Trust God and Be at Peace ~ Inspiring Video

Check out this inspiring video – Trust God and Be at Peace. This short meditative video on trusting God may help you relax and feel inner peace.


This Trust God and Be at Peace video is based on excerpt from the book – You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

Chapter 6 of the book: Trusting God explores trusting God in-depth, and provides great strategies and tools for letting go of worry, having faith, feeling God’s presence in your life, and improving your life.

Please consider purchasing the book: You Have Chosen to Remember – today. It makes a great gift for yourself or anyone else interested in trusting God, feeling peace of mind and joy, letting go of worry and anger, forgiving people and greatly improving their lives.

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I really need to trust God right now. I feel I have a lot of challenges going on. I feel stressed and I need to let go of that. Thank you for the reminders. Blessings. Paula

Thank you Paula for your comment.

Whenever doubt, anxiousness, worry or fear come knocking on your mind’s door, do not let them in, do not fuel them with your time, focus and energy. Instead, learn to use them as a trigger, learn to see them as a call from God to trust Him more. Then feel all your anxieties lifting off your shoulders and dissolving in His Loving Light. Now, those same places that your stresses once called home, invite God’s to re-filled these spaces with His love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness and grace. Do this each and every time your fears come calling. Do so until you begin to recall that it is walking hand in hand with God, throughout your day and life, where you forever belong.

Peace. JBC

Beautiful video. So peaceful and inspiring. Thank you.

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