Daily Inspiration: October 2. Self-Doubt

When you doubt yourself or your journey, this ‘act’ is simply a symbol that you have forgotten that you have co-created your journey with God. When you recall that your journey is a sacred co-creation with God, you will know that every single step of your journey, will be used for good, and for your growth, healing and awakening. To doubt this, is to doubt God. Your natural inclination is to align with your Source, Love. When in doubt, simply make the conscious decision to align with the expressions of Love that the moment most seems to be calling out for. Then trust that you are doing exactly what you have come down here to do. When in doubt, recall Who created you, that the Father of Certainty walks hand in hand with you along your way. In trusting this truth as true, your illusionary ideas of doubt begin to dissolve away. A thought can only grow through the time, focus and energy, that you place on it. When in doubt, do not continue to feed this false belief, for this will only make this illusionary concept appear to be real. Instead, make the conscious decision to stop spending your time, focus and energy, supporting the illusionary idea of doubt as real. Do so, and the illusionary concept of doubt will begin to fade away back into the nothingness from which it came. You are the son or daughter of The Most High, you are the physical manifestation of God’s Love here on Earth. Understanding this, how could you or your journey be anything other than perfect? Today, let us stop supporting and let go of any thought that does not support the loving truth in us, and doubt will begin to vanish before our light and understanding. Today, let doubt become a reminder to you, that having co-created your journey with God, that there is nothing for you to ever have to doubt.

Behind each illusionary veil of doubt, the gift of truth patiently and lovingly waits. Today, let us make the conscious decision to go one-step further, slip past the ego’s veils of doubt, and enter and align with the eternal truth within. Let us confidently walk past confusion and worry, and move towards clarity and trust. We travel through the veils of doubt and fear, and rediscover that the states of peace, trust, understanding and certainty are all energetic expressions of our Creator, all who in truth we are. We have played the ego’s silly little games of doubt over and over again, and yet still, here we stand, as the wiser and more knowledgeable beings that we are today. Every physical, emotional and spiritual muscle that we have now, is because of our past, let us remember that and stop doubting ourselves. Now, we know that whatever we are going through, we will get through. Let us today become a symbol to others of this internal clarity, that we will get through, what we need to get through, to become who we came here to be. Doubt is a simply a symbol of a mind asleep, and so if you have come upon this message, then sleep you no longer need. You desire to awaken to the certainty that is your true nature. You desire to become an example and expression of the light, a mind awaken, to those who still remain lost and confused within their dreams. The time for doubting ourselves is now over, and the time for awakening and acknowledging that we will accomplish what we came here to do, has come. Today, pay no more attention to the false idols of doubt, they are not your creation, they are of the ego, and the ego is not the truth in you. Remember, that the ego puts itself in opposition to God, to All, thus neither the ego nor its fabrications of doubt, can in any way be real or true.

Let us today not fear or concern ourselves with the false belief of doubt. Let us now begin to recall its illusionary nature. Doubt, we now know is simply a false learned belief that we have been programmed to accept as real. Only if we focus on the ego’s illusionary world, will doubt keep knocking at our mind’s door. Today, make the conscious decision to no longer answer doubt’s call. Instead, let us align with the certainty of our true nature, and remember that as God’s creations, we cannot fail. If we cannot fail, then doubt is irrelevant. Anytime that thoughts of doubt rise in us, let us remember Who walks with and within us, and then laugh the uncertainty away. Who could be in the state of doubt when the Father of Love, Kindness, Peace, Forgiveness, Compassion, Certainty, Joy and Truth, walks forever with and within them? Learn not to delve in, nor spend any more of your precious time and energy in the state of doubt, for what use do useless ideas have? Instead, return your focus to The One who walks with and within you. Allow God, through free will, to guide you on your appointed way, knowing that if He goes with and within you, then you cannot lose. Practice reinforcing this understanding with your time, focus and energy, for the more that you do so, the less power the energy of doubt will have over your life, and thus the more certain of your own path you will be. Today, if doubt comes knocking, instead of once again allowing it to put you down, use it as a signal, as a call from the Universe to increase your level of trust in the plan that you have co-created with God. The more you trust in the sacred nature of the plan that you have co-created with God, the less space and time doubt will have to try to darken and confuse your path.

Today, let us no longer allow the energy and feeling of doubt to continue to corrupt us by making us believe that we are less than who God created us to be. Our Source is God, not the ego whose tool is doubt. Our journeys are a sacred co-creation with God. Thus, we cannot fail to accomplish what we have come here to do. Our partner is God, that is all we need remember and reinforce within us, when the ego’s false concept of doubt comes knocking at our mind’s door. The ego placing itself in opposition to God, to All, cannot in truth exist. If it does not exist, then none of its concepts are real or true. Today, let us make the conscious decision to stop buying into lies about us as true. Doubt does no belong within you, within Love’s creation, only Love does. Certainty, being an aspect of Love, is who you in truth are. Certainty not doubt, is the energy that truly aligns you with who in truth you are. Today, simply choose to align with Love and certainty, with who in truth you are, and then laugh away the ego’s delusional concept of doubt.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Are these exact writings contained in the book?

Thank you missn for your question.

No, these posts will be in future books.

Peace. JBC

Wow beautifully said. I love the way you write and remind me of the Truth!!!! Ty so much . Peace and light. NT

Thank you Nechama for your kind words.

Thank you for being open to the message.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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