Daily Inspiration: September 19. Viewing this World Through Eternity’s Eyes

The ego has programmed us to view this world, and those in it, through it’s judgment-centered mindset. It uses the eyes to focus on the physical nature of the body, what it looks like, says and does, and constantly judges it as right or wrong. It calls judgment wisdom, the thus has programmed us to believe, that the more we can judge something, the wiser we are. We have already, more than enough times, seen and experienced, the consequences of viewing the world, and those in it, through the ego’s judgment filled eyes. This way of viewing the world has brought us nothing but frustration, anger, pain, resentment, regret, guilt, shame, and thoughts of revenge. Why, if this is what seeing this world through the ego’s eyes brings to us, do we keep supporting its so-called sight? Why do we keep on punishing others, and because we are all One, ourselves, by seeing this world and others, through the ego’s incomplete and conflict centered mindset? When will we decide to end our suffering and say to ourselves: “Enough is enough”? If you are here, reading this message, then that time is now. Do not despair, there is a kinder, gentler and more productive way of viewing and understanding this world. The ego has done its best to try to hide this other way from you. The ego has hidden this other way of seeing, because if you chose this other way, you would learn how unreliable and false the ego’s so-called sight is. This other way of viewing this world is experienced, when we make the conscious decision, to focus on the eternal instead of the temporal, to see through God’s eyes instead of the ego. When we make the conscious choice to see as God does, we focus on and see everyone’s eternal loving essence and nature, and overlook or disregard any little silly temporal games that the body plays within time.

Today, let us finally accept and enjoy God’s inheritance. We do so, by choosing to see only the eternal in each other. Today, simply overlook the false, and focus only on the truth. Our truth is love and love’s expressions, everything else is illusionary in nature. Let us choose to see only a person’s eternal loving essence, who God created them to be. Let us choose to overlook or forgive the body. It does not matter that body’s name, color, size, actions and reactions. All that matters to us, when we desire to truly see, is that God created them, that God is Love, and thus so too must they forever be love. It does not matter who the ego says they are, or how worthy the ego has programmed us to perceive them to be. In order to try to see as God sees, we must practice keeping our focus on their eternal nature. My brothers and sisters, today let us make the conscious choice, to view this world through God, through eternity’s eyes. By doing so, we rise up and out of the ego’s fairy tale, and become the heroes of our own journeys. Today, let us all rise up from the dust and ashes that represent and are but symbols of our bodies, the temporal vehicles that the ego has sold to us as being our home, and instead align with our eternal light, and shine and extend this light onto all those that God sends our way.  Let us all today remember, that every time we consciously choose to view people’s eternal loving innocence over the ego’s insistence on the body’s guilt, we reinforce our alignment with the eternal, with God. Peace of mind, joy, compassion, forgiveness, love and understanding, are all signs and symbols that we are aligning ourselves with the eternal, instead of the ego’s programs.

Today, let us become, a blessing that stretches from the false idea of time, to the true nature of eternity. Today, let us enter Timelessness, a conscious alignment with The Divine. Today, we use Eternity’s eyes to look upon all those that travel along our sacred path. Let us focus on the eternal sameness in our souls, that unchangeable love that is everyone’s true everlasting essence. Today, it does not matter to us what the body looks like, says, or does, because our complete focus is on supporting their eternal essence, and thus reinforcing this truth within us. Today, the separate and lonely orphan that the ego has programmed us to see, now becomes God’s child, our eternal companion. When we, in every moment, make the conscious choice to focus only on love, we will see only love. The more we practice overlooking the body and focusing on a souls eternal loving nature love, the more natural this way of seeing will become. The more natural it becomes to see through God’s eyes, the more we will, because we are all One, remember and support our own innocence. The more we make innocence our focus, the less guilt we will have and carry. It will be in a world free from guilt, that a Heaven on Earth will begin to flourish. Free from the burden of judgment, peace of mind and joy will surround us in their soft embrace. Experiencing such a world will make us grateful to God. Now gratitude will become a sign to us, that we are actually seeing this world, as it was created for us to be experienced, free from judgment and guilt. Today, understanding that we can begin to view this world through God’s eyes, through the eternal in us, let us begin, through our example, to light the way for those who are finding it too dark to see.

Today, let us try practice seeing this world and those in it, through God’s eyes, through the eternal in us. Let us overlook or forgive the silly little games that a body plays within time, and only focus on the soul’s eternal loving essence. God is Perfection, and only creates perfectly, thus all of us, when aware of our true nature, understand our perfect nature. Today, let us not focus on what the temporal body might look like, say or do, instead lets place our focus on the eternal sameness in each other. You can not change God’s mind about the perfect nature of His creations, and thus let us align with God’s Mind, and see only the love in each other. When we see others through Love’s eyes, we see them as who their Creator created them to be. Seeing others with compassion, forgiveness, charity, peace and joy, are all symbols that we are aligned with The Divine, and viewing this world through Eternity’s Eyes.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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To be in this world but not but not of it . We are not our bodies….attachment…we are souls.

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