Letting Go of Our Programmed-Self ~ Daily Inspiration Video

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Letting Go of Our Programmed-Self

This short inspiring video can be enjoyed all year long. It is also the video of the Daily Inspiration Message for March 3 (condensed version) with James Blanchard Cisneros.

Today when the ego’s programming wants us to critic others or ourselves, let us instead be grateful and remember what a wonderful growth opportunity such a moment offers. Our programmed-self critics not because it’s ‘bad’ or ‘evil,’ but simply out of habit. Today let us use this opportunity to practice consciously stopping and letting go of hurtful habits that no longer serve us. When doubt and worry begin to consume us, again let us consciously be grateful and remember that this is very simply a hurtful habit, that it is not the thinking of our truest self but of our programmed self. Today when hurtful habits pop up, instead of judging others and ourselves we remember: “I no longer desire to support the ego’s programming as a solution to my confusion. I thank every one of these moments for gifting me the opportunity to remember my truth and release the illusions that I hold of myself and others.”

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