Daily Inspiration: October 6. Looking At The World With Forgiving Eyes

Today, no matter how much the ego demands that we judge ourselves or others, let us make the conscious decision to look upon this world and those in it through forgiving eyes. Forgiveness is an expression of Love, and Love is the principle expression of our Creator. When we are aligning with forgiveness, we are aligning with our Creator and true essence. When you are aligned with The Divine, the state of peace results. When you are consciously aligning with God, Love, or any of Love’s expressions, such as forgiveness and peace, you are aligning with your true essence and nature. It is when you are aligned with your true essence and nature that you feel at Home. You are God’s creation, you are forever worthy of forgiveness and peace, and because we are all One, so too are all your brothers and sisters worthy of these same gifts. Withhold not these gifts from others, and you will experience them yourself. We are all One, when you are offering forgiveness and peace to ‘others,’ you will feel these energies flowing through you and throughout your day. The more you align with these energies, the more natural it will feel for you to offer them, and so the more conscious part of you they will become. Today, let us remember, that when we meet anyone, it is a holy encounter, a moment where God is entrusting us with His child. God entrusting you with His child is never by coincidence or chance. Every single gift from God, that the ego views as some sort of challenging interaction, is an opportunity that God offers us, to raise our level of consciousness, and represent Him, Love on Earth. Today, we are being sent to God’s children to bring them peace through forgiveness, and by doing so, through our example, remind them that they are forever worthy, of God’s mercy and grace.

Today, let us very simply practice becoming who we came here to be. We are here to represent the Love that God is. Today, we do this through Love’s expression of forgiveness. Let us not judge, but thank all those who today are helping us practice reaching our goal. The more they help us practice forgiveness, the more natural this practice will become. The more natural we feel offering self and others forgiveness, the more worthy of, and in union with God, we will feel. The more we consciously align with The Divine, the more we will recognize that only the Love in us is truly natural and real. As we find ourselves more naturally aligned with the Divine, our need to judge other parts of The Divine will lessen, and thus so to will our need to use forgiveness lessen. This dance of judgment and forgiveness, separating from and aligning with the Divine will continue, until one day, the need for judgment will be gone. Imagine, a life were the ego’s demands for judgment are no longer answered. Imagine, a life were you no longer react to the ego crying wolf. When that happens, when there is no more need to judge yourself or others, the need for forgiveness is also gone. What use does forgiveness serve when there is no longer anyone to judge? This my dear ones, is why you have no need for God’s forgiveness, because He has never judged you. When both the dreams of judgment and forgiveness are gone, all that remains is the Love that God is, and because we are His creations, all that remains within us is this Love for God, self and all others. When we finally realize, that only the Love in us is truly real, the states of peace and joy result. Being, experiencing and living in these states, brings about a deep sense of gratitude towards our Creator. These states of mind, also brings about a deep sense of gratitude, for all those who helped us practice forgiveness long enough to realize, that there is no need for judgment.

Today, as our awaken eyes look upon a forgiven world, who is left for us to judge or condemn? When no one is left to judge, all that remains, is our desire to remind others, that this gift of perfect peace, also belongs to them. Judgment, being the ego’s main fuel source, starved of its energy, begins to dissolve and wither away before forgiving eyes. Today, we through forgiveness, free the world of our judgments. By doing so, we free ourselves from the ego’s grip, from its illusions, delusions and lies. No longer must we, through judgment, try to achieve a false sense of power and control over others. Others are now free from our judgments, and we are now free from our burdens of having to carry and dispense those judgments. Now, as we choose to see and interact with this world through forgiving eyes, we see Who is truly in control, and thus by having to no longer control the world we see, we are now free to live in perfect harmony with God and all of His creations. What need is there to judge, when we instead choose to fully trust that our Creator only has all of His creations best interest in mind? What need is there to judge, when we recall that the Creator being Perfect has helped co-create each and every one of His creations’ journeys. Today, rejoice when one awakens from the dream of judgment, for we are all One, and so when one awakens, a part of us also awakens. We are now choosing to awaken, and so our dreams of judgment, anger, resentment and revenge, will begin to dissolve. What else but peace, love, compassion, joy and gratitude, could we experience, in the world that we are now consciously choosing, through forgiving eyes, to see, create, experience and share?

Today, let us make our primary goal, to look upon the world and those in it, through forgiving eyes. Nothing more than this is asked of us, in order to see this world, as it was created for us to see and experience. This world can only in truth be as God created it. The Divine being Love, this world is meant to be seen and experienced through loving eyes. Our free will allows us to see a loving world, or to block our sight to what is truly there. Those who have or are awakening, begin to see this world in alignment with The Divine. Those who have yet to awaken, those who still sleep, do so with their eyes close, and thus cannot truly see, the beauty and perfection, of the gifts that are before them. Let us not judge or put others down for sleeping, for doing so would only mean that we have join them in their dreams. Instead, let us today make the conscious choice to align with our Creator, with Love, and forgive them for what in truth, within their dreams, they have never done. Today, before we meet another, let us pray: “Dear God, today, let our brothers’ and sisters’ confusion and fear be diminished, thanks to our forgiveness, gentleness, compassion and greater self-awareness. Today, let their sounds of battles will be rendered quiet, by our choice to value their eternal loving essence more than what their bodies may say or do. Today, let their cries of pain and sorrow, be met by a mind at peace with itself, and in the cool shade that our forgiving state provides, let them sit down, find rest, and speak freely to non-judgmental ears that listen lovingly. Thank you God. Amen.”

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (8)

Hi James,

What does it mean when you say, “forgive them for what in truth, within their dreams, they have never done.“ Are you speaking of the actions & choices that one makes when they are asleep as not being true, because they are dreaming? I’m confused because although they may be dreaming, their actions still effect another. How does this apply if a person knows what is awake and what is asleep, yet chooses to be asleep because of fear of being awake and facing trauma?

Thank you Jennifer for being a member of our community.

God is Love and All, thus all you can in truth ever be is the love that you were created by God to be.

Perfection only creates perfectly and you are His creation, thus all you can in truth ever do to another is love another as God loves you. You can within the dream try to add to or subtract from Perfection, but perfection will always be perfect no matter what you think, say or do. This is how God sees you, His creation. This is how He invites you to see all those He sends your way, all those you think of and meet.

You being love and only love can only love self and others. This is what you were created by God to do, to be that light within the darkness and through your actions and loving essence and nature gently help awaken those who still sleep.

Today, simply forgive or overlook everything that your brothers and sisters are not and in doing so return to the state of peace. It is at One with the state of peace where you belong. It is at One with the state of peace where your light shines bright and by doing so helps guides those brothers and sisters who are currently finding it too dark to see.

Today, see only what God created as true, and let go of every other false concept and program you have been taught as being more real than truth. It is by doing so that you embrace and become the light that God created you to be. It is by doing so that you will feel fulfilled because you will be doing what in essence you were created by the Creator of the Universe to do.

Today, recall that you control your thoughts, your thoughts should not be controlling you. When your thoughts are aligned with your loving nature then know that it is the truth in you who is in control. When your thoughts are not loving in nature then learn to see this as the ego who is temporarily in control of you. Do not judge or punish yourself when you find yourself dreaming and asleep to your true nature, simply learn to recognize when you are out of alignment with the truth in you, then stop that line of thinking and gently correct your path. Consciously once again align with your loving nature and now offer only that love to those the ego insisted aren’t worthy of it.

Today, remember that no one can make you feel anything without your permission. It is not the outer world that has control over you. It is you and you alone, through the thoughts you think, who defines your experience and thus colors the day you have.

Today, remember that you have co-design your journey with the Divine, thus your journey is perfect for you. Remember that being all One, everyone’s journey is as they need it to be in order to accomplish what they have come here to do. Replace your judgments of your journey and theirs with a greater trust in God. Do so and the state of peace will become your constant companion.

Today, when judgment of self or others tries crawling into your sacred mind, stop that line of thinking at your mind’s gate, forgive it and lovingly let it go. Then thank God for the opportunity to practice recalling and thus reinforcing the knowledge that it is indeed you and you alone who is responsible for the quality of the inhabitants in your mind’s kingdom.

Today, bless all those the ego insist that you curse. Forgive all those the ego has programmed you to believe aren’t worthy of your mercy. Love those others say are unlovable. Pray for those in darkness, despair and pain. Before every interaction, stop and remind yourself of the light that God needs you to be. Be humbled by the children that God trust you enough to send your way. Make the conscious decision to today see all others only as God sees them, with His mercy and grace. And if you for what ever reason can’t them simply ask God to see them for you until you can see the wisdom of His ways.

Today, simply be who God created you to be. There is in truth nothing easier. This is in truth an effortless accomplishment. Your victory is secured and assured. You can not fail to do what the Creator of the Universe created you to do, and we are all One, all destine to succeed and fulfill our mission as the light of the world.

Sure, some may need a little more sleep before they recall this, and so let them sleep as you prepare the path. Smooth the path so that when they awaken their journey Home can be a little more gentle, loving, compassionate, joyous and peaceful. Do so, and let us together prepare the way. Let us together become a brighter light by reflecting to all others only the eternal loving truth in them.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Nechama Tzipporah Kessler

How do I detach from critcal unhealthy people?

Thank you Nechama for your question.

Every day practice aligning your thoughts only with your loving nature and then offer only those thoughts to others.

Little by little as you choose in alignment with Love, you will be choosing in alignment with the state of peace. The more your consciously choose in alignment with the state of peace the more worthy of peace and the rest of Love’s expressions you will feel worthy of.

The more natural and normal aligning with your loving nature becomes the less you will attract those who are out of alignment with their loving nature. The less people you attract that are out of alignment with their loving nature the less critical unhealthy people you will allow around you.

The more you align with Love, the more you choose to think in alignment with the Mind of God, the more loving healthy people you will attract and accept into your circle.

The more you choose in alignment with your All Loving Source, the more you will notice and understand that you, as God’s creation, are indeed worthy to have loving and healthy people surrounding and embracing you throughout your day and life.

Peace. JBC

Nechama Tzipporah Kessler

Ty for the beautiful reminder!

Thank you Nechama for being a member of our community.

Peace. JBC

Thank you James for such a beautiful reminder to forgive. I look forward every morning to your emails and it is always what I need to hear at the moment.

Thank you Mary for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

We are all One, there is nothing real that is given to one, that is withheld from another.

All that God is, we forever are, and only who God is, could we ever be.

Peace. JBC

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