Daily Inspiration: September 20. Animals are Our Friends and Companions Not Our Food

Sentient beings most call animals, are meant to be our friends and companions, not our food. Animals are God’s creations; being such, they too are here to love and to be loved. Being all One, you cannot treat love un-lovingly and still think of yourself as fully worthy of love and being loved. You can not treat a part of the Whole un-lovingly, and still love your whole-self. Now, I do understand that certain parts of this world have little choice, but this message is not truly for those who don’t have a choice. Nor is this message meant to judge anyone’s choices. This message is simply trying to offer a more gentle and loving path that also helps raise your vibrational level of health and consciousness. One important way to do that is to raise the vibrational quality of the food you consume and fuels you. If you desire to become a brighter light, it is not useful to your ability to shine bright to consume foods that have been tortured, held captive and hooked on all types of medications and antibiotics. If you desire better health you don’t want to be eating foods that were sad, depressed, injured, fed foods that are not natural to their digestive system, and then brutally killed. Let us honestly ask ourselves, what kind of fuel source would eating this type of energy produce? Imagine, having day after day, this type of energy flowing through you and feeding and fueling every cell in your body. How would this constant consumption of this corrosive type of energy make you feel? Today, let us make the conscious decision to begin to love and respect ourselves and the trillions of cells, bacteria, and organisms, that live within us. You show love and respect for yourself by consuming foods that have the ability to raise you up, nourish and heal you. Fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds have the ability to do this for you. These foods can assist you in living a healthier and in a more loving fashion here on Earth.

The foods you are allowing into your body are as important as the thoughts you are allowing into your mind. Just as the thoughts we think either poison or heals us and the world we end up creating and experiencing, so to do the foods we eat either helps poison or heal our bodies and minds. Animal protein produces acids in the body that then end up producing inflammation. This ends up clogging up our lymphatic system. Our lymph system is in essence our sewer system. If it is not working or flowing properly then this slowly ends up damaging our kidneys and livers. This then ends up slowing corroding and destroying our other bodily organs. Dairy products produce mucus in the body that also produces inflammation and clogs up the lymph system. Animal proteins, dairy, process foods, simple sugars and other environmental acids, create the condition for amyloid plaque. This plaque and  way of eating attacks you, by producing inflammation on our neural and digestive pathways. It slowly damages and destroys cells. This then, because the lymph system is clogged up, ends up creating diseases such as Alzheimer, auto-immune disorders and cancer. When your lymphatic system is clogged up it cannot properly or in a timely manner get rid of cellular waste. This then produces bottle necks that turn into cancerous cells. Still, let us not despair, for if we have done this to ourselves we also have the power to undo what we have done. When you consume alkaline, living organically raised foods, you can begin to clean out your lymphatic system. You can then begin to detoxify and on a timely and regular basis get rid of cellular waste.

Imagine, eating ice-cream compared to some fresh fruits, or some fast or processed foods compared to a healthy salad full of vegetables, dark greens, nuts and seeds. If you’re in the present moment, paying attention and self-aware, you can feel what foods do to your body and mind. If you’re in the rat race, not attuned to your body, not paying attention, you might not notice the difference, at first. Yet over time, you will see, feel, and understand the difference. The same goes with judgment and anger. High cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, immune disorders and cancer, mostly result from the food choices that over time we make. Sadness, depression, anxiety and hopelessness, also result from the thoughts that we, over time, allow our minds to focus on. Both the foods we eat and the thoughts we think, can damage or heal us. A judgmental or angry thought of yourself or others here, a judgment or angry thought there, no big deal – we say. Yet over time, we will see, feel and understand, what buying into and supporting such a mindset does to us. The more self-aware and present we become, the sooner we will choose to stop putting acidic producing thoughts and foods into our systems. Judgment of self and other, anger and resentment, and foods such as those of animal proteins, dairy, processed foods and simple sugars, do not belong within our temples. Judgments and anger, as little and insignificant as they may sometimes appear to be, are as hurtful to our bodies and minds, as the processed foods and factory farmed animal products we consume. Today, let us begin to move both through the thoughts we think and the foods we eat in Love’s direction. Let us, through our healed bodies and happy minds, show others that there is a healthier and happier road we can take on our way back Home.  

Today, let us recall that some foods are as hurtful to us as some of the thoughts we think. Judgment of self and others, anxiousness, anger and resentment, corrupt our minds. Factory farmed animal proteins, process foods, dairy and simple sugars, corrupt our bodies which then create dysfunction in our minds. We may for a time, depending on our genetics, be able to seemingly get away with such acidic choices. Still in the end we all will get to reap what we sow. What is acidic and corrosive in nature is poisonous and destructive to our bodies, minds and souls. But do not despair, for in any moment, thanks to free will, we can begin anew and undo what we have done. We can in any moment begin to choose more loving, kind and compassionate thoughts to think and share. We can also in any moment begin to choose healthy high vibrational foods like fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds to consume. Today, let us practice making more self-loving choices, and by doing so begin to love the sentient beings on this planet, both of the animal and human persuasion, like they were meant to be loved.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

What you say in this post interests me and challenges me in equal measure.
I live in Scotland where farm animals enjoy a much greater quality of life than they do in the USA; they live outdoors and roam freely in lush pasture and my neighbours who are farmers do not fill their animals with hormones and antibiotics. That said, I do feel increasingly uncomfortable about eating meat and would like to stop. My family however do not support me in this and I still have to cook for and feed them.

I will think deeply about this and ask for guidance about what to do.

Thank you Fiona for being open to the message.

In the end, always do what brings you peace and you will have peace.

Being that the USA is now exporting its “fast food ways” of eating to China and India, ‘factory farming’ in those countries is just starting out, and so there is going to a couple more billion people eating in a very unhealthy fashion, and killing tens of billions of animals a year more.

Right now, not including fish, about 60 billion animals are killed each year for us to eat. It would be good for you to continue to educate yourself on the way animals are being treated, and the amount of sickness that this way of eating is producing.

Being raise Latino, I ate 5-6 serving of animal products a day for my first 40+ years on this planet, now it is down to 8-12 servings of fish a month, not perfect but heading there.

Everybody has their journey and everyone’s journey is perfect for them. Thus, it is important to be as non-judgmental as possible in regard to what people choose to or have to eat.

Just continue to raise your level of consciousness and health and if your servings of animal products go down, they go down, and if not, they don’t.

Peace. JBC

Wonderful message! I really appreciate you sharing such an important message. Over the years, I have moved to a plant-based diet because I do not want to contribute to the horrific conditions our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom are forced to live under when they are being raised to be killed. I gave up dairy 17 years ago and the health effects have been incredible – no more asthma (which I had been on medication for since I was a child), no more seasonal allergies (which used to knock me out twice a year), and I think I have only had a couple of colds in the last 17 years! I highly recommend moving to a plant based diet (and giving up dairy and processed food.)

Thank you Jen for being open to the message.

Yes indeed, factory farming should be considered some sort of crime. It’s not only terrible for the poor animals that live in those conditions, but it is also bad for the people who eat that very unhealthy protein.

Sugar, dairy, excess animal protein, process foods are very injurious to our systems.

Over the years I too have moved to a plant based diet, due not only for health reasons, which thanks to the diet I grew up on was not the healthiest, but also because it just feels right.

Now, it is important to note that a lot of people have limited choices, and so we should refrain from judging their food choices.

The best we can do and the greatest example we can set is simply to be healthy and allow those who are unhealthy to look at us for inspirational and knowledge.

Peace. JBC

Thank you. I am so very frateful that you have been brave enough to post these truths and also so aware that you feel this. So do I. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who can still feel the tiny beating heart of that turkey on my parents’ Thanksgiving table. We have to speak up for those who have no voice.

Thank you Jettie for your kind words and for being a member of our community.

You are not alone, more and more people think like you every day.

I do believe the more that people raised their levels of consciousness, the less animal products they will end up eating.

Peace. JBC

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