Daily Inspiration: October 4. The Relationship Between Judgment and Time

When you feel like you’ve been hurt by another and you just can’t seem to stop thinking judgmental thoughts about them, do not despair. Do not sink deeper into the darkness. Instead, learn to see such situations as opportunities to practice restructuring your relationship to time, to the past, present and future. You have been gifted free will. It is only you through the thoughts you think who can drag the past into the present and thus create a present and future like your past. And so you see, it is you, not they, who is ultimately responsible for forgiving your past and thus releasing your pain. When you do so you return to the present moment, the eternal now, where the peace of God forever resides. The ego will insist that it is because of what others did to you in the past that they must be judged and punished for it now. But truly, ask yourself, who am I really punishing by thinking in this manner? Whose present is being stolen from them by thinking this way? Buying into this way of thinking only chains you to the past, only poisons you with your own thoughts. Buying into this way of thinking will never bring you true peace within the now. Today, choose to experience the present as it truly is, freed from past programming and future imaginings. Only the now truly exist. It is within this present moment, the holy instant, where the Love of God forever resides. This is the same Love that created you, and thus the same Love that in truth you are. Knowing this, do you think your true home resides in the past, present or future? No matter where your physical, mental or emotional travels take you, do you not feel a sense of relief, joy and peace when you return back home? Let this show you where you truly belong. It is aligned with your Source, in the now, where you belong. The past is forever gone. The future will never be.

When you are experiencing or aligning with Love, or any of Its expressions, such as forgiveness, compassion, peace and joy, you are in the now. If you experience anything that seems in opposition to Love, such as judgment, anxiousness, anger, hate and revenge, you are stuck in the past or worried about  the future. No longer log around your past programming into the now. Release the past and future and by doing so behold the gifts that the present moment is holding for you. When awake

you can never not be within the now. The Now is real, everything else is not. Yet, if you are asleep within the ego’s dream it is then that you may buy into false concepts as true. It is here where it may appear possible for you to be experiencing something other than the now, then your loving nature. Judge yourself or others no longer for valuing the ego’s fairy tales more than your truth. Judging self or others is simply a symbol of a mind that is asleep. It is useless for the awaken to judge, and its more useless to judge those who still sleep. Judgment is useless because being in opposition to the journey you have co-designed with God, Love, All, it is therefore nothing, as thus not productive, real or true. Still, if you find yourself wrapped up in judgment, do not despair. God can and will use all, even your dreams, to help you awaken from them. Do not despair, for as soon as you experience enough of the darkness, nothingness, illusions, fear, confusion and chaos, of the ego’s dreams, you will tire of them. It will be then that you will open yourself up to a better, more gentle, loving and productive path.

Today, let us take greater personal responsibility for our relationship to time. When we find ourselves using the ego’s judgment-centric fear-based tools, let us recognize them as symbols we are stuck in the dream, in the past or future. Let us also use this recognition to show us that we are not where we want to be. Let us now use such times to practice returning Home, to the Now, to once again making the conscious choice for Love. Let us use this recognition as a trigger, as a call from the Universe asking us to awaken from the dream. Let us today not judge ourselves as ‘less than’ for experiencing the false as true. Instead, with a heart full of joy, let us be grateful for the opportunities to practice awakening from the dream. By doing so we awaken to who we truly are, Love in physical form. As we practice letting go of the false and uniting with the truth, the past and future will begin to fade away. In their place the everlasting present moment, the now, will rise up to meet us. A tool that has been offer to us to help release the past is forgiveness, and to let go of the future is to develop a greater trust in God. Today, let us focus on forgiving thoughts that help release us from the past, instead of thoughts of judgment that only chain us and hold us captive in it. You have been gifted the power of free will. Keep reminding yourself every time you bring the past or future into the now that you are only hurting yourself. Keep reminding yourself, that as God’s creation you are forever worthy of the peace that resides within the eternal now. Always remember, that it is “you” who are doing this to yourself. You have brought the past or future into the now and thus it is you who are holding yourself captive. It is you who has imprisoned yourself, but it is also you who can set yourself free. You are the son or daughter of the Eternal Now. You have been born free and with free will. Today use it to help gently awaken those who still sleep.

Today, let us practice releasing the past and future and returning to the now. We do so by letting go of judgmental thoughts that imprison us in our past, and worrisome thoughts that have us fearing our future. Today, let us replace judgment with forgiveness, and worry with a greater trust in God. Forgiveness, trust and compassion, these are all expressions of one who is aligned with the present moment, the Holy instant where the love of God forever resides. Let us also be grateful to anyone who through their participation in our life is offering such opportunities to choose and reinforce who in truth we are. The more we practice doing so the quicker we will return to the state of peace which itself is a symbol of the now, of our true essence, nature and Home. The more we practice replacing judgment with forgiveness, illusions with the truth, the more natural it will become for us to let go of the past and future. By doing so we will begin to live fully in the now, at One with our Creator.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (15)

Thank you, this is very timely for me. Remembering who I am, one with God. I worry of the future more than the past. I have a 14 year old son who is navigating through this tough period of life. He’s who I worry about most, too utter distraction, thinking I can somehow prepare for the future and feeling like I am failing him. I have to remember that he is on his own journey and to trust god will help him along. Your posts mean the world to me, always at the perfect time. Thank you 🙏🏻

Thank you Laura for being open to the message and for your kind words.

Each and every time the ego, through fear, tries taking control over your mind about the future, remember, that you can stop the ego’s mindset and instead see such moments as a call from the Universe asking you to practice trusting God more. The more you practice this conscious shift in perception, the more natural and normal your trust in God will become. The more natural and normal your trust in God becomes, the less fear will be able to control you and the life you live.

Your 14 year old son, just as all of us, has co-design his journey with the Divine, with Perfection Himself. Thus your son’s journey, no matter how much the ego tries to judge it, will be perfect for him. Practice trusting that this truth is true and peace will begin to replace your worries and fears.

Love forever holds and surrounds you and your son. Neither you nor your son can fail at what you both have come here to do. Know this to be true and in doing so light the way for those who are finding it too dark to see.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Nechama Tzipporah Kessler

This came exactly when I needed it. I was in an argument with my daughter tonight and just sent her an apology as a result of your beautiful words! You have a great way of expressing God’s love and light ! Much appreciated!

Thank you Nechama for being open to the message.

Anytime that a judgmental thought tries to enter our minds:

1) – Let us practice using such an opportunity to recall who we are, God’s, Love’s creation, here to be, share and represent Love on Earth.

2) – Let us remind ourselves that it is we who should be controlling our thoughts, our thoughts should not be controlling us.

3) – Let us take back control of our thoughts and thinking and thus of our minds and lives by consciously aligning our thoughts with only our loving essence and nature.

4) – Let us then forgive, which is an aspect of our loving essence and nature, all thoughts and individuals who the ego had us judge and condemn.

5) – Let us forgive ourselves for temporarily having lost control of our thoughts, minds and lives.

6) – Let us be grateful to God and to all individuals involved for helping us take back of our minds by choosing forgiveness over judgment and thus peace over pain.

7) – Let us now practice, before every interaction, aligning our thoughts with Love and allowing Love to guide us and lead the way.

8) – Let us now go into every interaction with our goal already set. Our go is to be and share only the love that God created us to be and share.

9) – During any interaction, let us keep our goal in mind and use forgiveness and compassion every time the ego tries to have us use judgment and condemnation.

10) – After every interaction review how well you were able to keep your focus on your goal and vow to yourself to keep on practicing being who God created you to be, the light of the world.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Thank you James, not that hard , only if one is observing one’s thoughts!
Omg!!!!…it’s not that easy too! 😊

Archana, your Creator is Love, and so Love is who you are.

Be only Love, for that is what you have come down here to be.

There is in truth nothing easier than being who in truth you already are.

Peace. JBC

There is no coincidence, this reading came in so appropriately today. It reads what I need it to remember. Thank you.

Thank you Pamela for your comment.

God is Love and All, and so in reality, every moment is a gift from God to you.

One who is aware of this, that there are truly no coincidences, lives in the states of gratitude, mercy, joy, love, peace and grace.

Peace. JBC

Thank you for your posts !
I may not put my comment forth every time, but I enjoy reading your posts!!

Thank you Archana for your kind words and for being open to the massage.

Let us all together, through our daily example, help shift this world into a conscious alignment with the state of peace.

Peace. JBC

Hello James,
I have been going through these judgemental thoughts , though I practice forgiveness, but past experiences of hurts pops up !
Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts and data to come out of it !!!
Thank you !

Thank you Archana for your comment.

God desires you eternal peace, and so when a judgmental thought pops up, do not use it as the ego would have you do, to put yourself or other down, instead hear it as a call from the Universe that is asking you to forgive, and thus to heal.

Do so, and once again return to the state of peace.

Do so, and become a beacon of peace for others.

Peace. JBC

I have been enjoying receiving daily posts by email and watching the associated You Tube videos for a while and look forward to them everyday. However I have not received them for a few days now and wondered why. I would be so disappointed if I couldn’t receive them anymore. I have James’ wonderful book but checking in on the daily messages offers a very powerful and uplifting start to the day.

Thank you for the wonderful readings and videos so far!


Susan McKinley N Ireland

Thank you Susan for being a member of our community.

I am not sure why you have not received the last few, but they are being sent out the same way as always, maybe it’s ending up in your spam folder?

If one does not reach you, you can always come to the website and go to the ‘Daily Inspiration’ section where they are all available, and to my YouTube page.

I’ll have my tech person check it out, please do advice us if you continue not to receive them.

Not all videos for the messages have been completed.

Peace. JBC

Hi Susan,

I hope you are well.

Thanks you so much for contacting us. We are so glad you are enjoying the daily inspiration mailings. It means a lot to us to hear that.

Your email address is on our mailing list.

I wonder if the emails went to your spam folder. Can you check there for them? I also recommend adding mailing[at]chosentoremember[dot]com to your address book. If that does not resolve things, I recommend taking an older daily inspiration mailing and forwarding it to yourself (so the email system knows that you use the emails from mailing[at]chosentoremember[dot]com).

Please let me know if the problem continues.

Thanks again for your kind words and support.

Best wishes,
You Have Chosen to Remember

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