Daily Inspiration: October 24. Saying “No” In a Loving Manner

The ego has taught us that saying “no” is rude, creates conflict, and seems selfish. This makes us feel guilty and unloving for expressing ourselves in that manner. The ego has also programmed us to believe that saying “yes”, when you actually mean no, should make us feel resentful, thus making us feel bad or weak-minded. As always, the ego’s solutions are in one form or another, judgmental, self-destructive and end up separating us from each other. Today, let us place the ego’s mind games aside, and instead of feeling the pressure to offer a response, say to the individual: “Let me get back to you on that.” This statement will give you the time to put aside the ego’s programmed response, and practice consciously aligning yourself with how you really feel and want to answer. Ask your heart, what is the most genuine and self-loving response you can offer? What response will offer the truth in you, that part of you that is One with Source, the most peace? Remember, we are all One, thus the answer that you comes up with, will best serve not only you, but also all others. Be kind, compassionate and understanding, with yourself. This self-care will then radiate to others. Remember, that respecting how you feel, because we are all One, is being respectful of others. No ones truth will ever judge you for your truthful response. Yes, their ego may judge you, but remember, their ego is not the truth in them, it is their false unconscious self. If they judge you, simply recall, that it is not the truth in them that is thinking or speaking. When their truth takes back control of their own mind, your choice will be answered with understanding, appreciation and grace. Today, remember that their response to you, is not a function of your answer, but a function of if their truth, is or is not, speaking for them.

When you recall, that you have co-created a perfect and sacred individualized journey with God, your answering in the so-called “positive” or “negative” will not be a factor. It will not be a factor because when you align with, and come from a place of Love, both the “yes” and the “no”, are loving responses. Love would never put pressure on you for a specific response. Love understands that all answers no matter what they are, no matter how the ego has programmed others to interpret them, that come from a place of love, are loving in nature. Those who are aligned with their true nature, will feel your love, no matter what you tell them. When you are being self-loving, doing what is respectful of your own growth, healing, awakening process, because we are all One, you are loving everyone. That is why, the way you treat others, is really a result of how you are treating yourself. If you are respecting your own self, what you do or do not do, will come from a respectful place. Do not cheat others by cheating yourself. Cheating yourself is cheating them. Love yourself, because loving yourself is loving them. Respecting the journey that you have co-created with God, is being respectful of the journey that they have co-created with God. Healing yourself is healing for others. When you come from a place of love, doing what feels right for you, is doing what is right for them. The message is simple, because truth in reality is simple. The message is always loving and self loving, because you yourself are Love’s creation. When you make the conscious decision to respect yourself, and take a moment to align with the truth in you, this is the greatest gift that you can offer others.

Today, let us practice taking care of ourselves, while also understanding, that because we are all One, by acting in this self-loving manner, you will be taking care and being respectful of, all others. The more you practice checking in on yourself, and getting that saying no, can actually be the most self loving, and therefore loving thing you can say, the easier it will be to say “no” with peace, love and compassion, or “yes” with peace, love and conviction. When peace, love and compassion, become your foundation, all answers, no matter what they are, will be offering self and others, peace, love and compassion. As God’s creation your journey is sacred, and not just the parts you say ‘yes’ to, but also the parts you say ‘no’ to. Both are equally here to bless this world. They are both a blessing to you, and because we are all One, all your “yes’s” and “no’s” will equally be a blessing to others. Today, let us practice letting go of the pressures that the ego’s puts on us to answer like it has programmed us to answer, and to always feel guilted into saying yes. Instead, let us practice giving ourselves the time to consciously align with Love, and begin to answer only from a place of love and self-love. By doing so, all those around us, regardless of how we answer them, will be and feel loved. Our true eternal essence is Love, and thus when we align with Love, loving others will feel natural and right, and it will bring us peace of mind and joy. It is not the ego’s false concepts of what “yes” and “no” means, that will bring us peace. It is being loving and respectful of ourselves that will. It will be this new-found focus on loving and respecting yourself and how you feel, that will then radiate love and respect, to all those around you.

Today, if asked to do something for another, stop for a moment, align with the loving truth in you, and ask yourself: “What would be the most self-loving and self-respecting thing to say or do.” The more you practice consciously aligning with your loving nature, the more love you will have to offer, to others. Now, when you answer from a place of self-love, it is not because you are being selfish, it is because you understand that we are all One. Being all One, the most self-loving response, is the most loving response that you can offer another. Your response in truth has nothing to do with a ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ it has to do with love. Now, because you align with love, whatever that response may be, it will be a loving one. The truth in others is not really interested in your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response, it is interested in your love. Thus, when you come from a place of love, that is the answer that truth in others really wants to hear.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

Yes I have bern working on that and my yes is so automatic I have a hard time back pedaling.Then the guilt follows after the no.The anger gets involv3d.Im aware of it working on it and it’s still going strong. So today I proclaim through the help of Jesus and The Holy Spirit to stop doing it.yay.

Thank you Donna for being open to the message.

Let us thank all those people who are offering us the opportunities to practice taking a moment for ourselves in order to consciously align with our Source, and then allow our Source to answer for us.

Because our Source answers from a perfect place of peace and love, even when we say no, it will be a peaceful and loving no.

Love, Jesus, Holy Spirit, they are the Truth in us, and so when we practice consciously aligning with, and allowing the Truth in us to answer for us, peace and love results.

Peace. JBC

I’m with Jen. Thank you, James, for helping me say yes and/or no in the most loving manner that I am able to do.
Peace and blessings to you all,

Thank you Shelly for being open to the message.

Love is who you are, and there is nothing in truth easier than being who in truth you are.

Yes or no, when you are aligned with your loving nature, will be the perfect answer for all involved.

Today, when ask, first align with the truth within, with your loving nature, and then that “yes” or “no” will be equally loving in nature.

Peace. JBC

Learning to say no in a loving manner and in a way that integrates self-love is so important. Reading this soothes my soul. Thank you so much for another truly inspiring post! I LOVE your daily inspirational messages.

Thank you Jen for your kind words.

Being all One, and so if saying ‘no’ feels like the most self loving thing to say at that moment, then it will best serves the person who hears it.

Being all One, when you are loving yourself, you are being loving to everyone.

Being all One, when you are taking care of yourself, you are taking care of everyone.

Peace. JBC

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