Daily Inspiration: September 24. Finding Our True Foundation

The ego, through its programs, tries to veil over and take the place of our true foundation. Our true foundation is our eternal essence, the loving energy of God. When we buy into the ego’s judgment centered programs as more real than Love, its judgments act as veils that block our awareness and understanding of our true essence, nature and foundation. Judgment of self or others, anger, resentment, hate and revenge, represent such veils. When we buy into our false-self as true this blocks our own self-awareness of our light. Blocking our light conceals and masked our true identity. The more we buy into our false-self as real the more time we spend looking “out there” to the ego’s past programs instead of within for solutions. If we desire a more peaceful, joyful and fulfilling life, we must look within to see which illusionary veils or beliefs are blocking our connections to our loving foundation. Let us today no longer hide behind some mask. Let us no longer buy into our false-self as real and then wonder why we feel lost, unstable, off-balance, insecure and unworthy. How can we experience and understand our true-self and foundation if we do not make a conscious effort to remove and let go of the veils that are blocking our light? Today, do not judge yourself for feeling like someone you are not. Instead, simply start figuring out what thoughts, behaviors and beliefs, you are currently holding unto and supporting that do not align with nor support your loving nature. Then slowly begin to remove them from your mindset and experience. The more you have the courage to figure out who you are not, the more self-aware you become, and the brighter your light will shine. Be courageous, bring up these false beliefs to the surface so the light of truth may shine upon them. Do so and your light will begin to reflect your true loving nature, Source, foundation and Home.

It is not natural for you to walk or live on quicksand. Equally so, it is not natural for you to support the ego’s mindset and veils as your foundation. The ego’s veils simply represent the false beliefs the ego has had you buy into as true. When you are supporting a foundation that does not represent the truth in you, you will feel unsteady, insecure, concern, worried, stress out, anxious and fearful. Yet do not despair, for thanks to free will there is always a way out of your confusion and chaos. Simply stop supporting what is not supporting you. Stop putting your time, focus and energy, on those thoughts, behaviors and beliefs, that are doing nothing for you other than slowly sinking you into sadness, misery and despair. Standing on the ego’s veils is not standing on solid ground. When you decide to stop building your house on quicksand that sinking feeling you have will begin to fade. Today, let us stop laying bricks upon a false and sinking foundation. Let us instead start laying those bricks on the rock solid ground of Love that is our true foundation. Do so by supporting only the loving thoughts in you as true. When the ego’s mindset demands you stress out and worried, instead decide to trust God more. When the ego tells you to judge and condemn, instead align with the Love that is your true foundation, and offer compassion and forgiveness. When the ego wants you in a confused and chaotic state, stop, breathe deeply, recall that Love is your Father and true foundation, and be at peace. Today, recall that peace is an expression of your Father’s foundation and thus because you are His child, you are forever worthy of the state of peace. Then remind yourself we are all One, all forever worthy of the peace of God.

Today, when our thoughts upset us, let us recall that they do so not because they are real, but because we are buying into our false-self as real. No matter how much time the ego has spent programming us to view and define its veils and illusionary world as real, let us today deny their reality. Very simply, if our thoughts do not represent the loving truth in us then they are not real. If they are not real they are not worthy of our time, focus or energy. We have free will, and so why must we continue to build upon a faulty and false foundation? We have free will, we no longer need to keep punishing ourselves and others through the thoughts we think. Today, let us recall that the thoughts that do not align with the love that is our true foundation are simply veils. They are false programs we have been taught by the ego to see as our real-self. These types of thoughts are foreign to us and out of alignment with our loving nature. Still, they have been constantly reinforced by the ego and so we now accept them as our own, as who we are, as real parts of us. Anything that seems to be in opposition to Love and its many expressions is not true about you. Being all One it is also not true about any of your brothers or sisters. Your truth is Love. Your brothers and sisters truth is Love. Love is All, and thus all you truly ever are is love. Today, let us practice letting go of those thoughts that seem to be in opposition to Love. Let us let go of thoughts that no longer serve us, that do not bring us in alignment with peace, forgiveness, compassion, joy and understanding. That is all we are being ask to do today, to recall, support and build upon our true nature and foundation. The more we do so the brighter our light will shine. The brighter our light shines the more others will be able to begin to see the light beyond the veil, beyond the darkness, delusions and despair.

Today, practice catching yourself as quickly as possible when you are thinking a thought that is not supportive of, or in alignment with, your loving nature. Notice how supporting this thought is making you feel. Notice how unlike this thought is to the loving truth in you. Remember that we are all One, so thinking and supporting an unloving thought of another is equal to supporting an unloving thought of yourself. Once you have identified this foreign thought, immediately stop your support of it by ending the time, focus and energy that you spend on it. Forgive the thought and those connected to it.  Then replace the false thought with one that is representative of the truth, the Love that is your true foundation. Today, remind yourself that love is who you have come here to be and represent, and that Love is your true nature and foundation.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (8)

Hi James
Thank you so much for this amazing message
Recently, I started teaching in a school. I am so grateful to god for giving me this opportunity. I’m learning so many new things about myself through teaching. I always try to treat children with love and respect.
Where I live, the general notion in a school is that students have to remain silent always. One day, I was in a class of 6 year olds who can never be totally silent. They’re curious and active. And that was kind of a free time after their examination. Students were waiting for the bell to ring so that they could go home. At that time, the head mistress came and scolded me for my inability to make the class silent. (I assure you that it was a very silent class. They were not shouting or screaming. There was just general classroom dialogue). The head mistress started pointing out insignificant things just to kind of pester me out of spite. And I saw a shift happening in me at that exact time. My mood instantly turned sore and after she was gone, I was so angry that scolded those little children very badly. Those children see me as a loving teacher but that day they saw the worst in me. I was shouting on them. I regretted it so much later. Those children were still sweet to me.
I kind of saw how anger is transferred from one person to another and I really want to become that person who breaks this chain of anger and who stands strong knowing his eternal loving essence. Can you give me some tips on how to manage such situations?

Thank you Shivani for being open to the message.

You are here to be the light of the world. The Light has numerous expressions such as those of compassion, forgiveness, peace, joy and gratitude. When the ego’s world has programmed you to judge or to use any of its other fear based expressions stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and remind yourself of your true mission in life. Then simply do and become who God created you to be.

To remove yourself from the delusions of the world, from the fairy tales that teach something other than love, is to note that they are all the same because they are all not real or true. Only the Love that God is could ever be real or true, and so forgive the delusion, whatever the story may be, unite with the light within and then offer only this light to others. If the world calls for judgment, offer forgiveness instead. If the ego demands condemnation, align with the light within and offer compassion. If the world tries to have you doubt and fear, stop that line of thinking, place your trust in the Divine Design and experience the peace and joy of God.

When you get lost in the story, note that this is only human nature and the way we many times learn what we no longer want. Forgive yourself for being human and having human emotions. Then humble yourself and in this case ask for forgiveness from those children you may have affected. Humility is one of the most important aspects and attributes of a teacher of light. Then use this life experience as simply a tool that you can now add to your tool belt. Now thanks to your life experience you have better and wiser tools you can now use in such instances. Then note that it was the head mistress and the children who volunteered to help you develop this tool. Understanding this now offer forgiveness and gratitude to the head mistress for being a part of your healing and awakening process. Then thank the children for volunteering to also assist you on your sacred journey.

It is when gratitude and peace replace anger and judgment that your true light shines bright and you become the light of the world that God created you to be. It is when you are being your light that you will fine true fulfillment in life and appreciation for all those who helped you, in one form or another, grow, heal and awaken.

Peace. JBC

Thank you James! My daughter is my greatest lesson of forgiveness right now and I am wondering why I project so much rage onto someone I love so much. I just feel guilt and shame that we dont get along.

Thank you Mary for being open to the message.

Guilt and shame are simply inviting you to undo what you have done, to grow, heal and awaken.

No one can make you think thoughts you do not wish to think. Thus practice, when you are thinking them:

1 – Realize that you are out of alignment with your loving nature.

2 – Stop supporting these thoughts with your time, focus and energy.

3 – Forgive yourself and all others involved in the situation.

4 – Pat yourself on the back for having the wisdom to shift direction and thus destination.

5 – Thank those who were part of the situation for help you practice choosing forgiving thoughts over judgmental thoughts.

6 – Thank God for bringing into your life situations that are helping you practice denying judgment, anger, pain and regret and replacing them with forgiveness, compassion, peace and understanding.

7 – Practice catching yourself when you are out of alignment. The more you practice and consciously correct your path, the less time you will spend in anger and in pain.

8 – Practice thanking, not condemning your daughter, because she is simply showing you what thoughts and beliefs reside within you that you no longer want. She is in essence helping bring you closer to the state of peace.

9 – Every time you again fall into the dark ditch of rage, do not judge yourself, simple take that exact moment to humble yourself and ask God to guide you. Ask Him wholeheartedly to remove the spirit of rage from you. Then close your eyes, visualize and feel God grabbing the darkness out of you and refilling that space with His love, light and understanding.

10- Then apologize to your daughter, ask for her forgiveness, hug her and offer her exactly what God just offered you. We are all One, it is always what we offer others that we will experience.

11- Now, learn to use those moments when you fall into anger and rage, not to dive deeper into the darkness but instead see it as a perfect moment to bring God in and ask Him to guide you, ask Him what your should think, say and do, then think, say and do that. Darkness can not remain when light comes in. When you invite God in, Light enters and darkness is dispersed.

12- Become the hero of your own journey. Love your daughter unconditionally, as God loves you. Be the hero by always being the first to move the relationship in love’s direction. Forgive when the ego demands judgment. Offer compassion when the ego insist on condemnation. Be only loving when the ego is lusting for rage. You have free will, you can do this no matter how difficult the ego has programmed you that it is.

13- Every day, do something, as little as it may be, to move the relationship in Love’s direction. Do not look or expect anything back from her, instead trust God that she will get to a place of love when she gets there. Trust in Divine timing, not your timing. When you trust in Divine timing peace results, when you trust in your timing frustration and anger result.

14- Before any and every interaction you have with her, humble yourself and bring God in. Ask God, Love, to walk hand in hand with you into the interaction. See and feel His Love surround you, and ask Him to lead the way by asking Him what to think, say and do. Then allow only God thoughts to flow through you in the interaction. Allow only God words to come out of your mouth. Allow only God’s action to lead you.

15- If during the interaction you feel the ego beginning to enter, your peace of mind beginning to fade and fail, consciously step back, stop, breath deeply, deny the ego any more of your thoughts, and again invite God, Love, Light in.

16- If the ego seems to want you to have an argument, stop, humble yourself and say nothing. Deny the ego, invite God in. Forgive yourself and others. You already know where the ego takes you, no where you desire to be. Thus no longer invest in the ego’s dead end roads.

17- Keep asking yourself: “Would I rather be happy or right?” The ego wants to be right, God wants you to be happy and at peace. Unite with God, consciously make Him your daily partner until He becomes your constant companion.

18- In the morning and at end of the day, close your eyes, quiet the mind, open the heart, humble yourself and sincerely ask God for a better, more loving, joyful and peaceful relationship with your daughter. Ask Him to please help you in each and every moment, interaction, and relationship, to hold back and defeat the spirit of anger and rage. Ask Him to take all the anger and rage you have within you. Ask Him where in your past did this anger and rage enter. Forgive all those who taught you this behavior for they did not know any better. Ask God to forgive them, ask God to help you forgive them, tell God that you now want peace instead of the anger and rage, and know that because He is Perfect Love, that He will offer you what you want.

19- Work every day to have God, not the ego, as your guide and companion. When you do so you will have forgiveness, not condemnation as your guiding light.

20- Work every day on inviting God in. Invite Him to join you before every interaction. Visualize His Love and Light embracing you, going with you, where ever you go. Understanding that He, Love, is always available to you, be sure to offer Him your gratitude after every interaction. It is by doing so that you will become a beacon of mercy, love, peace, joy and grace, an example that your daughter will be glad and proud to follow.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Again James…THANK YOU! This resonates with feelings I have about a recent lost love. I need to project love, not disdain, distress, broken heart. Nothing but love for her feelings and mine, no matter how they conflict. Maybe that’s the way, to let MY light shine no matter what.


Thank you Ryan for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

God has a perfect plan for you and for those around you. When you realize and believe this, peace results. When you fight this, and think that your ego’s plan is better or more right than God’s plan, confusion, suffering, guilt, anger and resentment result.

Thanks to God mercy and grace, thanks to God’s gift of free will, whenever you lack peace simply remember, that peace is always, just a simple choice away.

Peace. JBC

We need to be love..without judgement and condemnation as that is the only way to know god.

Thank you Missn for your comment.

Today, may we all always allow love to lead the way.

Peace. JBC

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