Daily Inspiration: September 25. We Are All Family

Today, when we meet another person, let us know, that it is not by chance. Secret and silent as it may be, we are all family. We are here now because, unconscious of it as we may be, we have made a spiritual commitment to each other. We have come together to share and shine our light, onto a people and planet, that is crying out for comfort, help, hope and healing.  Just as your participation in my Facebook page, thanks to your views, likes, comments and shares, helps me fuel my desire to offer what has been gifted to me, so too does my sharing, hopefully help you recall and communicate, your true loving nature. There is nothing true within me, that is not within you. There is nothing true within one of us, that is not in all of us. There is nothing true within those who participate in this forum, that is not within those who do not participate. We are all One, and what is in One, is in All. By practicing seeing and focusing on this Oneness in everyone, you reinforce the idea of Oneness within you. You become a brighter light, and by doing so, through your example, help those around you begin to see and understand, their true nature. Today, when you meet anyone, remember that it is not by chance, God is entrusting you with His children. If you could not help them, then God would have not place them before you. And yes, if they could not help you, then you would not be before them. For God, Who Is Perfect, co-created with you, the journey that you are now on. Every single step along your path, every person that you have ever met, are meeting today and will ever meet, are all sacred gifts from The Divine to you. We are in each others presence because The Divine knows that this is in our best interest. Trust in His Wisdom and Knowledge, see those in front of you as the gifts that they are, and be grateful for God’s gifts.

Today, let us set aside and put away the ego’s false concept of stranger, for in truth, there are no such thing. In truth we are all One, and thus everyone “out there” is simply an aspect of yourself. Your mind defines everyone you see, and thus they are all simply, physical reflections of your own beliefs. God is Love and All, thus there is no aspect of you that is not in some form, an aspect of Love. When you seeing another in any form other than Love, then you are not really seeing what is being presented to you. The false concept of ’stranger’, is but one of the many fabrications of the ego, made in order to try to separate us from each other. For if the ego can make us believe that we are separate from each other, then it can have us think that we can judge another, without hurting ourselves. Being that judgment is one of the ego’s main fuel sources, the more it can have us judge each other, the bigger and more important part of our life it can become. But the ego, being the fabricator of separation, cannot continue to have us buy into its delusion, without it slowly dissolving itself. The more that we use the ego and its tactics, the more we will start to see and realize, how useless and hurtful to self and others, it truly is. Our ability to suffer guilt, pain, confusion and chaos, may be high, but it is not without limit. Sooner or later we will, thanks to our life experience figure out, that the ego’s so-called solutions, are useless and not productive. We are all One, when we hurt anyone in any way, we are unconsciously torturing ourselves. At first we may not realize the weight and burden of our judgments, but in time, through our suffering and internal guilt, we will begin to realize, that the ego mindset, is not in alignment with our own.

Today, let us practice recalling, that every person that is in our life, be it for an instant or a lifetime, is here to help us reach a higher level of consciousness, and a fuller understanding of who we all truly are, One, Love, Family. Today, let us practice letting go of the ego’s delusional ideas of strangers, illegal aliens, foes or enemies, and instead practice seeing them only as our brothers and sisters. Today, every woman you meet, see her as your daughter, sister or mother, and every man you meet see him as your son, brother or father. When we start to see each other in this manner, our fears, concerns, anger and hate, will begin to dissolve, and the memory that we are all God’s creations, will begin to awaken our hearts and light our minds. This is the opportunity that each brother and sister is presenting to you, each and every time you meet or think of them. They are offering you, the opportunity to recall the truth within you, by recognizing it in them. They are offering you, the opportunity to leave the ego’s delusional world of fear, worry, anger and hate behind, and enter a world where Oneness, Love, Family, God, forever reign as king. The choice of what world you want to see, experience and participate in, is in every moment, yours and yours alone to make. This is free will. Today, recall that as God’s creation, you are worthy of a world where Oneness, Love, Family, God, are your experience. Let us also recall, that because we are all One, so too is everyone else worthy of this same blessing. Today, let us notice, that the more we consciously treat others as family instead of strangers, the more safe and at peace we feel, and the more grateful we will be, to have them in our presence.

Today, let us make a conscious effort, to see all of God’s creations, not as strangers to be feared, but as our brothers and sisters, worthy of our love. Today, when you see, think of, or interact with a woman, make the conscious choice, depending on their relative age, to see them only as your daughter, sister or mother, and every man you see, think of, or interact with, as your son, brother or father. The more you practice making this conscious effort, the more gentle, compassionate and loving, this world will become. All this, simply because you made the conscious choice, to see others only as God created them. It is not truly hard to begin to redesign this world, into the one you want. Simply choose to see all others as who in truth they are, God’s children, your brothers and sisters, do so, and you will begin to live, a Heaven on Earth.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (2)

Thank you for appreciating our comments.Of course we love to hear from you.I do look at people and think of how we’re One.Then I can forget when someone is judgemental or rude.Then they seem separate.I try to send my love out to the Universe and love to wonder whom is receiving.Knowingly.I thought of you and realized you could use support.You do have a lovely gift and I am happy you are sharing with us.Thank you.Peace love and joy.

Thank you Donna for your kind words.

As ‘A Course In Miracles’ would say “Forgetting is simply a way of remembering better.” The more “others,” through their participation in your life, help you practice forgiveness, compassion, Oneness and Love, the better reflection of your Al-Loving Source you will become.

I accept your love and support so that my writings may offer greater love and support to this world and those in it.

Peace. JBC

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