Daily Inspiration: October 3. You Are Who You think You Are

Every person you interact with acts as a mirror to show you where you reside within your heart and mind. If for nothing else than this let us offer each person we think of or meet today our gratitude. Each person is in their own way helping us see the thoughts we are holding within that are either hurting or healing us. If you choose to look upon others with peace and love then it is the thoughts of peace and love that will reside within you. It is such thoughts that help soothe and heal your heart and mind. When you choose to look upon others with judgment and criticism then it will be judgment’s weight that you will carry. Being all One, unconsciously you will find yourself guilty and worthy of judgment. Thinking in this manner hurts and punishes not just them but you. Others acting as a mirror for you are simply reflecting your own internal dialogue. When your mind holds only light you will see its reflection on everything, everyone and all. If you are failing to see their light it is not they you should be concern with.  It will always be your own thoughts about self and others that will liberate you or hold you hostage.  The world “out there” is simply a reflection of the thoughts we choose to think. If you lack peace simply recall who it is that must take personal responsibility for the thoughts they are thinking. Do not despair if you are currently not liking what you are seeing “out there”, and thus within you. Instead, practice using what you are seeing to better understanding your current condition. Then begin to replace the thoughts that are not creating the world you want with the thoughts that will. Thoughts that bring peace to your mind and joy to your heart. It is not a burden but a blessing to awaken and become self-aware. It is a blessing to know that the world you are experiencing is simply a reflection of your own thinking.

Peace in your mind and joy in your heart are signs of one who has recalled and is aligned with their true loving nature. Emotional pain and anguish are both signs of one who has forgotten their truth. These are signs of one who is blocking their own light. Peace of mind and joy both being expressions of Love are reflections of who God created us to be. They are what we are here to share with all those god sends our way. Emotional pain and anguish being false concepts of the ego are reflections of our past programing. They are reflections of one who still sees fairy tales as real. Forgiveness, as an expression of Love, is a tool we have been given to help us go from the darkness to the light. From a place of emotional pain, anguish, darkness and despair, to a place of peace, joy, light and understanding. Today, when the ego once again demands that you judge yourself or another, consciously stop that line of thinking. Then recall the  numerous times that you have followed that dark and lonely path. Remember the pain and anguish that such thinking has cause you and those around you. Then decide you have had enough of the ego’s so-called advice. Now, choose to only align with Love, and allow Love to lead you. Love will choose lovingly, for being All That Is true, it can only choose Itself. Love will invite you to forgive yourself and everyone else involved. Do so, and you will begin to see and follow a beam of light that will lead you from a place of pain to a palace of peace. The more you practice forgiving and aligning with the state of peace the more natural this way of thinking will become. The more you practice sharing only your true loving nature the less time you will spend imprisoned in a fictional world where you do not belong.

Today, let us make a conscious effort to try to only support and align with the thoughts that help make us aware of our loving nature. This world needs those who lead by love to help it begin to recall and awaken to its true path and purpose. Today, let us become that ray of light and hope that so many living in fear, emotional pain, anguish, confusion and chaos, have been searching for. Today, let us look upon all those we think of or meet, as our guides. They are helping us see and find the areas within our hearts and minds that are blocking our awareness to our light and loving nature. It is The Light that we, all of us in our own unique and sacred ways, have come down here to be and share. Anyone who helps us consciously or not awaken the memory of this light is helping guide us to where we are meant to be.

In the ego’s world a primary doorway to the Light is forgiveness. Today, no matter how much the ego is demanding judgment let us decline its request and choose to forgive instead. As we choose forgiveness over judgment the blocks between us and our light will begin to slowly dissolve away. It will be they, those that the ego has trained you to judge, criticize and condemn, who are actually helping you. They are, through their participation in your life helping free you from the thoughts that are holding you captive in the ego’s mindset and world. Today, rejoice knowing that it is only your lack of self-awareness that blocks your light. Remove this block and you will begin to see who God created you to be. Your light will then, unblocked, begin to freely shine out onto the world. Your light will touch and embrace all you think of and meet. They in true will reflect back to you your light. This will help you see and recall who you have in truth always been.

Today, let us focus on the thoughts that will help us design the world we want. Let us note how the thoughts we think influence how we feel and participate in the world we see. Imagine, no longer having to blame outside forces for the kind of day you have. Imagine, taking personal responsibility for every thought you think. Imagine, being able to heal and sooth your own heart and mind by simply aligning your thoughts with your Loving nature. Forgiveness, compassion, peace, and joy are all reflections of the truth in you. Today, decide what kind of world you would like to design for yourself and those around you. It is possible when you chose to take full responsibility for your thoughts. Today, through your thoughts begin to redesign the world as you wish it to be. The more you practice doing so the more you will see that it is you who has control over the levels of light or darkness that you experience in this world.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (2)

Again, thank you James. I really needed this today and feel refreshed every time I read your messages of love, ego control. I’m applying this to life as often as possible. This practice is helping me more than anything I can think of. From work to attempting to mend a broken relationship, etc…….. Love to you and everyone, kind sir.


Thank you Ryan for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

Every thought you have of self has the power to begin to heal or poison you, and we are all One, thus every thought you have of others has that same power, to begin to heal or poison you. Yet do not despair, for it is you, not anyone else, who can choose what thoughts to think and thus to allow to enter and live within your mind.

Today, remember the power that you have, and begin to consciously align with the thoughts, that will begin to create, the world you want.

Peace. JBC

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