Daily Inspiration: October 7. Creating a Kinder World

As unconscious as it may sometimes appear to be, we’re in a constant state of creating the world we are experiencing. God is Love and All. So the world that we have been offered, and is truly only as far as a choice away, is a loving one. If we are not seeing the world as it has been offered to us by God, it is not because we are evil or not spiritual enough, it is simply because we have bought into a false narrative of Reality, a sort of fairy tale within God’s non-fiction story. We have free will, thus we always have the right to view and create the world we think we want to see and experience. The false narrative says that anything apart from All, Love, God is real.  For example, if we are misperceiving the moment through something in opposition to Love such as anger, then our thoughts, words, actions, reactions, and interactions will shift in an effort to support that false concept, in order to make us feel ‘right’ within the dream. Do not despair, we are not doom to forever follow a false narrative, for the false narrative is not natural to who in truth you are, and thus sooner or later, after playing in the mud long enough, you will begin to figure out, that it is not in the mud where you belong. Remember, that even when playing in the mud, Reality, God, Love, is always but a choice away. Today, let us use this greater self-awareness, to leave a world of anger behind, and begin to create a kinder world. Today, let us try, to in each moment and interaction, take that one extra step, to be kind. There are dozens of opportunities throughout our day to be kind, from offering a thoughtful compliment to a coworker or family member, to making that call we have been putting off, from opening the door for someone, to allowing another car into our lane. Let us also pay very close attention and make mental notes when we miss an opportunity to be kind. Let us learn from those experiences so that we can be more kind next time such an opportunity presents itself. As more and more kindness surrounds our thoughts, words, emotions, actions and interactions, our circle of kindness expands, and we will feel, and literally begin creating, a kinder world around us.

How often have we, deep down inside, desired a kinder world, friends, family and society? Why keep on waiting for this kinder world to manifest itself, when you, as God’s creation, through the gift of free will, have the energetic ability and right to create what you desire to experience. Why not just stop desiring a kinder world, and instead start creating one around you? Your world right now is fueled by the thoughts you think, the words you use, the emotions that you support, the actions you take, the reactions you have, and how you choose to interact with those around you. You, unconscious of it as you may be, already have the world that you unconsciously feel you deserve and need to experience. If you have already unconsciously created the world you are in, would it then really be that hard to become conscious, align with Love, with who in truth you are, and begin to create the world that you truly want? If you make the conscious choice to focus your mind on only being the expression of kindness, then the world that this kind mind views and defines will begin to reshape itself to support your thinking. For example, if you make a conscious decision to increase the level and energetic expression of kindness in your thoughts, words, actions and interactions by say 20%, would that not begin to shift your view of the world, and your interactions with self and others to a higher level of consciousness? If you could change your surroundings, and how those in it interact with each other by 20%, would they, being in truth all One with you, not be able to follow your example and do the same in their surroundings? How long would it really take to change this world, if people dedicated themselves to being 20% more kind each and every day? If deep down inside your heart and mind, you know this is not impossible for you, then it is not impossible for those around you, or for this world.

Today, let us make it a conscious and concerted effort to practice taking extra steps to be kind – the more self-aware, conscious and dedicated to our goal we are, the more natural and desired these steps will be. Throughout the day ask yourself: “What would a kind person do in this situation? How would a kind person interact with the individual in front of me? What thoughts would a kind person think about this person and situation? What kind act can I do for another?” Imagine becoming this ray of light, this energetic expression of kindness to all those you interact with. Imagine just a few of your friends, family members and colleagues getting, appreciating and being moved by your kindness, and by the way you are consciously choosing to interact with them and live your life. Is such a life not worth the effort? Imagine them, because of your example, being inspired to shift the way that they themselves act and behave. Then imagine a few of their friends, family members and colleagues feeling this same way about them, and inspired to change their own behaviors in order to align them more with the energy of kindness. Imagine, little by little the world around you beginning to change, simply because you, made the conscious choice, to be a little more kind each day. Would you not begin to attract those who were touched by, appreciated and thirst for, your level of kindness? Would those who are attracted by your energy of kindness, not also themselves be inspired to follow your example and be kind? Can you start to envision how your world and experience on this planet can begin to shift, if you but made it a concerted effort to direct your thoughts, words, emotions, actions and interactions, in the direction of kindness? This can either be a lovely thought you read or your reality; it’s your choice.

Today, let us make a concerted effort to align with and become an example of the energy of kindness. Before every interaction remind yourself: “My primary goal today is to be kind. When I am with another, I am being sent to them, to offer them my kindness in any way that I can. I now consciously ask Love Himself, God, Kindness, to help guide me. Father, what would you have me think, say and do? I now conscious allow the energy of kindness to guide my thoughts, to speak for me, and to act through me.” Anytime you feel yourself shifting away from the energy of kindness, catch yourself doing so, and then consciously return yourself to aligning with your goal. The more you practice catching yourself being out of alignment with kindness, the quicker you will catch yourself doing so, the more time you will end up spending aligned with the energy of kindness, and thus the kinder world you will begin to create around you.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (4)

Thank you james..a good video, I would also like to see you tackle some of the tough stuff like passive aggressive behavior manipulation , codependence . .all part of the human condition .

Thank you missn for being a member of our community.

Will be interesting to see and hear what the Universe is going to offer us in the future.

Peace. JBC

Thank you for your e-mail I totally agree this world can be a kinder place even if its just a smile to a stranger this is a practice I do very time I find some looking at me I smile right back at them which causes a ripple effect as they in turn smile back at me. I hope this little act sends the loving nature out into our world.

sending ((((((HUGS))))) is also one of my things too

with a kind Heart from me to you

Thank you Donna for your comment and for being a member of our community.

Indeed, every act of kindness ripples endlessly throughout eternity.

Peace. JBC

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