Daily Inspiration: September 10. What is Success?

In the world of duality, success can be measured a hundred ways, and failure a thousand others. In truth, Oneness, you achieve success through your simple participation in the life experience. You experience growth, and that is what you have come here to do. If you accomplish what you have come here to do, then you have succeeded. In that sense, there is no more need to ever talk about the idea of being a successful human being. Both the ideas of success and failure are fabrications of the ego, conceptualize in order to try to replace the unique and sacred nature of the journey that you have co-created with The Divine. For you see, if you understood the sacred nature of your journey, then you would also understand that each and every step of it, was exactly as you needed it to be, to best serve your growth, healing and awakening process. If you understood that your journey is as it was created to be, and that because we are all One, everybody else’s journeys is also perfect for them, then no matter how the ego has programmed us to view our journeys, they would in essence always be, a symbol of “success”.  Understanding this, what need would you ever again have to judge anyone’s journey? What need would you have to become anxious or worried about your own? Judgment, anxiousness and worry, are all symbols of our believe in the ego’s mindset, all emotions that the ego uses to fuel it and its place in us. The more the ego’s mindset can rule over you, the greater the chance that you will dismiss the possibility of your Oneness with God. No matter how the ego has tried to program us to react to the appearance of our journey, once we truly trust that God is forever walking hand in hand with us, both the ideas of success and failure, will begin to dissolve before our light and understanding. My dear friend, choose not to waste another day of your life wondering about the delusions of success or failure. Simply, do the best you can, in each and every moment, and then trust God. Trust in the sacred and perfect nature of the journey that you have co-created with God, offer Him your gratitude, and be joyous and at peace. Joy, peace and gratitude, are all symbols of one who knows, that because they are the creations of The Divine, that they are, will always be, and have always been, a “success”.

How much of our blood, sweat and tears, have we already sacrificed to trying to achieve, some illusionary version or idea of success? How much of our time, focus and energy, have we already wasted away, chasing some always-shifting illusionary finish line? How many times have we thought that we reached this imaginary finish line, found some temporal moments of peace of mind and joy, and then seen these momentary feelings slowly fade away, only to have another finish line appear in the far off distance, promising that if we reached it, that it would bring us true ever-lasting peace of mind and joy? When will we finally figure out that there is no need to run or participate in the ego’s rat race? How many people must we push down, set aside, make suffer and feel sad, hurt and end up losing our relationships with, just so that we may end up achieving some imaginary level of so-called worldly success? When will we stop looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow, or stop selling ourselves for little pieces of paper strips and metal disks? Today, let us recall, that we have all been gifted free will. We no longer need to follow or travel roads that, thanks to our life experience, we already know lead us nowhere. Today, we can see ideas such as ‘being successful’ as simply cartoonish, creations of the ego, made in order to keep us focus on its mindset and working on its behave. Would it not be nice to finally get off the ego’s hamster wheel? Would it not be wonderful to breathe deeply and find relief, knowing that you are already ok, that there is nothing “more” that you need to do, other than to be, who in truth you already are? Today, be at peace knowing that you are so Loved by God, that your simple participation in this life and existence, is a symbol of your success.

Today, let us practice letting go of the ego’s illusionary concepts, programming, pressures, deceptions and lies, and instead very simply focus on, those areas in our lives, that align us with the love that we were created to be. Through Love’s expressions such as those of passion, compassion, generosity, service, peace and joy, offer them to others, so that you may begin to recall, the reason why you are here now.  If you want to ‘feel’ successful, simply focus on and express, the love that you were created to be. It will be such actions that will reenergize, purify, and magnify, the light in you. By following the expressions of your true nature, you will ‘successfully’ serve as a reminder and example to others, that their hopes, desires and dreams, are indeed within reach, and within them right now. Practice every day, as often as you can, consciously aligning with your true nature, and then expressing and sharing it in the way that you feel most comfortable doing so. That is all that you are being asked to do, in order to make sure that when you return Home, you do so with your arms wide open and your head held high. Imagine, no longer having to carry the heavy burdens and pressures, of an illusionary mindset, others, and of this world. Imagine, no longer wasting your precious time, striving for shiny objects of all shapes and sizes, that the ego’s world insist you must obtain, in order to be seen as or feel successful. Imagine, instead using all that time and energy, to focus on growing as a person, as a representative of God on Earth. Then imagine, using your growth and life experience, to help light the way and smooth the path for your brothers and sisters. Do you not think that God would be proud of you for your efforts? Would knowing that God is proud of you not make you feel successful?

Today, let us practice letting go of the old tried, stress producing, ideas of what success is, and instead relax and recognize, that because we have co-created our journeys with Perfection, that our journeys can not be anything other than successful. Let us today drop our ego’s need to feel like a success to others. Let us remember that our journeys are unique to us, and their journeys are unique to them, and thus comparisons are useless. Within us now, is all we need, to accomplish what we have come here to do. When this is understood, what further need would you have to waste your time and energy judging yourself and others for the way we choose to grow? You are here to grow, and by doing so, more consciously and consistently share the love that in truth you already are. Every day, move in Love’s direction, by using the energetic expressions of Love that the moment and those in it are calling for. Do so, and rest assured and at peace, that you are “successfully” doing, exactly what you came here to do.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (8)

Thank you for destroying the ego MOMENTARILY!

Thank you Suhas for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. Peace. JBC

This has been my life and what I seek to overcome because of dancing to someone else’s tune and in the process of that missed out on God’s tune altogether.

Thank you Missn for being open to the message. Every day remind yourself that you are God’s creation, God’s child, the extension of Love in physical form. Then look to practice aligning with those aspect of love that feel most natural to you, and offer them to all who are bought into your presence. Do so, consciously align with God, with the love that you are, and share it with others in order to accomplish what you have come down here to do. Peace. JBC

Success to me is ‘being’ ethical and integrity-focused and standing in one’s own (well, spirit given/driven) inherent power with courage, and not depending on outside influences for validation and appreciation – certainly not depending on substances of any kind that purportedly ‘give you’ strength and courage and instead listening within. Developing that art of listening within may take time in a world that has become dependent on distraction and substances, typically more so if we are extroverted personalities. If there are mental health issues, or addiction issues, having the courage to seek the most appropriate help and to even speak out publicly to deter a sense of shame developing. We are all given challenges to overcome and you may not see what my challenge is, but trust me – few – if any – get away with a spotless life. It is having the courage to face our challenges and to seek the right help when these surface, first from within and when needed, from without. Discernment in terms of this help, who – what – where – when -why, is needed also. Success is facing life with an ever expanding inner/spiritual life – and recognizing self judgement for what it is. When we judge ourselves we judge others, they go hand in hand. When we judge either ourselves or others we bring negative energy our way – like beckoning dark clouds to our energy fields. ‘Let s/he who is without sin cast the first stone’ serve as a reminder. Success for me is all of this, and then secondarily what I do to make a living. Success is being able to listen to our inner guidance – when we are mentally healthy – and having the courage to follow the prompting. Quiet, meditation, silence and contemplation can help in this effort.

Thank you Jane for your detailed well thought out comment and for being a member of our community. Indeed it is wise to focus within, look for those aspects of yourself that are symbols and expressions of Love, and then practice choosing those over the ego’s judgment centered programs that bring you nothing but pain, confusion and regret. Let us all, practice every day, releasing ourselves form our own self-imposed limits, by courageously aligning with are All-Loving Source, and offering all others the view of what a world without the ego’s judgments can look and feel like. Thank you for your input. Peace. JBC

Thank you dearly,today I will be as mindful of my Dear Father every moment.When I fall back into the worlds minsat of success,failure,right and wrong,when I judge others these will be simple reminders to get back on the God track and love and cherish my sisters and brothers.The Holy Spirit I trust will lead me in this Blessed way today.Peace,Joy,Love,forgiveness and knowing without fear of misunderstandingthat I am holy.Happy day to you!

Thank you Donna for your comment and for being a member of our community. Indeed, it is wise of you, when you find yourself buying into the ego’s mindset of success and failure, judgment and anguish, not to judge or put yourself or others down for forgetting who we in truth are. Instead, use these feelings and emotions as trigger mechanisms, that show you that you are somewhere within your mind, where you do not belong. Then re-center yourself by consciously aligning with your loving nature, and then offer your loving nature to all who God sends your way. Peace. JBC

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