Daily Inspiration: September 16. Achieving Peace By Simply Allowing Our Truth to Shine

All that is asked of us to have peace, is to allow the loving truth within us to shine. Allow it, like the sun and Son, to shine on everyone and all. Be who you came here to be, be the extension of The Light that is your Creator and everlasting Source. Become the blessing that you were created to be. You are now, have always been, and will forever be, who God created you to be. You can, thanks to free will, for a time reject your true nature, but do not despair, for as you reject it, it remains safely forever within you, simply awaiting your return to It. When you align with your true nature, with the love that you are, peace as an extension and expression of Love, will embrace, protect and surround you, throughout your day. When you find yourself in alignment with the state of peace, let this become a symbol to you and to others, that you are at One with your Father, faithfully representing Him here on Earth. Anytime that you find yourself not at peace, let this be a symbol to you, that somewhere within your heart and mind, are blocking your awareness to your light and eternal loving nature. You are not bad, evil, unkind or unworthy, for not being and expressing your light. You are simply asleep to your true nature, and buying into the ego’s dream as real. The ego dreams that you could be something other than the love that God created you to be. If you have for a moment in time bought into this dream as true, do not despair, do not judge yourself or others as guilty, simply and gently choose to awaken from a dream that was never yours, and begin to shine your light bright, upon all who God presents to you. All people, places and things, serve us by allowing us the opportunities to serve them. Today, when we look upon them, let us only see the light, the living truth within them, radiating back from them to us, and thus blessing us with their presence, and with the opportunity to serve them.

Today, our brothers and sisters will offer us many opportunities to realize when our light is shinning, and when our light is blocked. This is their gift to us, they are helping us see when we are in communion with God, and when we are not, when we are awake, and when we are asleep to our true nature. Just for this alone, let us offer them our gratitude for their service to us. When you see peace reflecting from others, it is because you are allowing your truth to shine upon them, and their truth to shine upon you. What a blessing all people are to us today, all a gift from God to us, and us a gift from God to them. Today, when you look upon the gifts that are your brothers and sisters, and fail to see the light in them, know that it is your own light that you are blocking, and thus why you can not see the truth, the light in them. This does not make you a bad person, just one who is unaware of the true nature of people and things. When you see or think of them, and pain and darken thoughts result, you are simply buying into the ego’s dreams and programming as true, and dreaming of God Who Is All as false. Today, when this occurs, choose not to condemn yourself or others, choose not to continue to block your own loving light. Instead, use such opportunities as triggers, that begin to help you understand, that the mindset that you are supporting, is not supporting you. You need no longer dance with the devil in your dreams, with the darkness that has never been the truth in you. Awaken my dear one, awaken. You have slept long enough. Awaken and come join us on this very sacred journey, the one that God has design for us, with His Perfect Love and Understanding.

Today, when we find ourselves blocking our light, our own awareness of the truth in us and others, do not despair, simply rediscover that it is not the quality of others people’s light that we are seeing, what we are truly seeing is the quality of our own light and understanding. Do not judge yourself for blocking your internal light, but please do ask yourself, why are you choosing, in that sacred moment and interaction, to value the darkness more than The Light? Darkness has many surrogates and symbols, such as those of judgment, anger, anxiousness, fear, resentment and thoughts of revenge. Equally so, The Light has many surrogates and symbols, such as those of love, compassion, forgiveness, joy, peace and understanding. Today, make the decision to become more consciously aware, through such surrogates and symbols, of when you are being or blocking your own light. By doing so, you stop trying to change or correct the world, and instead start trying to change and correct your mind, your perception of the world. When your perception changes, so to will the world you see and interact with, begin to change. Consciously questioning what is blocking your awareness, stopping you from seeing your true light reflecting on all others, is the first step you need to take, in order to begin to uncover your blocks to the truth within. Let us remember, that because we have, since birth, been programmed by the ego, that the ego will always answer first and loudest. Knowing this, always ask yourself these two questions: First: “What do I want?” and second, “What do I really want?” The first question is always answered by your ego, the second question is the one that must be consciously answered by your light, so that you may achieve, become and share, your true peaceful and loving nature.

Today, anytime that we find ourselves not at peace, let us remind ourselves of the following: “I am God’s creation, and we are all One. God is Love, Light and All, and thus when I am seeing all people and things as they truly are, then it will be love and light that I will see. Peace is a symbol and expression of the love and light that I am. As God’s creation, I am forever worthy of peace, and because we are all One, so to is everyone else worthy of the gifts that God gives me.” It will be when we make the conscious decision to remember and only align with the truth within, that we will begin to see God, love, light and peace, reflecting from everything, everyone and all. Your external environment, is always reflecting, your awareness or lack of awareness. Your internal environment, is always reflecting your beliefs, and it is through your beliefs that you define this world. Today, in order to  begin being, seeing, experiencing, reflecting and sharing, our true loving and peaceful nature, let us make the conscious decision to make peace our goal for every interaction. Before every interaction, let us remind ourselves: “Peace is my goal for this interaction.” When we make peace our goal, the interaction itself starts working for us to help us achieve our goal. When we make peace the energy that we focus on, then it will be peace that will reflect and shine from us, unto everyone, everything and all.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (4)

Good pieces this week, thank you

Thank you Geoff for being a member of our community. Peace. JBC

What brought me back to peace today is acceptance of where I am now. I am here. Over the past few weeks I had slowly let my self-love be eroded by attempting to use internet dating site to meet someone. Slowly I became more unhappy with my solitude and less full of self love. Yesterday I realized. I removed myself from the dating site, and slowly came back to gratitude for where I am, who I am and the journey I am on.

Thank you Jet for our comment and for being a member of our community. Love created you, you are forever love and loved. Peace. JBC

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