Daily Inspiration: September 26. Understanding Why People Experience Resentment

When you are experiencing resentment it is because you are holding onto false concepts that are not reflective of  your true loving essence and nature. God is Love and you are His creation. Your true essence and nature is Love. God is All and thus every real part of you is an expression and extension of Love. When you are not being love, you are not being who in truth you are and were cerated to be. Resentment, is not who you are nor what you want. Resentment is a false program you have been taught to see as real. Your truth can only express and extend what it is, love. When you are in alignment with love, energies such as compassion, forgiveness, hope and healing are experienced. Still, there are places within your heart and mind that still buy into the false concept of resentment as more real than Love. Yet, in truth, you could never be in opposition to Love, to All. When you are supporting an untruth such as resentment about yourself as true, you will feel off balanced, confused and insecure. Buying into the false concept of resentment blocks your awareness to your true nature. If you are experiencing resentment you are blocking your awareness to the truth in you. You are here in part to heal and thus let go of who you are not. You are here to learn how to release the false concepts that are blocking your awareness to your true nature. Then you are to share your life experience with others. Anytime you are buying into false concepts as true, your soul will call out to the Universe for help in removing these blocks. Being that the Universe Itself is Love, your calls for help and healing will always be answered. Do not despair, help is on the way. Do not despair, you will heal and then thanks to your life experience you will hep many others overcome what you overcame.

When you are buying into an untruth about you as true, in this case the belief in resentment, your soul will call out to the Universe for help and healing. Those individuals who can best help make you aware of the blocks you are holding onto will be sent to you. They are, because of free will, volunteering to help you heal. If you are experiencing resentment, it is because you yourself have volunteered to bring light back into the darkness. You are here to heal those false concepts that you have been programmed to believe as true. Then thanks to your life experience, you are here to teach others how to do the same, how to uncover and rediscover the light in them. Those who are offering you the opportunities to experience resentment in the physical form are here for you, not against you. They are here to help you bring these false concepts out of the dark crevasses in your mind, and once healed, back into alignment with the light within. They are here to help you see and understand resentment for what it is, forgive it, let it go, and return to the state of peace. Once you are able to see what is separating you from the state of peace, you will no longer have any use for it. Thus, this resentment is here as a gift to you. It is here to help you see what you no longer want. No longer judge your brother or sister for this. Instead, thank them for volunteering to help you see who you no longer desire to be. Be grateful to them for having the courage to put themselves in a position where you may target them with your resentment. They are helping you see that what you are holding unto you no longer want. Those who the ego has taught you to resent are actually the ones offering you the opportunities to forgive what you once found unforgivable. They are the ones who are helping you find peace in areas of your life where you once thought that peace was no longer a possibility.

Once you choose to again value forgiveness more than resentment, and thus peace more than pain, you will let go of this block and return to being one with your loving nature. Because you and the other volunteers have succeeded in resolving this issue you can now use this life experience to become an example to others. You can now show others that such blocks and false concepts can be seen for what they are, forgiven and release. You will both then become examples of the true power that compassion, forgiveness, love and understanding, have over resentment. Your example will serve and bring hope to many who are still buying into their false concepts of resentment as true. They will look at your life experience and see that they too, thanks to those they once cursed, can forgive, heal and find peace. They will see where the ego had programmed them to believe that such a possibility was impossible, as now possible. They will now have hope where they once thought there was none to have. Now, thanks to your life experience and healing, you can teach that there indeed exist, even where anger, resentment and pain seem to reign, the possibility for hope, forgiveness and peace. Today, let us remember to end every interaction with gratitude. In this case gratitude that the truth has set you free. Gratitude that this whole experience was set up with your brother’s and sister’s help so that you can remove a block to the awareness of your loving nature. Let us offer gratitude to all those who participated in this exercise, those who through free will allowed you to target them. It is their presence in your life that finally allowed you to see the false as false and only the loving truth in you and them as true.

Today, allow yourself to feel how different the energy of resentment is to your loving nature. Whenever you think of an untruth about you or others as true, your soul will call out to the Universe for help and healing. The individuals who the ego has taught you to resent are now in your life because you have asked them to help you heal. They are the best energetic match to your belief in resentment. They are the ones who volunteered to come into your life so you may target them with your delusion. It is their presence in your life that has helped you bring this false concept of resentment into the physical realm. Viewing it in front of you, you can more clearly see what no longer belongs within you. Now, knowing this, thank and forgive the individuals who the ego has trained you to judge and resent.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (8)

I am interested in your thoughts with this question as it relates to today’s message. My family was awful to my son, treated him like he was invisible. Even after I asked them to please reach out and have a relationship with my son, who really had done nothing to deserve this treatment. My son passed three years ago in a car accident. Months before his accident I had let my family members know that until my son is treated like a loved member of our family, I was no longer going to have any relationship with them, more accurately stated, the same relationship that they have with him. At my son’s Celebration of Life, I did not allow any of my family members to be in attendance. Still to this day, they feel they didn’t do anything wrong and have no idea why I am upset/hurt. Like this article talks about, I realized that carrying around the pain, anger, hurt and resentment was harming me and not them. This article talks about how it is being done for me. So, I have sent them messages that I forgive them, but will not forget. The fire is hot, you don’t keep putting your hand in the fire, expecting something different. For me, when I realize the fire is hot, I acknowledge that lesson and apply wisdom going forward.

Question now….are you suggesting that I am to go back to my family with open arms and tell them thank you for the pain and devastation that they waged on my son and I? That I am to just forget and open myself back up to further devastation that I have released myself from? Today I chose to love their Soul/them and pray for them from a distance, which feels safest to me? Thank you in advance for taking time to answer this for me as it is important to me!
In Love and Light, ST

Thank you Sharon for your question and for being a member of our community.

Above any other of the things I may say here is, that you are in control of your own thoughts, that you are deserving of peace of mind and joy, and so to have what you deserve and are worthy of having, you must always do your best to align your thoughts and thinking with what brings you what you truly want, peace of mind and joy. Forgiveness is the most powerful tool that God gives us to help us travel from the illusionary programming of the ego’s world, to our true Home, where only the peace and joy of God reside.

Your son, now being in a place of perfect Love, would want you to align all your thoughts of self and others with Love, for he knows that is where you belong. He knows that is your mission here, to be and share love in whatever ways are most align with you and in the areas of this world, and in your mind, where darkness, confusion, conflict and chaos, still rule as king. In fact your son smiles, when you make the conscious decision to choose love over fear, Love’s expressions over fear’s expressions. When you do so, you will have a sense of fulfillment, because in essence you are doing what you were created to do.

Only the Love of God is true, because God is Love and All. Everything else, every painful program that we have taught and bought into as more real than God’s Love, is just a fairy tale that we have been read to so many times, that we now see and think of the false as real, the illusion as Truth. God being All, only the love in you is true. We all being One, only the love in all others is true. Forgive yourself your misperceptions of them, bathe them in only your forgiveness, love, mercy and grace, and being to experience the peace of mind and joy that you so deserve.

Again, I say, become present in the now, and in the now choose whatever thoughts bring you peace and joy. No matter what you do, even when you pick judgmental thoughts about God’s creations, forgive yourself for that, forgive others, and return to your Father’s arms, forever safely and secure in His Loving embrace.

Practice letting go of all thoughts that do not bring you peace and joy, and peace and joy you will begin to find in all you do. As much as you love your child, multiply that love by eternity and infinity, and that is how much God loves all His children, and yes even and especially the lost and confused, those in conflict and in chaos, for those are the ones, that we who have or are beginning to awaken, have been sent here by God, to help heal. Imagine the trust the God has in you, that He is entrusting you with His children. Understand this truth as true, and assist those who are open to rediscovering their light, through your example, return to being who in truth they are.

Your son, now in Heaven, has a full understanding of God’s perfect plan. Understanding this he is now at peace and only desires you to be at peace, to consciously choose peace over war, compassion over condemnation, and forgiveness over our programmed judgments and pain. Today, look deep into the mirror, and tell yourself that no matter how judgmental your programs may be, you will now only see Love’s children as Love’s children, you will see only the truth in them, the love in them as true, and you will process, let go and forgive all else.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” Honor your child by forgiving those who still sleep. Forgive, be the light that you were created to be. Be the love that your Source and Creator is. If you yet do not have the power within you to fully forgive them, then ask God to forgive them for you. Do so each and every time you judge them, until you begin to feel and understand the healing and blessing nature of God’s wisdom.

You as God’s child are forever worthy of peace and joy. Begin to offer to all others only what you yourself would like to experience. Do so wholeheartedly, so that when it’s your time to return Home, you will meet your son with your arms wide open and your head held high.

Peace. JBC

Thank you so very much for taking the time to respond to my question and she’d Light where there is darkness for me. I will be digesting this for a while, but feel and know in my Spirit, your words are of Truth, Love and Light! I am so grateful I find your website!!! Namaste ST

Thank you Sharon for being open to the message.

May the light you receive and recall, that same light that has forever been the truth in you, one day help light the way for others.

Peace. JBC

I don’t think you get the things I post on Here??? Checking :-)?

Thank you Terry for your comment.

If I am not traveling I answer comments on this site in 24 hrs.

Peace. JBC

It has been my experience that resentment towards an individual has caused the progress & success of my life to stall. The only way I have ever found to move on from this is to embrace forgiveness as much as I could and it has always brought me progress and peace. It isn’t easy but it is so worth practicing.

Thank you Fiona for your comment.

When you choose forgiveness over judgment, compassion over resentment, and love over fear, you will be choosing in alignment with the Mind of God. When your mind is in alignment with the Mind of God, the state of peace will always be your destination.

Walk with love, forgiveness, compassion, peace, joy and understanding, as your constant companions, and you’ll be lighting the way for those who are currently finding it too dark to see.

Peace. JBC

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