Daily Inspiration: September 29. The Ego’s Illusion of Indecisiveness

When we’re feeling stuck, not knowing what to do, let us simply relax, and ask Love what would to do. Remember that peace is and expression of Love, and so then make the choice that would bring you the most peace. Love is our true essence and fuel source, and thus indecisiveness is just a symbol, that shows us that we are not in conscious alignment with our true nature. When you align with love, and its expressions, such as those of peace, joy, forgiveness and compassion, and your indecisiveness will begin to dissolve away before your light and understanding. When feeling indecisive, to help you reach clarity and certainty, align with love and ask yourself questions such as: “What decision would bring me the most peace?” “What would be the most compassionate way of dealing with this issue?” “What would love do now?” Simple align with the expression of Love’s that best fits the moment, and then do that. Incisiveness, is not here to make you feel less than, it is here, being offer to us, so that we may practice increasing our trust in God. It is here to show us that The Divine can use all for good, and only and always has our best interest in mind. Such opportunities are being offered, to reinforce the loving energy of trust and diminish the ego’s energy of worry. You need not worry, because every step of your path, you have co-created with The Divine. If God is Love and Love is All, thus could your journey be anything other than a perfect and loving one? Today, simply recalled who your Creative Partner is, and be at peace. What need for indecisiveness, concern or worry, would you ever have or need experience, if you but recalled, that your journey, no matter how the ego has programmed you to see it, is exactly as it needs to be. Today, see your indecisiveness, worries and concerns, simply as opportunities to practice trusting God more. Do so, and your worries and insecurities, will begin to dissolve away, before your light and understanding.

When we practice aligning with God over the ego, we are aligning with The Light over the darkness, Love over fear, forgiveness over judgment, and trust over worry. When we practice making the conscious choice for God, we overrule the ego’s programs. This practice helps us recall, that it is we, not the ego, who is in control of our minds, and thus of our thinking and lives. Today, if we find ourselves being indecisive, we are simply buying into the ego’s program that says that God’s plan for our life is not to be trusted. Symbols of this lack of trust, are that we feel unsafe, lost, unsure, off-balanced and confused. If the ego can convince you to not trust God, then it has a chance to convince you to trust it, and this way, it gets to survive and thrive through you. This way it gets to decide for you, and it is doing so, anytime that you choose in opposition to God’s Love. Feeling unsafe, lost, unsure, off-balanced and confused, are not your natural expressions, they are simply symbols that you are choosing with the ego, and not with God. It is impossible for you to be separate from God, All, thus whenever indecisiveness tries to enter your mind, overrule your ego, remember that you are One with God, consciously align with the Love that The Divine is, and then decide to offer Love in whichever way the moment is calling out for it. Compassion, forgiveness, kindness, peace and joy, are all expressions of being aligned with The Divine. When feeling indecisive, now simply see it as an opportunity to practice allowing Love to be your guide. For you and Love are One. What is natural to Love is natural to you. Today, when indecisiveness tries to enter your mind’s gate, remember, that you as God’s creation, are forever worthy of His clarity, certainty, peace and understanding.

Today, if we find ourselves buying into the ego’s illusion of indecisiveness, let us first, before any decision is made, focus on being grateful instead of fearful. Let us be grateful that we have yet another opportunity to decline the ego’s fear based programs and unite with God. Second, trust God, consciously align with Love, and allow Love to decide for you. Remember that because you are love’s creation, love is who you truly are. A symbol that shows you that you have done this, is that peace results. Ask yourself, which decision brings me the most peace, and then do that. Third, after making the decision for peace, trust that your Creator always has your best interest in mind. Consciously and confidently allow His Will, which is also your highest will, to be done. Remember today, that any thought or belief in indecisiveness, does not come from your true-self, from that part of you that is One with God, but from your programmed false-self. Do not judge yourself when you once again find yourself in alignment with your false-self, simply use this as an opportunity to practice letting go of who you are not, and consciously align with your Source, with clarity, certainty, peace, wisdom and understanding. Finally, offer your gratitude, not your judgment, to the ego, for in truth your indecisiveness is simply offering you another opportunity to practice being One with God, Love. Such opportunities only help you recall and reinforce your true nature. You can never be anything less than who God created you to be. Your truth can never be indecisive, for indecisiveness is but a silly little belief within the ego’s mindset, and the ego, being in opposition to God, to All, is in truth nothing, not real, and not you.

Today, let us not put ourselves down for being or feeling indecisive, instead, let us use such an opportunity, to practice increasing our trust in God. When we trust God, we align with Love, and choose the most loving decision in that moment. By doing so, we reinforce the understanding, that we are worthy of being One with God. The more we, through our decisions, consciously unite with God, the more worthy of Him we will feel. The more we allow Love to lead us, the more certain, stable and at peace, we will feel. Do not despair, God uses all decisions you make for good, to help you grow, heal and awaken. Even what the ego calls a “wrong” decision, helps us figure out what we do not want, and figuring out what we do not want then helps us then figure out what we do want, and thus it is helpful. If we can begin to see even the ego’s so-called “bad” decisions as helpful, why would we ever again need to worry or be indecisive about anything in our lives, when we now know that every step along our path, is guided by One, whose only purpose is our good.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (9)

Thank you for this timeless message, JBC, it came at a most critical time in my life when I need to remember to place my trust in the Creator & not ego which would have me fearful/worried for the future. Bless.

Thank you kcs for being open to the message.

Peace is one of Love’s, God’s many expressions. You as God’s creation, are forever worthy of peace. When not at peace, stop, recall that you are worthy of peace, place all your doubts, worries and fears, in your Creator’s hands, and visualize and feel them dissolving in His light and understanding. Then, unburden of your doubts, worries and fears, offer your Creator your gratitude. Finally, once again at peace, allow your example and light to shine bright, so that those still lost in the ego’s fear based mindset, may find their way back to the state of peace.

Peace. JBC

I am very grateful for another reminder that absolutely everything is helpful and here to support me. Everything truly is working together for good. Thank you for all that your share.

Thank you Diane for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. Having co-created your journey with Love, with Perfection, you can never take “a wrong” step along your path. For Perfection, God, Love, All is All and thus there can be in truth no opposition to All. Allow your daily gratitude to God to be a symbol of this truth. Peace. JBC

This is HJP from sunny South Africa. ALWAYS at the right time you answer my
spiritual needs. Without fail. Thank just for being there and the efford you put in
to bring light to the world. It is the highlight of my morning to read your message.
Love Light Joy

Thank you HJP for your kind words and for being open to the message. We are all always, no matter how the ego has programmed us to view our experience, in the right time and place for each other. We have all co-created our journeys with our Source, our Source is Perfection and can only create perfectly, and thus each step along our path is perfect for us and for what we have come here to experience and do. Peace. JBC

I love this. Thanks for another beautiful and inspiring message.

With my entire being/ego shouting “Don’t do it!!!” I made a decision to accept an offer of help come November/December concerning my father’s health from a sister that I have as little to do as possible. It was this Reflection of my self/Self that I saw within her that gave me the strength to loosen my habitual, controlling ego. Too, I realized not only is it a Gift from God for me but for her as well.
I have been reading your posts for over a year and deeply appreciate the Truth you speak. Thank you.

Thank you Jannette for your comment and for being open to the message and a member of our community. Lovely to hear about your shift in perception. Peace. James

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