Daily Inspiration: October 22. Nothing and No One Else But Our Interpretations Can Upset Us

It is not our brother’s or sister’s words or actions that upset us; it is our perceptions and interpretations of their words or actions that upset us. We are not actually ever upset with them, we are actually upset at the way we have perceived and interpreted them. We are in essence, upset with ourselves, not them. What we are really upset about is, how we are treating and thinking about them, who are in essence God’s children and creations. We are all One, how we treat others, is in actuality how we are unconsciously think that we are worthy of being treated. We cannot unconsciously think that we are worthy of being mistreated, and still experience the peace of mind and joy of God. Experiencing the peace of mind and joy of God, is after all is said and done, our choice to make. If we don’t experience peace of mind and joy, that is not God punishing us, it is our own guilt that is blocking our own self-awareness of what is possible for us. What our brothers and sisters are truly doing, through their participation in our life, is helping us recall, how to truly worthy of God’s peace and joy we are. For this, let us offer them our gratitude. If your interpretations are constantly aligned with the state of gratitude, what peace of mind or joy could you not experience. Would peace of mind and joy, not flow through you and throughout your day? Imagine, the peace and joy of God, becoming your constant companions. This is indeed possible, because as God’s children, His inheritance is ours to accept, experience, enjoy and share. Peace of mind and joy are actually natural expressions of one who’s interpretations of self and others, is in alignment with God’s mercy, knowledge and grace. Today, let us recall, that we are worthy of God’s peace and joy, and that when we offer this to others, we get to experience it ourselves.

All perceptions and interpretations of our brothers and sisters reside within our minds. If our perceptions and interpretations are not aligned with our eternal loving essence, then it is within our minds, where healing must take place. Once our minds are healed, when they are once again aligned with our eternal loving essence, then our perceptions and interpretations of others, will also be healed. These perceptions and interpretations shift, depending on the value we place on them. The more we focus on and give value to an idea, the greater part of our day and life it becomes. As it becomes a greater part of our days, it starts to become a greater part of our lives. If we desire to lessen an idea’s grip on us, then we must lessen our belief in its value. The idea can, through our choice to value it, hold us captive, or through our choice to forgive and release it, set us free. In the end, no one else can hurt us, no one else can hold us captive, and no one else but us, through our thoughts, can set us free. Your imprisonment within the ego’s mindset or freedom from it, does not depend on someone or something “out there.” Your imprisonment or freedom, begins and ends, as thoughts within your own mind. We are all One, heal and free your mind from your own misperceptions and false interpretations, and you will begin to reflect this healing out onto the world. It is you, who by the grace of God, through free will, saves or imprisons the world you see. The world you see, is the world that through your thoughts, you have made. If you do not like the world you see, change the thoughts that color it, and the picture of the world you see, will also then begin to change.

Today, let us stop blaming our brothers, sisters, or the outer world for how we feel. When we make the conscious choice to stop blaming our brothers, sisters, or the outer world, for how we feel, we stop giving our power away to them. It is always us, who through the thoughts we think, hold the power over the world we see. Today, let us all start taking greater personal responsibility for how we seeing, experience and interpreting, our world. By doing so, we once again recall and reinforce, that the choice to be critical and upset, or to be joyful and at peace, is in the end, ours alone to make. True everlasting freedom from the ego’s world and mindset, is but a choice away. All you need do, is consciously choose to place aside, the illusionary veils that stands between you and Love, who is your Creator and creative power. You have free will, thus it must always be your choice, to decide take your power and control back, from the ego’s programs and mindset. Remember today, that any and every time you are upset at yourself or another, it is not for the reason that you have been programmed by the ego to think. It is simply because you have placed your belief and focus on the ego’s veils, instead of your true loving eternal essence and nature. Today, let us make the conscious decision, to place aside the veils that stands between us and our freedom. Let us do so and watch, the barriers between us and our peace of mind and joy, between us and our Creator, between who we have been programmed by the ego to be, and who God created us to be, begin to dissolve before our light and understanding.

Today, if another seems to upset you, choose to not judge them for this, instead recall, it is not them, but your interpretation of them, that is upsetting you. If you are upset, it is because you are seeing before you a representation of the ego’s program, and not God’s child. When you see God’s child, only as he or she was created to be, then you will be in alignment with the Love that God is. When you are in alignment with God, with Love, then you are in alignment with all of Love’s expressions, and peace of mind and joy are just two of them. When your interpretations of others upsets you, know that you are simply buying into the ego’s false concepts as true. But do not despair, for you have free will, and thus you are free in every moment, to choose once again, to choose God over the ego, Love over fear, and thus peace over pain. Now, when another seems to upset you, choose no longer to align with the ego’s programs and mindset, instead, choose to only see them as the love that God created them to be. Do so, and Love and all of its expressions, will become your constant companions.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Thanks James . ..I hope this is all in your book because I just bought it

Thank you missn for your purchase.

All the information you are reading now will be available in future books.

Book 1, the one you bought, provides a good foundation for the material you are now reading.

Peace. JBC

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