Daily Inspiration: September 14. Choosing to No Longer House Judgmental Thoughts

Today, let us take greater personal responsibility for the judgmental thoughts we are thinking about and thus housing within. After all is said and done, it is only we who can allow thoughts to be housed within our own minds. It is the thoughts that we house within that end up painting the picture of the world we see. If you do not like the picture of the world you see, no longer blame the outer world for this. Instead, go within and begin to challenge and change the thoughts that are actually coloring your experience. Today, let us notice that the more we feed a thought with our time, focus and energy, the larger part of our life it plays. Equally so, that same exact thought can be starved by us. We  starve it of its fuel source by taking our time, focus and energy, away from it. By doing so, it becomes a smaller part of our experience, and thus of the picture of the world we see. For example, if our time, focus and energy, are placed on peace-centered thoughts, then the picture of the world see will be of a more peaceful place. Equally so, if we place our time, focus and energy, on judgment-centered fear based thoughts, then the world we see and experience will be a darker and more painful place. If we are currently housing judgment filled fear based thoughts, let us at least now be wise enough to note they are offering us nothing we want. Understanding this, let us no longer blame the outer world for how we feel. Let us instead stop feeding such delusional thoughts, and by doing so let us starve them so that they can finally fade away and disappear. Then, let us consciously replace them with thoughts that will begin to paint a picture of the world we want. Today, if we are not pleased with the world we are experiencing, then let us simply and gently change it, by changing the thoughts we are choosing to think.

The ego has tried to convince us that others are responsible for the thoughts we think. It does this because, if you blame the outer world for how you feel, then you give your power away to it. The ego wants you to give your power away, to feel powerless. The more powerless you feel, the more subservient you will be to the ego’s programs and mindset. Today, let us stop giving our power, our free will, away. Today, if we find ourselves starting to fall into the ego’s blame trap, let us as quickly as possible catch ourselves doing so, and stop this line of thinking. Then, let us take personal responsibility for the thoughts we are thinking, and thus for judgments we are making. It is important to start confidently challenging the thoughts that we are housing within that we no longer desire to support and thus experience. Today, ask yourself: “Are these thoughts that I am housing within helping me heal and raise my level of consciousness? Or, are they hurting me, and like parasites just slowly eating away at me, their host?” The more we become aware of the thoughts we are thinking and hosting, the more control we will have over the life that we are living, and thus of the world we are experiencing. It is always the thoughts we are focused on that define the world we experience. If we are hosting kind, gentle, compassionate, forgiving and loving thoughts, then these are the colors that will paint the canvas of the world we see. Equally so, if we host judgmental,  angry, hurtful, condemning and hateful thoughts, then the darken and chaotic world we see, is also simply a result of the thoughts we think. In the end, it is us and us alone who must allow or disallow the thoughts that are the building blocks of the world we are creating.

Today, let us become more aware of the thoughts we do, and do not, desire to house within. If we desire to experience a less judgmental world, let us consider doing the following:

1) – Let us stop and identify any judgmental thought that comes knocking at our mind’s gate.

2) – Let us ask it, what does it want for us? Does it want to weigh us down with stress and worry? Does it want to saddle us with sadness, anxiousness and despair? Does it want to hold us a prisoner to pain? Does it want to ravaged us with resentment, revenge and regret? If so, let us decline its entry into our kingdom.

3) – Let us release that thought and everyone else involved with that thought, with forgiveness and compassion. By doing so, we set ourselves free from having to carry it and house it within. We know when we have forgiven and release it because the state of peace results.

4) – Many judgment-centered thoughts don’t give up the first time around. Thus, every single time they pop back up, we once again forgive them, and everyone involved with them. By doing so, we let them go and once again return to, reinforce, and become representatives of, the state of peace.

5) – Let us then offer our gratitude to God for given us the wisdom to recall that it is we, and we alone, who have final say over our thoughts, and thus over the world, that through them, we create.

6) – Let us become an example to those who are still blaming the world and thus giving their power away to it. Let us remind them that they have free will, that they can through forgiveness, free themselves from judgment centered conflict-inducing thoughts. By doing so, they can begin to change the world they are creating, from a place of pain, to a palace of peace.

Today, let us no longer allow judgmental thoughts to go unchallenged. Now, when a judgmental thought comes knocking at our mind’s door, let us recall what investing our time, focus and energy on such thoughts has brought us. It has brought us nothing but conflict, inner confusion, pain, anger, chaos, resentment and regret. Then, let us recall that we are all God’s creations, all on a perfect, individualized and sacred path we have co-design with the Divine. Every path, in its own way, perfect. If we judge this co-creation, then we judge God as wrong. We will never attain true lasting peace of mind as long as we are judging God as wrong. Now, when a judgmental thought tries to enter our mind’s gate, let us stop it, decline its entrance, forgive it, place it in God’s hands, let it go, and return to being an example to others of non-judgment and the state of peace.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (2)

This really resonated with me today. Thank you for sharing and reminding me how important thought are. Only I can choose what I give time and energy too. I will remember to regularly prune my thoughts so only those which are positive and helpful remain.

Thank you Beth for your lovely thought and for being open to the message.

It is always we who should be in control of our thoughts, our thoughts should not be in control of us.

When your thoughts are loving in nature, know that the truth in you is in control of your thoughts.

When you thoughts are judgmental or fearful in nature, know that it is the ego and its past programs and mindset who is in control. Let us simply practice realizing when this is occurring and consciously take back control of our thoughts and mind by going from judgment to forgiveness and from fear to love.

Peace. JBC

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