Daily Inspiration: September 3. Your Truth Will Shelter Many From The Storm

As the winds of this world whirl with worry, those battered and beaten by the storm will find comfort, calm, and shelter in us. By standing steady and strong, anchored in our truth, our everlasting light, that changeless part in us that is forever One with God, our brothers and sisters will once again find a peace that they have not experienced in a long time, yet a peace that they deep down inside know, also belongs to them. Today, let us lay all our self-doubts aside, be certain and confident of our Creators trust in us, and remember that as His children, we are forever the Love that He Is. Today, we come to Him before every decision we make, with the knowledge that certainty, peace of mind and joy will follow. We let Him speak through us, allowing each word to bring comfort and healing. We behold all others through His forgiving eyes, and embrace them with compassion filled arms. We gently place their hand in ours, and walk them to a place of perfect peace, a place they may have temporarily forgotten, but a place that in truth, they have never left. This perfect place of peace, His Palace, is our true Home. Today, let us practice looking upon all our brothers and sisters with His Mercy, Love and Grace. What do we truly have to lose by doing so, nothing, for there is nothing real, that is not a part of Him, Who Is All. Today, as we consciously aligned with our Creator, and His Loving expressions, we shelter all those who come before us, from a confused and chaotic world. When they feel lost in the darkness, we will offer them the hope that only the Light can bring. When they are feeling the weight of the world falling on them, we will build them back up with our compassion, love and understanding. Today, no one remains a refugee to the truth in them, and all find their way back to, and forever have a place in, Love’s Home.

The ego’s illusionary storm, for those who believe in its fairy tale as true, is blowing harder and harder each day. But, no matter how gusty its winds may seem, when we stand in our truth, it will never be able to blow our house down. Many are tired of the storm, and many will come to these messages to be reminded that they have always been, and will always be, protected from the storm. Today, through our thoughts, words, actions and interactions, we become a physical manifestation of this message, that there is another more gentle way, a way where peace, love, joy and understanding, can guide us out of the darkness and back into alignment with The Light. You have come far my friend, you have come far indeed. There is a place within you of perfect peace and understanding; a place within you where there is no storm, and your light shines forever bright. Today, let us become the living and loving examples of this light, so that those lost in the storm can find that break in the clouds that they have for so long searched and hoped for. Now, they will find, that the more they focus on the light that is coming from this break in the clouds, the greater and more expansive this light will become, and the less they will then have to focused on, or be bothered by, the storm. Now, they will start to see, that the storm is only as large and menacing as the time and energy that we spend fueling it by focusing on it. As our focus on the storm fades, so to will the storm fade, and if we no longer choose to see the false as true, this once mighty storm will now bow down and dissolve, before our light and understanding. The more we focus on and align with our true nature, the more we will see and understand that the storm was never in truth real, for the storm is in opposition to God’s Love, and God’s Love is All. Today, let us begin to realize that because we are real, the storm isn’t.

Today, our love, peace, compassion and understanding, becomes our brothers’ and sisters’ shelter. When the ego’s storm comes and others try to judge, curse, criticize, or in any way try to make us lose our center, we will simply, with love, peace, compassion and understanding, remember that they, who have been battered by the ego’s storm, are truly just asking for shelter, help, hope and healing, in the best way they currently know how. They have come to us, because in essence, we have come to a place in our lives where we have remembered, and are honored by, what a gift this opportunity to assist them truly is. Out of seven plus billion people on this planet, they have come to us. Imagine, starting to see every single individual who you encounter, and is placed along your path, as God entrusting you with one of His children. Each person you meet, is a physical representation and expression, of God’s trust in you. Today, remember that those brothers and sisters that you will encounter, are in truth not separate bodies, they are all parts of you, of your whole-self, and that together we are a part of God, our Creator, our Source. The more people we encounter and are blessed with today, the greater a part of God we will get to personally meet, experience, assist and enjoy. And so each and every person we meet, gets us a step closer to experiencing the Wholeness of God, and for that, let us today be grateful to them, to all of them. As we physically manifest and implement this knowledge, and express our gratitude for this opportunity and honor, our shelter grows and grows, encompassing more and more aspects of our whole-self, and thus uniting us more consciously with our Source, Love, The Divine.

Today, let us practice seeing, every single person that is presented to us, with gratitude and humility, for they, each one of them, is a physical representation and expression, of God’s trust in us. Would you ever entrust your children to someone you did not trust? Would God entrust you with His children, if He did not trust you? Each one of them is here in front of you, to validate how much you have grown, and to help you keep on growing, healing and awakening to your true nature. Understanding that we are all One, now see all your brothers and sisters, as simply parts of yourself, and so if you are helping them, you are assisting your whole-self. When you are taking care of any part of yourself, you are taking care of yourself. Taking care of “others” is thus in truth an act of Self-love. Today, when any part of you, comes to you for help and healing, remember that every part of you is God’s creation, and thus forever worthy of your love, truth and shelter.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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I will be gping into work with peace and forgiveness today.Each day I meet with 8-10 brothers and sisters and try to have them see me as a brother and sister in love peace and joy.Though I have been in a stubborn mood of anger,I have thrse tools to accept whatever happens.My job is to sell furniture,my spiritual job is to love and forgive,myself,boss,coworkers and customers.I pray that through my trust in my Farther that I will learn not to be emotionally insecure and impatient,so that I may do my Fathers work.Pray for me as I will pray for you please.In Christs pure precious love,being led to the eye of the storm for shelter. Then seeing the storm as of my own mi ds making,it disappears. Lovingly and with much determination strength and joy I pray I learn this lesson today,so I can continue to learn and grow.My pain is only in my mind,and my so called problems are always ending as they are but my own dream.Thank you.Looki g forward to getting the book.

Thank you Donna for your comment and for being a member of our community. Remember when angers enters your mind, that is simply another opportunity you are given to practice forgiveness and peace. The more your practice forgiveness and peace, the more natural they will become to you, the more worthy you will feel of them, and the more you will experience them in your life. And so you see, those people that ‘made you’ angry are the ones who are actually helping you experience more forgiveness and peace in your life, thus gratitude is the only logical response to those who are gifting you the opportunities to align with forgiveness and peace, which are both expressions of love, which is what God is. Thus those who made you angry are actually those who are helping you align with and experience God. Peace. JBC

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