, only has your best interest in mind. Today, let’s use the tools of trust and gratitude to help shift our minds about the value of our day. Today, let us trust that God is using every step on our journey, to help us grow, heal and awaken. Let us also offer our gratitude to every person who interacts with us, for being a part of a process, that is helping us awaken.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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