Daily Inspiration: September 15. Free Will: What We Value We Become

Free will invites us to choose in every moment what we focus on and thus what we experience. What we choose to focus on is what we, consciously or not, value. We are always looking for what we value. What we value we end up looking for, focusing on, finding, and thus experiencing. It is thus what we value that we desire to see and thus find. Our experience thus is a function of our focus. In the end, it is what we focus on and value that we experience and become. If you desire a greater connection to your true nature, to your Source, then use your free will to practice every day valuing Love and all that Love represents. Love’s expressions are numerous, such as those of compassion, generosity, forgiveness, peace and joy. The more you practice choosing and aligning with them, the more natural and normal these choices become. The more natural and normal these choices become, the more worthy of them you will feel. The more you begin to recall your true worth, the more grateful to God you will be. You will be grateful to God knowing that you have been given the power to choose what to value, and thus over your focus and experience. Knowing that you have the free will to choose in alignment with Love’s expression will remind you that can, in any moment begin to create, your very own Heaven on Earth. Being all One, when you create Heaven for yourself, all those around you will benefit and be touched by your efforts. Just by simply becoming the choice for Love, you will begin to help remind those around you that this same choice, in every moment, exist within them. You will help remind them that they also have the free will to design the life they want. Knowing that you can begin to design the life you want, simply through the choices you make, will bring you a great appreciation for God, and for His gift of free will. Being all One, you will then want to offer this same free will to others. By doing so your judgment of them will diminish, and your peace of mind and joy will grow.

There has never been, nor will there ever be, a moment in your life where your truth, God, Love, is not available to you. Truth, God, Love is your true foundation, available to you in each and every moment. Still, due to the ego’s programming there may be times in your life you will choose to value this world’s delusions more than God’s love. Do not despair. This in and of itself will become a useful step in your understanding of free will. In this world of duality, were the choices for darkness or the Light seem to co-exist, they will always seem to be there for you to choose from. Again, do not despair, do not feel dejected by any of your so-called dark or negative choices. Do not feel control nor defeated by your so-called sins, mistakes, errors in judgment, nor any confusion, chaos and pain, that they might produce. Do not allow the ego to bring you down by convincing you that you made such choices because you are bad, not good, worthy or spiritual enough. These are all lies of the ego. Lies, made in order to try to convince you that you could never be a part of, or One with, a perfect All-Loving God. God’s will and your highest will are One. In reality, knowingly or not, you always desire to think in alignment with the Mind of God. Yes, sometimes you may forget this, but this forgetting only offers you another opportunity to remember better. Do not despair, the choices you make within this illusionary world have no power to decrease, or for that matter increase, God’s Love for you. You are, have always been, and will forever be, perfectly loved by Perfect Love. Today, choose to focus on and value this truth over the ego’s judgment centered fear based dreams. God forever Loves you because no matter what dreams you may be dreaming, you forever remain His perfect child and creation.

Today, choose not to buy into the ego’s judgments, and feel sad, mad or down, because of the choices you made within the dream. Instead, lift your head and recall that because God is Perfect Love, He will use every choice you make for your good. Raise your head high and now make the conscious decision to only align with God’s Love. Ask yourself: How can I, in this very moment, choose in alignment with God’s Love? What expression of Love can I, in this very moment, offer to others? Now, when the ego’s darkness comes around, simply remind yourself: “Every moment allows me the opportunity to begin anew, to choose in alignment with the Love of God, with my true light, essence and nature.” Then thank God for giving you the free will, to be able to choose what you desire to value, and thus to experience. In any moment you can choose the Light over the darkness, God’s forgiveness over the ego’s judgment-centered programs, and thus peace over pain. In any moment you can buy into the ego’s programs, condemn another, and log around the heavy weight of your own judgments. Equally so, in that very same moment, you can choose to forgive God’s child, and by doing so feel God’s gratitude lifting you up. In any moment you can choose to value the stress, anxiety and chaos of the ego’s world. Equally so, in that very same moment, you can instead choose to completely trust in God’s plan, and achieve the states of peace and joy. Thanks to free will, the choice to create the life you want to experience, is in every moment, always available to you, always yours to make.

Today, let us recall, that thanks to God’s gift of free will, every moment offers us the opportunity to begin anew. Try it yourself to know that this is true. If feeling imprisoned by the ego’s mindset of anxiousness and worry, stop, and recall that in this very moment you can, thanks to free will, choose the thoughts that you will value and thus experience. Then choose to trust, completely and wholeheartedly, in God’s plan and Love for you. Do so and the state of peace will begin to surround you in its soft, warm and comforting embrace. What do you have to lose by reminding yourself that the moment is simply a result of the thoughts you choose to value. Today, choose to value your trust in God over the ego’s worries. By doing so experience His peace, and then become a beacon of peace for others. 

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (8)

Once again, the timing on this read is impecable! I was just at work choosing the ego way of focusing on how much i dislike my current job and I opened your daily insp. and chose again-this time to focus on things I appreciate about my job and how much God loves me! Big difference! Thank you!

Thank you Mary for being open to the message.

It is indeed the thoughts that we alone allow into our minds that will either lift us up or put us down.

Peace. JBC

We recently moved to a new community – a great time to choose new ways to relate to people! I have always had the tendency to be judgmental towards others, and have been working to rid myself of that awful trait for years. In this new community I have consciously practiced nonjudgment with my neighbors and everyone I meet. It is amazing how much better I feels not only about them, but about myself. I am practicing it in my marriage as well, and as a result my husband and I are becoming closer and better friends. I feel lighter, less burdened and so blessed realizing it is not my place to judge, but to accept and love. Thank you God!!

Thank you Patricia for being a member of our community.

Anytime a judgmental thoughts wants to come in and pollute your mind and life, remind yourself: “I control my thoughts, my thoughts should not be controlling me”. Then decline their entry into your kingdom.

Now, when a judgmental thought tries to enter your mind’s gate, stop it, recognize that it has nothing of true value to offer you, forgive it, and in peace let it go.

Now, when a judgmental thought comes knocking, use such a time, not to sink into its darkness, but instead to recall that you can choose the light in you, and that by doing so, you can represent and share the state of peace.

Today, do not judge but instead thank that judgmental thought for helping you practice choosing forgiveness instead of judgment, and thus peace instead of pain.

Today, recall that non-judgment aligns you with the Mind of God, and it is at One with the Mind of God where you belong.

Today, remember that being all One, that what you offer others, you will get to experience yourself. Thus, when you offer forgiveness, peace and non-judgment to others, it will be these energies that will become your constant companions.

Peace. JBC

I love this exertation on the Free Will. Please if you have any advice on how to convince my atheist son (36yrs)who has bought into a lie that we do not have free will and only believes in science which to him cannot prove Gods existence. If you have any good reading that would shed light to this it would be Greatly appreciated!!!! ….. that we do indeed have Free Will. Thankyou kindly,
Kathy B

Thank you Kathy for being open to the message.

A way to start recalling that you indeed have free will is to spend time with both an optimist and a pessimist and note how they see, think about and deal with the same situation in different ways. This will begin to show you that reality is not really “out there”, that reality is actually “within you”. This will show you that it is ‘you’ who chooses your experience on this planet and that your experiences do not need to dictate your attitude and thus the quality of the life you live.

If you don’t mind reading ‘Past life’ or ‘In-between life’ material such as Dr. Brian Weiss ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ and Dr. Michael Newton’s ‘Journey of Souls’ these books can better explain how we have chosen through free will the life we are currently experiencing.

Peace. JBC

My girlfriend was supposed to come over last night but she never turned up. She met up with some friends in the afternoon and probably got carried away, bless her. But today for me its ok, my ego would usually try and make me feel anger, resentment, fear, judgement and many other negative feelings and thoughts. I am truly aware and awake to this, its makes me laugh to see this stuff. I’m in recovery for alcoholism and work a 12 step programme. After having had a spiritual awakening as a result of working these steps, and continuing to work them, I am free from the bondage of my past……God Bless

Thank you Jason for your comment and for being a member of our community.

It is indeed the thought you choose to think and entertain that color your experience.

Peace. JBC

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