Daily Inspiration: October 18. Respecting How You Feel Is Respecting Yourself

You cannot heal what you don’t allow yourself to feel. Bringing what you are feeling to the surface is where the light of truth and understanding can shine on it. This allows for forgiveness and peace to return to their rightful place — your state of mind. Your experience is sacred and unique to you. This is why you must be free to process it at your own pace and time. Having co-created your journey with Perfection, whatever time you take to process your emotions is perfect for you. Today, through forgiveness, return to a place of peace. Then use this life experience to help lead others to a place of forgiveness, healing and peace. The journey though forgiveness, healing and peace is not a rat race. If you don’t feel ready to forgive yet, then don’t. Don’t sweep what you’re feeling under the rug. Don’t try to quiet it through some spiritual mambo jumbo. Honestly feel what you are feeling. Always allow yourself to feel. Feel whatever it is you think you need to feel for however long you think you need to feel it. Respect your feelings for if you are not respecting your feelings then you are not respecting yourself. Respect whatever it is you believe you are going through, and think you need to go through. This sacred process will help you reach a more peaceful place within your heart and mind. Do not judge yourself as less than others or not spiritual enough simply because you are holding onto anger, pain and resentment longer than others suggest you do. This is your journey, not theirs. The journey you have co-created with God is sacred, not a rat race. Remember, God is Love and All and uses all for good. Every step of your journey will serve a higher good. Yes, even the anger, pain and resentment when left in God’s hands will lift you to a higher level of consciousness and a deeper level of self-awareness.

We have all been made to feel guilty, not kind or good enough for not forgiving others and ourselves. Do not despair or judge yourself for behaving in this manner. Simply recall that it is many times by holding unto anger, pain and resentment that we truly get to feel, understand and acknowledge, how out of alignment we are with our loving nature. Let us carry the heavy burdens of our own judgments for as long as we think we need to. We do so in order to truly get how unlike these energies and emotions are to our natural state, which is the state of peace. Peace, compassion, forgiveness and understanding, these are all expressions and extensions of Love. Love is who we in truth are. There is in reality no judgment in God because God is Love and All. There is no true opposite to Love Which Is All. There is no judgment in God and because we are His creations judgment is not our natural state of mind, peace is. It is only within the ego’s fairy tale that can we possibly believe that an opposite to All That Is is real. It is only in such a delusional state of mind where such things as anger, pain, resentment seem rational, real and right. When you choose anger, pain and resentment it is not because this is the truth in you. It is simply there to show you when you have bought into the ego’s false concepts of you and your brother as real. Many times the way we figure out that the ego’s programs are not in alignment with the truth in us is to experience it enough times or for long enough. This allows us to see, feel and get that this way of thinking and being is not in alignment with who God created us to be. Today, if your feeling are leading you down a dark path, do not despair. Instead, thank the Universe and all those involved for offering you another opportunity to forgive. It is by doing so that you return to the sacred path to peace.

Today, remember that there is no who’s living in alignment with their truth that would ever judge you, your process or journey. Judgment does not exist within Love, Truth, God, All. Truth is not interested in and has no need for judgment. Forgiveness as an expression of Love plays a crucial part in us recalling and aligning with our true nature. We will always gravitate, consciously or not, towards wanting to forgive self and others. When in the darkness of the ego’s judgment-centered mindset, do not despair. You will after the lesson has been learned choose to forgive because forgiveness is who you are and what you have come here to share. Sooner or later you will see, feel and understand the wisdom of forgiveness. You will experience the compassion, peace of mind and joy that forgiveness offers. But again, recall, that this is not a rat race. This is your sacred journey. Take the time you need to reach your destination. This is free will in action. Suffer as much as you think you need to suffer. Swim in the ego’s dirty swamp as long as you like. But at the very least always allow yourself to feel how your thinking and behavior is making you feel. Then analyze if this way of thinking is leading you to the life you want. Yet, no matter your journey never despair. Deep within your heart and mind when you truly allow yourself to feel your feelings you will recall that there is a better more productive way. You are worthy of the peace forgiveness brings. Recall the river does not judge itself for how long it takes to deliver its water into the ocean, and neither should you. Be like the river. Trust you will accomplish at your own sacred time and pace what you have come here to do. Respect yourself and your feelings. Process them at your own pace. Trust in the sacred nature of the journey that you have co-designed with the Divine. Recall God uses all for good. Be at peace in this knowledge. Then become an example to others of a mind that is at peace.

Today, remember that you have every right to feel your feelings. But also be sure to notice how alike or unlike what you are feeling is to the loving nature.

Today, through forgiveness, trust and understanding let us practice letting go of feelings that are not in alignment with the truth in us. Being all One when you forgive another you free yourself from the heavy burdens you carry. After you have forgiven remind yourself to trust in the sacred plan that you have co-designed with the Divine. Trust that because God is Love He will use all for good, all to help us heal, grow and awaken. Today, when an unforgiving thought pops up, do not despair. Instead, allow yourself to feel your feelings. Then recall that as Love’s creations both you and your brother are forever worthy of the peace of mind that forgiveness offers.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

Thank you for this beautiful message. I’ve overcome certain difficulties in my life, only to come back and surrender to new and different illusions. Thank you James for sharing this important wisdom. Only through going through situations that do not bring us peace of mind can we truly awaken and remember there must be a better way.

Thank you Renee for being a member of our community.

When our present-self can look back at all he or she has learned and all the wisdom that he or she has accumulated thanks to our past-self, our response to our past-self and all those who were a part of his or her life becomes gratitude, not judgment.

When our present-self can see this, it also begins to understand how much our future-self will be appreciative of all that our present-self went through and overcame to make our future-self a kinder, stronger, more compassionate and resilient individual. When the present-self realizes that his or her future-self only looks at him or her with deep pride, love and appreciation, our present-self relaxes and begins to enjoy the present moment as the eternal gift from God that it has always been and that it will always be.

Today, allow your present-self to acknowledge how much your future-self loves and appreciates you and all your sincere efforts to overcome your difficulties, and then practice loving and appreciating yourself now as much as your future-self loves and appreciates your past-self and present-self now.

Your future-self will be and in some ways already is deeply proud of you. Today, know this truth to be true, place your doubts and self-judgments aside, walk steady and lift your head up high, and by doing so become, within the present moment, the light that God forever created you to be.

Peace. JBC

This is another miracle.I have been hurt and because of something someone I love and respect said to me.I am working ACIM,and I understand I shouldnt be hurt,but it creeps back and back.So now I understand this is my path and will pass.I had hoped for an acknowledgment and an apology,yet the person must be clueless.I can’tbelieve the person is that cruel.So I am free to feel this and understand it is temporary.Thank You.With Jesus s love I will heal.The pain is only in this time,this illusion,this dream.

Thank you Donna for your comment.

When in doubt remember that we are all humans, and thus it is ok to feel your feelings. It is always what you allow yourself to feel that you allow yourself to heal

When in doubt, remember, God uses all for good, and be at peace.

Today, let us learn to forgive those who still remain asleep to their true nature.

Today, let us as awaken beings, decide to no longer waste our time judging those who sleep.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

I cannot be reminded of the truth of this too many times. It breaks through the ego trap of trying to be spiritual and failing instead of just allowing the truth that already is to be revealed and remembered. Thank you for all the help and reminders you share.

Thank you Diane for being open to the message.

Today, when the ego demands we judge another, let us take this moment as an opportunity to practice forgiveness and thus the recollection that as God’s creations we are worthy of the state of peace.

Today, be at peace knowing that God uses all your emotions and experiences for good, to help you and those around you grow, heal and awaken. Today, remember this and by doing so become a beacon of peace for all those you think about and encounter.

Peace. JBC

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