Daily Inspiration: September 5. You Are Not Lost, You Are Not A Failure

No one, who feels like they are lost, is a failure. If you feel lost, it is not because there is something wrong with you; it is because you have been given the wrong directions. These directions lead you through the ego’s illusionary mindset map. Frustration, judgment, anger, resentment, jealousy and thoughts of revenge, are all roads on the ego’s map, all thoughts and emotions the ego had promised would get you where you wanted to go. Yet now, thanks to your life experience, you are starting to realize, that they are nothing but dead-end roads. Do not despair, because many times it is thanks to the knowledge of what roads not to take, that help you more quickly, peacefully and joyfully, reach your true destination. And so you see, when properly understood, each so-called failure, is just another step on a journey that helps you better clarify, and more quickly arrive to, your true destination. If this idea is properly understood, would each one of your so-called failures, not begin to turn into sacred and useful steps along your journey? Today, when in doubt, remember that God being Perfect only creates perfectly, and that you are His creation. Yes, because of the ego’s programming, you might find yourself at times judging yourself for your so-called lack of forward progress, but this judgment does not truly result from your experience, but from a lack of understanding, of how each step of your journey, is a sacred co-creation with God, and thus perfect for where you are on your journey. If you truly aligned with the knowledge that each step along your path, is a sacred co-creation with God, and perfect for your growth and healing, then what need would you ever again have to judge where you, or anyone else, is in life. Today, allow any lack of peace that you may feel about your journey, to act as a trigger, a call to action, to develop a greater trust in the journey that you have co-created with God.

The ego wants you to feel lost and like a failure, because if you do, you will not see, or feel yourself to be, a part of a perfect God. If the ego can convince you of your separation from God, then it can have you all to itself. The idea of failure is just one of the hundreds of ways that the ego tries to have you buy into the mindset, that there is absolutely no way that you could be a part of, or One with, God. But today, when the ego once again tries to have you buy into its silly little lost and failure games, remember that your Creator is an all-loving God, and that Love always desires what is in your best interest. Your journey, no matter how you have been programmed by the ego to view and think of it, is prefect for you. There is no such thing as failure within a perfect journey, and so there is no such thing as failure in you. When that false ideas of feeling lost or like a failure enters your mind, make a conscious choice to stop those thoughts right there on its tracks, and choose to no longer feed those false thoughts with your time, focus and energy. Instead, recall the perfect nature of your journey, and then allow the peace of mind and joy that this knowledge brings to your heart and mind, to flow through you and throughout your day. Imagine, no longer having to judge your journey, nor the journey of others, what kind of relief and peace would that bring to your life and to the lives of those around you? Are you not worthy, as God’s creation, of relief and the Peace of God? Anytime today that you find yourself in the state of judgment, remember that it is not in such a state, where you belong. You belong forever at One with your Source, your Source is Love, and peace is just one of the many aspect of Love, of your true nature and Home.

Today, let us start shifting our perception away from what the ego’s definition of what feeling lost or like a failure is, to one where we start to see the gifts, growth and blessings, that comes from every single step that we take on our journey. When we start to shift our perceptions, we will start to change our direction and destination. Deep down inside you know that your final destination, is achieving the states of peace and joy, by doing what you love to do. Today, first ask yourself: What do I love to do, what brings peace of mind and joy to my life? Second, ask yourself: How can I more fully and consistently support my passions? Third, look for ways, on a daily basis, to spend more of your time, focus and energy, supporting the thoughts and emotions, that align you with your desired destination. As you consciously align with the knowledge that you have co-created your journey with God, you will feel less lost and confused, and thus feel less like a failure. By doing so, you will start becoming more appreciative of your whole journey. In aligning with this mindset of gratitude, you will spend more of your time on the roads to peace and joy. Your final destination will then simply become a result of the roads that you now chose to travel. Today, let us practice aligning the roads we travel, with any of the numerous expressions of Love that feel most natural to us. When we do, when we make the conscious choice to align with any of the expressions of Love that feel most natural to us, they being all Love’s expressions, will all lead us to Love, to fulfilling our purpose, hopes, passions and dreams, and to being who we came here to be.

Today, let us look back at our lives, and start to notice, how so many of those times that we felt lost or like a failure, now with the gift of time, we can look back, see and understand, all the lessons that were learned, and all the wisdom and knowledge that was accumulated, because of those experiences. If such experiences brought you these gifts of lessons learned, wisdom and knowledge, then were they ever really failures in the first place? What if you made the conscious decision to see, all present and future times, where the ego tries to convince you that you are lost or a failure, through this new enlighten lens, as gifts of growth, how you your life begin to change?  What if you could align this understanding with all your so-called negative experiences, what kind of example would you begin to set for others? Would it not start to become a life free from self-judgment and judgment of others, a life free from frustration, anger, resentment and regret? Would not a sense of peace of mind, joy and gratitude, begin to fill your life? All this is possible for you, if you but simply keep walking in Love’s direction, and trust that the plan that you have co-created with Perfection, is perfect for you.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (3)

I really appreciate and am grateful for your daily message. It makes me feel like everything is ok and always has been. It brings me peace to let go of my judgment of others and of myself. Thank-you. I am going to read your book. I love the title you chose. I have always had a deep inner feeling that if I could just remember then it would all make sense.

Thank you Linda for being open to the message and for being member of our community.

You have co-created a perfect and sacred, individualize and collective journey, with The Divine. When you recall and trust this, peace results. When you do not have peace, it’s simply a result of having forgotten that this sacred partnership with your Creator exist.

We are all One, and so everyone “out there” is part of this sacred co-design. When you trust this, your judgments of others ends and peace results.

You are your Creator’s creation and we are all His children, and thus we are all forever worthy of peace.

Peace. JBC

Thank you!

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