Aligning With Our Mission ~ Daily Inspiration Video

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Aligning With Our Mission

This short inspiring video can be enjoyed all year long. It is also the video of the Daily Inspiration Message for March 1 (condensed version) with James Blanchard Cisneros.

Your personal mission on this planet is within you right now. You do not need a guru in the Himalayas or anyone else to tell you what you should or should not be doing with your life. All you need to do to begin deciphering your mission is to practice, on a daily basis, aligning more closely with what you enjoy doing and are passionate about. It does not matter what others think you should be thinking, saying or doing. For your journey is yours, not theirs. Equally so, you should not be imposing your will, or what you think others should be doing, on them. You, as much as they, have co-created an individualized and sacred plan with God. As God’s children, He desires that all of us follow our passions and feel fulfilled. As we do so, we align with what we have come here to do. continue reading.

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