Daily Inspiration: April 26. The Illusion of Judgment

The ego has no control over you, other than the control that you give to it. When you feel other people judging you, say to yourself what a great man once said: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Then simply practice letting go of their judgments of you, and of your judgments of them for judging you. For what is judgment truly, when God is Love and God is All? There can be in truth no opposition to All, to Love, and thus there can in truth be no such thing as judgment. If in truth there is no such thing as judgment, then what need would you ever have for it, or to defend yourself against it? Judgment of self and others is simply a symbol, a warning sign that you have sunken into the ego’s fairy tale, and now are thinking that its fairy tale is real. Do not judge yourself for thinking that the dream of judgment was real while you were in the dream, for we have all been there and done that, instead use judgment as a trigger mechanism that reminds you that you are sleeping, absorb within the ego’s dream, but also that it is now time to awaken. If you can learn to use judgment, not to put yourself or others down, but to help you realize that you are in the dream state and need to wake up from it, would judgment then not become an ally in your awakening and healing process? Yes, indeed God can use all for good, because in truth God is All, thus everything, even judgment can, when understood and used from an awaken place in your heart and mind, be used for good, for our growth, healing and awakening. If we can figure out how to use judgment, which is simply an expression of fear, for good, then we can also learn how to use all of fear’s expressions such as anger, anxiousness, resentment, and hate for good, to help us awaken from the ego’s dream.

When your brother or sister judges you, know that it’s not the true awaken part in them that is doing so. The part of them that judges you, is that child part of them that believes the fairy tale that was read and taught to them as true – is true. Would you judge a child for believing, because he or she was taught that the fairy tale is true, that the fairy tale is true? Would you judge a child if he shapes his hand like a gun and shoots at you? Would you judge a child for being afraid of the monsters in his dreams? Only the child in you would be bothered by and judge such actions and reactions. My friend, you will never be judged by anyone’s truth, because judgment does not exist in truth, because judgment, regardless of how many times the ego’s fairytale has told us otherwise, does not exist in God. If judgment does not exist in God, then it does not exist at all. Today practice reinforcing this truth in you. When another one judges you, do not spend any of your time, focus and energy on that judgment or on defending yourself against that judgment, for doing so is giving it a power it does not have, instead overlook or forgive it, and then let it go. When you don’t spend your time, energy and focus on an illusion, in this case someone judging you, then that illusion has no fuel to grow. Every time that judgment pops up in your head, again overlook it or forgive it, and in this way you will be reinforcing in yourself that you will not be spending any of your precious time on the false, on the illusions of the ego’s mindset. If you need a little more help in forgiving the illusion and letting it go, feel and visualize you handing that judgment over to God, The light, and feel it dissolving within Him. Then pray for that person who judge you, pray for their well-being, joy and peace of mind, and if you can’t pray for them, then ask your guardian angels or guides to pray for them.

Today judgment, no matter how diligently we look to keep it out of our lives, because it is still the ego’s main fuel source, will once again knock on your door. But this time let us, stop for a moment, look through the peephole, and see that what the ego is trying to once again sell us, we now no longer need or want. Now you know that when others judge you, it is never their truest-self doing so, it is simply that sleeping part in them that believes that what is happening in the dream is real. Now you know that because you are awake, you no longer need to invest your time, energy and focus in a dream. Today, allow your kindness, forgiveness, compassion, peace, joy, and understanding to all be symbols that you are indeed awake. Today, do not judge yourself if you end up taking a nap and judging yourself or others, instead use these judgments as signals that help trigger in you the desire to awaken. When you use your judgments of self or others as signals to help you awaken, they can then be seen and understood as gifts that are helping you close the book on the illusionary dream of judgment. Being that judgments are in truth not real, let us not get caught up in our judgments of others, our judgments of ourselves, or others judgments of us, let us not play in or fuel any longer the ego’s silly little games. We are awakening, we are beginning to overlook what is not real, let us today become an example to others that what is not real can not hurt them, and that only their real self, the love in them, is true.

Today, we support with our time, focus and energy, that only the love in us is true. Any time we support this truth as true, we strengthen this belief within ourselves. The more we strengthen and reinforce our truth, the more our illusions of ourselves will fade away. Judgment being in opposition to Love is one of the many illusions within the ego’s mindset. It is we who have ultimate control over how big or small our illusions become. Today when an illusion such as judgment pops up demanding to be recognized and fed, we simply decline its request by overlooking it, forgiving it, or handing it over to God. We do the opposite of what it demands, and instead offer our prayers to those who have judged us, or to those that we have judged. We pray for their healing, for their health, happiness, peace and awakening, and by doing so, by aligning with and reinforcing our true nature, we become who we have been sent here to be.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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  1. donna Woodman
    donna Woodman04-26-2017

    This is the day I ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help me wake up .I pray we all can be aware of our ego and awaken to Truth.The pain of being ostracized from my 2 sisters,son,2 daughters for 13 years,is the sign I’m taking this illusion seriously and a trick into self pity.Its my birthday and I hesitated upon awakening from sleep to celebrate it.Then I thought I can use this day to ask the Holy Spirit to take me to the faultless peaceful place that not taking my and others judgements seriously.I pray today I am in touch with the illusion of guilt and judgement of myself and by others.I pray today I choose to be the joyful peaceful loving accepting person I was meant to be,and I pray that I remember all the day that we are but One. Thank You God, may we remember we awaken together in love,in peace ,in charity,and joyfullyLet the silly games stop..And let me not fear my ego is running the show,who’s stronger,the ego or the true One our God who helps us.

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